Braves 11, Jays 4

Apparently the Blue Jays’ pitching meeting before last night’s game ended something like this:

“…and that’s how you retire Freddie Freeman.”

“But coach, what about the other six guys after him?”

“Oh. We have no plan for them. Just groove ’em fastballs and see what happens.”


Seriously. I was going to go through and do a recap of scoring plays and such, but that would take foh-evah. Top of the order kind of sucked, but at least Freddie didn’t break his wrist again. The guy we all want to replace at 3B had himself a day. Other interesting things: Mike Soroka has been kilt by teams not called “The Mets.” Straight up KILT.

Anywho, as mentioned already, today’s game is a day game and only available on Facebook Live, or Facebook TV, or whatever the hell Zuckerberg is calling his glitch-ridden Facebook Wants More Hooks Into Your Data Streams streaming service he’s agreed to with MLB Who Will Sell Anything For A Little Coin. Aniballin’ vs J.A. Happ.

OH! From last thread…

52. Roger says:
June 19, 2018 at 10:29 pm
I’m depressed watching the O’s blow a perfectly winnable game against the gNats.

As much as we all would have liked to see The Bulge engorge itself a little more, I’ll simply note that the Orioles’ leadoff hitter yesterday was Jace Peterson. Playing right field.

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  1. Thanks, Sam. Funny.

    @Rob, I enjoy the twitter updates on the side section. Here’s what DOB tweeted, so you can read it right and left:

    “#Braves are an NL-best 43-29. Last time they had a better record through 72 games was 2003 at 48-24.”

  2. freebie from previous thread..

    Plenty of notice, if you’re in the neighborhood.

    6 good tickets Cubs at Reds, tomorrow, FREE

    can be sent electronically.

    Strict understanding required. Conduct no future divorce business with you know who. He’s mine.

    Re FB today…my MLB TV shows the Braves game listed with all the others followed by ‘Unavailable’.

    Hate Facebook with a passion.

  3. For those wondering how to get to the stream on Facebook Watch, you’re apparently looking for the MLB Live page on Facebook.

  4. From last thread.

    A lot of people like me stream through my TV, and there doesn’t seem to be a way of doing it through Facebook Watch on your TV. But streaming on the computer is not the end of the world.

    Tfloyd can tell you that back in 1966, adjusting the rabbit ears in such a way to get Facebook Live to come in right on your dual monitors really required some skill and dexterity.

  5. @4

    I think Facebook does have an app that’s on some smart TVs and perhaps Roku or Chromecast or whatever.

    However, your point is well-taken that just because you have MLB.TV set up for your TV doesn’t necessarily mean that you have Facebook set up for it, especially since, generally speaking, you’re not gonna be fooling around with Facebook on your big-screen TV.


    I stand corrected. Should you have a TV or Roku or Chromecast or space age bunny ears, you can cast the game to those things like how you would cast from the MLB app if you have

    Whew, a lot of work and complexity just to get the Barves on the tube. I’ve always learned in sales to make it easier for your customer to enjoy and use your product or service, and that is kind of… not that.

  7. Some SmartTVs (some Samsung models for example) have the facebook app installed or available for download.

  8. @7

    Yeah, why on earth MLB or the Braves (this week, anyway) wouldn’t put up like a primer on how to get the game on Facebook Watch, I have no idea. It was just kind of like, “The game’s on Facebook Watch. Go and find it!”

  9. I actually have a ton of problems with streaming the app on my Samsung Smart TV (both of them, actually), and I’m clear sailings at the moment. So that’s good.

    I do think I’ll enjoy seeing the counter for how many people are logged in watching to see how the ebb and flow works.

  10. The picture quality is crap. And what about that red banner on the top? I don’t like this one bit.

  11. It’s really good on TV.

    This is basically one less hand or one smaller hand in the cookie jar for TV revenue, right? Instead of the team paying for FSS to bring the broadcast, MLB has hired Facebook for pennies on the dollar to transmit their product, and they use their own employees to call the game and handle the production. And they probably have better analytics on viewership in the process.


  12. Anibal loves his dingers.

    Facebook is just the conduit. MLB is behind all this.

  13. This facebook crap is terrible, I’m getting a garbled static image while emojis fly near the bottom of the screen. Unwatchable.

  14. Everybody’s good when we’re winning. AA will suck if we drop four in a row.

    We’re still lucky to have him, timo. I’m bemoaning the fickle nature of fans, especially me.

  15. AA’s is calling Anibal “the connector” between american and latin players. The connector… sounds fitting.

  16. @28 it’s more the quality of his comments and his mindset than the current success of the Braves that I am referring to.

  17. The Facebook thing is stupid but it’s working fine for me. And if it wins the team a couple new fans overseas, I guess that’s cool.

  18. Compare and contrast this interview with AA to that time Coppallela did an in game interview with Joe and Chip…

  19. I have to admit, I am actually enjoying this broadcast. Really not so bad after all. Obviously not so much commenting on the play on the field but DeRo and the guys plus the interviews are actually great.

  20. “I’m giving you the Mutumbo, Swanson. Get the tag down.”

    I love DeRo. I haven’t been able to concentrate on the game as much, but this broadcast has been really good from what I’ve seen.

  21. The ball bounces too high in this outfield. That doesn’t happen at other domed stadiums. Thought we were past this.

  22. If you live outside the local coverage area, is your only way of watching Braves baseball. And it seems as if you’re at the mercy of the medium by which you use the app. As an example, in my experience, it works perfect on a Roku, but it really struggles on both of my Samsung TVs. As a result, on the same TV, I use the Roku instead of Samsung’s version of the app. I’m inclined to believe it’s the responsibility of the app maker to make stable versions for each device. I can’t imagine it falls on the device’s maker to design a version of someone else’s app that works.

    Accordingly, I trust Facebook to create a more stable app to stream and put it on my TV. I don’t seem to trust to consistent put it on all devices well. And all of this is the same with my recent experience of switching over to YouTube TV. Works great on Roku, works great on browsers, but doesn’t work well on Samsung’s system. So if you’re outside of the local coverage area, you are forced to stream the Barves, and Facebook does it well, then that’s fine with me.

    Also, these guys on the broadcast are pretty entertaining, so there’s that.

  23. Having Flaherty as your pinch-runner pretty much guaranteed you wouldn’t be able to have the tying run in the ninth inning steal second with two hitters with minimal power up with two outs. Not ideal.

  24. For those of us blanked out entirely from Toronto might we request, you know, the score and some salient details? And why, you know again, must we ask for this?

  25. We lost 5-4. Rallied late, but CamarGOAT flied out with runners on to end it. Top of the order continues to be bad. I don’t think anyone really saw this game unless they were there in person.

  26. @25, I was wrong about that, I went back to FB and watched the replay of the Bourjos homer and he said “Snit’s a genius.” (You’d have to be to know Bourjos was gonna hit a homer.)

    Anyway, I really, really hate Facebook and what’s it become so I’m really torn about the high quality of their game highlight reels and now these free games.

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