Braves 5, Yankee Jokes 3

You know what the difference between a Yankee and a Damn Yankee is? The Yankee came South but the Damn Yankee stayed.

You know how many mega bullpens it takes to keep the Braves in check? More than one, apparently.

What is the difference between a Yankee fan and a Red Sox fan? At the urinal line, the Yankee fan thinks he is doing you a favor for peeing on you.

What is the difference between a Yankee fan and a federal judge. Not much, they both think they are God.

Yes I remember Jim Croce’s words well: You don’t tug on Superman’s cape. You don’t spit into the wind. You don’t tug the mask off that old Lone Ranger and you don’t mess around with Jim (Slim on the last chorus, if you didn’t know). However, I know that I cannot be here today to bury the Yankees, but just as Suleiman Raisuli stood like the lion to curse the wind, I stand and curse the Return of the Evil Empire.

Oh, baseball. Yeah. Anibal Sanchez was effective. he met the minimal quality start of 6 innings and 3 runs. He gave up a pop up homerun to right to Aaron Judge in the first (more on that later!!!!!). Jonathan Loaisiga (sometimes referred to as Lasagne on FanGraphs) was pretty good early, but gave up a solo shot to Johan Camargo in the 3rd to tie it.

Bottom of 3 and 2 wild pitches from the Strike Whisperer let Didi Gregorius turn a double into a run. But top of 4, back to back to back doubles from Nick Markakis, Curt Suzuki, and Ronald Acuna, Jr. got two in for a 3 to 2 lead.

Bottom of 5, with one out, Gleyber Torres singled, Brett Gardner walked, and Aaron Judge walked. Oh no! bases loaded one out in a park designed for right field popouts to turn into home runs. Gregorius flied out deep enough to score Torres, so we were tied. Then noted BIG MAN Giancarlo Stanton came up and he popped out close enough in to be an infield fly unless the Cardinals are fielding.

This was the night when the beleaguered bullpen beleaguered the Yankees. Innings 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 with no runs scoring. Occasionally it was like the Weebles; they wobbled but they didn’t fall down. Sam Freeman walked 2, then got a lineout and a double play. He likes toying with people. Dan Winkler let 2 get on, but struck out 2. Jesse Biddle faced the minimum in the 9th, with one single getting erased on a double play. Biddle in the 10th wobbled and but for the fortuitous bounce of Aaron Hicks pop up to the right field corner having bounced out of play, the Yankees would have walked off. But Biddle then struck out 2.

Inning 11 began even more of Skip’s beloved “free baseball.” Neck got on by error, Zuk hit into a fielder’s choice and Danny Santana came in to run for him, when the man, the legend, the master of the universe, Ronald Acuna, Jr. stepped to the plate. And he popped up to right field, but Aaron Judge may have barely touched it trying to pull it back, but lo, the legend grows. 5 to 3 Braves.

A. J. Minter came in to make the save and did so. He is rounding into the form we hoped for over the past few years. IFFB, K, BB, K and off we go.

Two more like this and maybe the Braves will wake up the national sports media.

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  1. Any win is awesome, but a win in Yankee Stadium (new or old version) is extra sweet. Happy Tony Cloninger Day, everyone!

  2. So all you needed was a few wins to start quoting Sean Connery as a Berber chief? In that case, very pleased to have sent some mojo your way.

    PS: I’ll note that the Braves haven’t lost since I predicted 128 wins.

  3. That is with Fangraphs projecting the Braves to be 3 games under the rest of the way. Could happen but I’d set the over/under at 89.5 at this point. To get 90 wins ATL needs to finish 41-38.

  4. I should add the Braves do have the hardest SOS in remaining games for NL contenders (not factoring in home field):

    ATL .505
    STL .504
    SFG .503
    MIL .501
    ARZ .498
    LAD .497
    CHC .486
    WAS .485
    PHI .481

  5. @10 – Those opponents just have good records because they haven’t played the Braves yet.

  6. I forget who it was at FanGraphs, but in an article posted about a month ago they stated they also didn’t believe the Braves would [really] finish out the rest of the season below .500.

    Of course, it’s not unrealistic for the Braves to finish out the rest of the season playing around .500 ball. I hope they find some bullpen acquisitions. I don’t think money is any issue for this organization. It shouldn’t be. Every Braves logo printed also mysteriously prints money along with it, so….

  7. Victor Victor
    his #1 IP ranking puts him firmly in the picture
    he shouldn’t rush to sign but dally
    he means so very much to me says Mama Sally Sally.

  8. Found myself looking at the pitching match-ups tonight. Very much enjoying the day-to-day with the team.

    I understand and appreciate the methodology behind the FanGraphs projections, but I couldn’t care less about them right now. Literally who knows what Folty, Newcomb, Ozzie, Acuna, Markakis, Winkler, Minter, etc etc etc will do for the rest of the year. Who knows if Strasburg will come back healthy. Who knows if this will end up being a lost season for Daniel Murphy. Who knows if they will add someone like Harvey or Iglesias at the deadline. Who knows if Juan Soto will continue to hit like Mike Trout or if Bryce Harper will continue to disappoint. With the youth of our team and the injury situations with the Nats, I really don’t care what the projections say.

    I do know that we have a lot more buttons to press to fend off the Nationals. We can call up prospects and trade for more impact talent, and I don’t know if the Nationals have the horses to do that. Victor Robles is still hurt. Carter Kieboom could become a factor in the second half, but other than that, what do they have? Soto seems to have been their big button to press, and they’ve done that. They got really lucky with Matt Adams before he got hurt.

  9. Carter Stewart
    it entirely depends which wrist YOU hurt
    the one you throw with
    we’d all be rather less inclined to go with.

  10. One more thing that I personally believe we have over the Nats: I think our GM is better than theirs. In particular, I think our GM has a much better track record of making in-season moves to strengthen a team heading to October, while Mike Rizzo has a long track record of standing pat and hoping for the best.

    (Anthopoulos doesn’t have a great track record IN October, truth be told, but then again, neither do the Nats.)

  11. I look at the FanGraphs projected standings the same way I do any Power Rankings list. They’re just another assessment (or opinion) on how the team is doing.

  12. @10

    I am not sure the Nats are contenders

    They need to worry about staying over .500.

  13. Power rankings of gNats Adjectives:

    5. Perennial
    4. Best
    3. Puzzling
    2. Injured
    1. Underperforming

  14. Bowman: “Chapman, Betances and Robertson have also pitched the past two nights. Neither Chapman or Betances has appeared three straight days this year.”

    I like Newcomb to go deeper into the game than Germán. With Vizzy activated, it would probably go Jackson, Phillips, Carle, and Vizzy in order of leverage.

  15. I hope I’m wrong, but the combination of the Braves feeling good about themselves, the Yankee’s treatment of the last lefty they faced on Sunday (David Price), and Newcomb’s performance against big market clubs (LAD, BOS, and CHC) this year makes me nervous about tonight.

  16. @22 Damn. Why do we keep having to go through this process of calling up someone promising and then sending him down having not played? Why couldn’t we DFA Santana? Can someone tell me ONE THING Santana gives us that Reed doesn’t?

  17. Michael Reed wouldn’t have been a journeyman having to sign a minor league contract with an opt-out if he was good.

    Not worth getting upset about.

  18. @28 Baloney. 71 wRC+ is Bourjos/Bautista territory. Reed would not be worse.

    @29 Experienced at being bad? Reed is two years younger – has more potential.

    @30 That’s not different. That’s perfect description of Santana. Only we’ve SEEN how bad he is. Because Reed has the potential to actually be good; it is worth worrying about. Why do you not take the opportunity to improve and stay with the devil you know is not going to move the needle. Good assessment of Reed at OFR. And good interview at WOW. He may be different this year. He has always had better OBP than Santana has shown.

    @31 Haven’t seen anything to prove that contention. Reed is a better defender and has experience in CF. I assume he has good speed. He’s been the table-setter at GWN.

    There are two ways to improve a roster. Bring is a superstar and get better at the top or shed deadweight and get better at the bottom. I think I can guess which way would be cheaper and quicker this year. If we could get league average players in the 13th spot of pitching and the 12th spot of the hitting then the team would be better.

  19. There has to be some personal reason for it, then. I would have liked to see what Reed has to offer, at least, but then I’ve no idea who the guy is or what he’s like. We all know that being marginally better at your work than your coworker will not, by itself, deterimine which of you will keep the job or get the promotion.

  20. I heard something about Reed being able to leave if he wasn’t called up by July 1. Did it only require a day on the roster? Given the way we used our bullpen last night and having the DH, we definitely didn’t need to send down a pitcher.

    Just like Philips, Reed will get his chance soon enough.

  21. I would like to see Albies and Freeman at least see 4 or 5 pitches .. make the pitcher work s bit .. I bet they lead the league in the least pitches seen from pitchers.. in the majors …..

  22. At least Vizzy won’t need to pitch tonight…although Snit will probably use him down 8-1 in the eighth to “get him some work”

  23. @43- He was. Maybe they’ll let him leave for Gwinnett in the morning instead of tonight.

  24. @45 He’s out of options, and they can’t recall Wisler or Parsons yet. He’d have to be “DL’ed” to get a long reliever up here.

  25. Bryse Wilson had his first really strong start at AA: 7 IP, 5 H, 1 BB, 0 R, 9 K

  26. Chip was annoying on those two fly outs. I know he’s excited but he needs to be better than that.

  27. Whatever happens the rest of this game and tomorrow, I think the Yankees will be really happy to see the Braves leave town.

  28. Seeing Phillips pitch well, I can’t help but be a little irritated by how long it has taken to get him here.

  29. Couple balls in the right field corner this series where the faster Acuna may have gotten to it. That Little League home run was very rob-able.

  30. Homeruns like that should not count against a pitcher’s ERA. I know it worked in Atlanta’s favor last night, but that’s ridiculous.

  31. Once Newk got bombed, we should have had no shot at this game. These guys give you a quality product night-in, night-out.

  32. @63 it certainly isn’t anything like a few years ago when early hibernation mode would kick in and they were done. They never stop until out 27

  33. so, I just read that Stanton’s “blast” that barely cleared the 315ft wall was measured by statcast at 353. I’m really not sure what to make of that vis-a-vie next gen advanced stats. I mean, we all know to take stadium radar guns with a grain of salt, but is there stadium statcast funkyness as well? and the larger question, how will we ever get meaningful defensive stats with this kind of data?

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