Comeuppance…Braves 2 Marlins 4

We had that entitled look about us tonight, the expectation perhaps that another win against Miami was as good as done with half the game gone, a two run lead and our pitching good enough to shut them down. Last night’s scare with the tying run up in the ninth was apparently forgotten. We ended up matching their fate in our ninth inning tonight and the game was lost.

It was two back to back homers off Kyle Wright into the Chop Shop in the fifth that changed the whole tenor of the game. The score stayed locked at 2 till the ninth when their hitting was better than our hitting because their closer was at a level above what we had to offer. I think it’s fair to say they surprised us primarily with the endless supply of high heat out of their pen and, ultimately, the awesome power of Alfaro with his two homers, exquisitely timed as they were. The first set up the tie in the fifth, the second broke the game open in the ninth off Minter. And so it went.

So what can we learn from the performances of individual players tonight, there were some real positives. Kyle Wright obviously at the forefront – 6 IP 5H 2R 1BB 4K. Presumably he was tiring in the 6th when he gave up those 2 homers – he had thrown 77 pitches, 46 of them strikes. Hard to be too critical of that – the one walk was a blessed relief. Jeff did question why, early on, he started so many hitters 2 and 0. But good for him.

Parsons was fine in his one inning, Sobotka was not but got away with murder, Minter was anything but good, very poor control, gave up the winning two runs and looked nothing like the finished product of a closer. But we knew that I guess at this stage. Overall though, because of Wright’s six innings, decent pitching performance.

Wish I could say the same about our offense. The responsibility for their woeful performance lay squarely with the top of the order. The top 6 hitters in that order were 3 for 23, Freddie had two of the three. Some Observations on that…

We were reminded that Ozzie from the left side remains a problem. The Marlins played to that in the ninth.
Acuna was bad…when it didn’t matter and when it did matter.
Nick was back to awful – SIT HIM DOWN!
The rest of them were ok and produced modestly in the first half of the game, not later.

We ran into two unfortunate injuries toward the end of the game BMac sliding into third left the game with a strained right hammy. Flowers subbed and soon got hit on the underside of his right wrist but manfully played on- for Charlie’s sake! The ramifications and consequences of all this will have the shuttles on the road tonight. Me, Arsenal in the morning to cheer me up hopefully. At this time of the year we are indulged with both sports, and rugby makes three. But pin me to the wall and tell me I can only have one and the Bravos it is, no contest. Good night.,lock_state=final,game_tab=box,game=567161

48 thoughts on “Comeuppance…Braves 2 Marlins 4”

  1. Excellent recap. Captured the frustration of what looked like a winning night early. With style…:-)

  2. 30 men collectively left of base is mind boggling to the extent that if anyone has a BR Play Index subscription, I’d be curious what the all time record is in a 9 inning game.

  3. The offense has been really good, so they’re probably entitled to an off night.

    Man, the bullpen, though… Can we pleeeease sign Kimbrel? I get Minter’s maybe not all the way back, but he’s just not strong enough to be a closer. He can have his games, sure. The club needs some dependability there, however. Who’s the guy you even go to if you need a surefire out in the 7th right now?

  4. In this division, every loss to the Marlins is a small tragedy.

    We ran into two unfortunate injuries toward the end of the game BMac sliding into third left the game with a strained right hammy.

    2 Financial
    1 Physical

  5. Does anyone have the exit velocity of JD’s comebacker to the mound, late in the game? Not to be melodramatic but didn’t you think as I did that there is real danger here? Thanks Roger.

  6. I’m going to the game today. Looks like I’ll see the major league debut of Alex Jackson. Great opportunity for the kid, but we really need for Flowers to be back very soon and for BMac to recover within weeks and not months.

  7. Man, I wish there had been a good catcher available that the Braves could’ve pursued other than an aging McCann.

  8. On a day where Soroka pitched 5 no-hit innings on 50 pitches and Wright pitches 6 innings, 2 runs, I just can’t get that worked up over not having Realmuto right now. Now, if both McCann and Flowers are out for an extended time, I think I change my tune.

    Plus, it’s like when FF5 got injured, I’m sure we can trade the modern day Juan Yepez for the catching Matt Adams if necessary.

  9. I’ll never be that worked up about not having Realmuto, for a price akin to what the Phillies paid. That was an unreasonable negotiation from the jump. Flowers isn’t that bad off, anyway. Couple days, the Braves will be fine. We’ll also get to see AJax

  10. I’m not really that excited about seeing AJax, but if maybe he’s got a little bit of an immaturity issue or something like that, it’d probably be neat for him to get a taste of some big league action. I just don’t think he’ll do anything of significance while he’s here.

    Now that the minor league seasons of 2019 have started, we’re really at that point where someone in AA or AAA on almost any given night will do something to make a statement for getting immediately called up. That’s going to make things really interesting. Weigel in AA and Touki in AAA today.

  11. @17 I’m looking at it more from wanting to see how he fares against some legit ML pitching, versus what he did in the spring. I’ve been against just bringing him up for the sake of it, but with both regulars down a few days, it changes the dynamic.

  12. @17 I’m on the totally opposite side of the fence. If not now, someday, Jackson will be the real deal. Not only is there not that much talent overall at catcher in the majors, but he does have the pedigree and just needs to put his potential into play.

    As everyone knows I advocated for keeping AJax up and giving him a few starts rather than signing Joyce. So I still think this is making lemonade out of lemons. The goal would have been to keep AJax up until Duvall proved he was not a AAA hitter. Well, that hasn’t happened yet and Joyce may be better at this point. But I still think seeing what we have in Jackson and showcasing him will be a great idea.

    Sometimes, guys like AJax get hot out of the gates until somebody finds their faults and write a book on them. I’m optimistic.

  13. Freddie!! I’m not sure the Braves are going to lose to any LH starters this year.

  14. Newcomb’s fastball is noticeably lacking in velocity today. He can’t pitch at 90-92 mph – his secondary stuff sucks and never is thrown for strikes. Ugh.

  15. There may be a little bad luck involved but wow are the Braves struggling in situational hitting. We’re now 1 for our last 19 with runners in scoring position.

  16. Serious props to Parsons for getting out of that jam but, it says a lot about our bullpen that he’s already pitching in high-stress situations.

  17. I was thinking, it’s a stretch, but Craig Kimbrel is still unsigned and maybe he’d be a fit for this club? What do you guys think?

  18. The grand coincidence of not signing Kimbrel in particular: we’re supposed to infer that the Braves are instead saving money for needs nearer to the deadline…except the Braves may not have deadline needs because it’s possible the team might not be in the competition. At this point, if that were to occur, it’d probably be because we need bullpen help now, assuming Flowers will be back quickly.

    So, not signing Kimbrel is kind of like leaving him to stand there in the bullpen at the exact moment when he’s most needed all over again. Maybe AA just doesn’t want to get in the way of the poetry of the moment or something.

  19. You’ll see this a million times, but it’s simply too glorious not to post.

    EDIT: Derek Dietrich was involved, so any #AccidentalRenaissance Puig content is fair game for Braves Journal.

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