Apparently the Blue Jays’ pitching meeting before last night’s game ended something like this:

“…and that’s how you retire Freddie Freeman.”

“But coach, what about the other six guys after him?”

“Oh. We have no plan for them. Just groove ’em fastballs and see what happens.”


Seriously. I was going to go through and do a recap of scoring plays and such, but that would take foh-evah. Top of the order kind of sucked, but at least Freddie didn’t break his wrist again. The guy we all want to replace at 3B had himself a day. Other interesting things: Mike Soroka has been kilt by teams not called “The Mets.” Straight up KILT.

Anywho, as mentioned already, today’s game is a day game and only available on Facebook Live, or Facebook TV, or whatever the hell Zuckerberg is calling his glitch-ridden Facebook Wants More Hooks Into Your Data Streams streaming service he’s agreed to with MLB Who Will Sell Anything For A Little Coin. Aniballin’ vs J.A. Happ.

OH! From last thread…

52. Roger says:
June 19, 2018 at 10:29 pm
I’m depressed watching the O’s blow a perfectly winnable game against the gNats.

As much as we all would have liked to see The Bulge engorge itself a little more, I’ll simply note that the Orioles’ leadoff hitter yesterday was Jace Peterson. Playing right field.