Alas, poor Yorick, we whooped you well: Braves 12, IWOTM 3

The Viking leader Yorick had a town named after him. That would be York, in northeastern England. Then, after the British stole New Amsterdam from the Dutch, who swindled the native population (or maybe not. Maybe the Native Americans knew they didn’t want to have anything to do with that place), the British named the place “New York.” What does this have to do with last night. Just as Yorick’s corpse has long since deteriorated (probably by a conflagration), the team officially known as the “Metropolitans” were consumed, utterly and totally.

Highlights? There are so many it is hard to keep this up. Mike Soroka got a minimal Quality Start. Lots of people like to complain about that stat. “Well, that’s an ERA of 4.5. That’s not good!” Well the studies say a team with a quality start usually wins. With this Braves lineup, that is almost always a win.

Well, we faced a pretty good pitcher in Zach Wheeler. Wheeler was a Braves type draft pick from another era. Local boy with upside. This wasn’t a great homecoming for him. Ronald Acuna started it off the way he likes to; home run. 1 to 0. Then, after a Swanson line out, Freddie, J. D., and Kakes singled. 2 to 0.

In the 3rd, the Mets got their first one off of Soroka. Then, in the 5th, another. That tie lasted a few minutes. Braves got 3 in the 5th so it was 5 to 2. The Mets got 1 more in the 6th, and then the deluge started. The rain deluge was a joke. The crew never even fully rolled out the tarp. It sprinkled a little. Because of the delay, Snit pulled Soroka at 68 pitches. The Real Deluge started after the stretch. 4 in the 7th, 3 in the 8th. Can you imagine how many this team would score if they got to play the 9th? This scoring binge has been heavily impacted by missing 9th innings.

Good relief pitching. Webb, Minter, Blevins, and Dayton finished it out.

So fun to watch the runs pile up. Today is another day. And DeGrom is a good pitcher, but this is a juggernaut.

8 thoughts on “Alas, poor Yorick, we whooped you well: Braves 12, IWOTM 3”

  1. I had no idea that that’s where York’s name came from!

    To blazon from the last thread: the Mets reliever was Drew Gagnon, who gave up five hits (two of them homers) and four earned runs in the 7th and 8th while getting a total of four outs.

    In French, “gagner” means “win,” so his name is basically “Drew Winner.” I joked that his name should be “Perdon,” as in “perdre,” which means “lose.”

    I hope they pitch him against us today, too!

  2. Did you shudder just a little when Chip rolled out the basics of Cano’s contract with the Mets last night?

    From memory, 20M a year through 2023.

    Boy o boy, stupidity knows no bounds. Please, Sir, can i change my mind?

    I know there are several others, some costing even more, but this baby, here in our little homey NL East, horrifies. Harper’s, an albatross in the making, somehow looks ok, likely because Armageddon is still a few years away.

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