Johan Camargo And The Very Good, Quite Superior, Actually Astounding Once You Think About It, Routine 5U-3 Double Play (Braves 8, Mets 2)

Braves hosted IWOTM’s. It was Hank Aaron Appreciation Night, which I think means we’ve cycled through yet another generation and have to remind whatever comes after Millennials that The Hammer existed. So, ya know. That happened. They also played a baseball game.

The first four innings of the game are best described as Mike Foltynewicz Doing a Thing. I mean, sure, he blew the perfecto by hitting Michael Conforto leading off, but then his entire body kind of went machincally fluid and made this sound and then magically a sawmill buzzed where Folty once stood. He made meat pies out of the Mets’ order a couple of times through four before giving up a couple of meager singles in the fifth.

Still clearly still dealing, and only at 70-odd pitches, Snit leds him lead off bottom five, but then pulls him for Jesse Biddle to start the sixth. Turns out the decision was “precaution due to forearm stiffness” so you guys should probably mark Mike Foltynewicz off of your long term plans.

Jesse Biddle was not good. Is not good. May be good eventually? Most interesting thing about his terrible, no good, very bad 0.1 innings was when he plunked Brandon Nimmo, who is NOT a lost fish, but Blue was all like “dude, you gots to at least pretend you’re trying to get out of the way” and sent Notafish back into the box much to manager Dory’s dismay. Dory got tossed for arguing balls and strikes, and then Antipisces just stood there and waited for Biddle to put him on the long way.

Jesse Biddle was not good. He and a sloppy defensive play turned the 1 run lead into a 2-1 deficit. But that turned out to be okay, because the Mets’ pen is worse than Jesse Biddle and Ozzie Albies may have some talent when it’s all said and done. KERPOW from Freddie. A little interior body work from Nick-through-Preston Tucker. Then the killing blow from Oz. Tacked on an extra to make the final score 8-2.

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  1. Notafish. That should be his nickname.

    I don’t know if I’m ready to say Biddle is not good. He’s perfectly fine as a middle reliever with a lot of potential. He has 26 K’s in 22 IP. He’s a lefty. He can work multiple inning. He’s cheap as anything.

  2. “Going for it” would be adding Donaldson, Zach Britton, and Archer. I think you either do them all or none of them. You get Archer for Gohara, Anderson, Peterson, and Ynoa. You get Donaldson for Jackson, Teheran, Wilson, and Phillips. You get Britton for Fried and Slugbauer. You throw the kitchen sink from the high minors in the pen. Allard, Touki, Wright, whomever. You call up Pache in September to be a defensive replacement. You just throw the whole thing at the division. You’re a World Series contender now. No doubt.

    You still have 9 cost-controlled pitchers and prospects in AA and up (with Archer, Newcomb, Folty, and Soroka your anchors), and you have another 5-7 in A+ or lower. You still have 3rd base locked up long-term, in theory, if you can’t re-sign Donaldson. 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, LF, CF, your entire rotation, and most of your bullpen is cost-controlled. Oh, and you’ll have around $40M+ to spend next offseason to solve RF and C.

    AA might have a problem in a couple weeks if we run through this easy stretch and we’re sitting at the end of June as a division-leading or -contending team. He’s then got to decide how far he goes to improve the team. I say you do it or don’t do it.

  3. Sanchez will start tomorrow. So that leaves McCarthy, Teheran, and Newcomb all on normal rest for Friday and Saturday. I’d have to think Teheran will not be coming off the DL on Friday. Who cares, just let him rest or whatever he needs.

  4. @2, @4,

    No way I give up that for Donaldson. He has been hurt for most of the last 2 years. A half season of 2016 Donaldson would be worth a lot, but not now.

    Also, I don’t agree with “all in or do nothing.” Looking long term, a top starting pitcher with a few years of control could make sense. An ML ready catcher (probably doesn’t help this year).

    We need to identify players on teams with dreadful pitching that we can trade for. Like the Royals, Orioles, or Reds. Then, put a good pitcher with a pitcher or 2 off the 40 man that we have questions about and cut the deal. Guys like Wisler and Sims can help the Royals not be wretched. We need the 40 man slots this fall, so we need to get something out of some of these.

  5. @9

    Who would you take out for Donaldson?

    They could add a reliever or a bench bat or something, and that would mean you’re not willing to mortgage the future for 2018, something they had previously decided with the Kemp trade. But if you’re going to make the deal required to get someone as good as Archer, then I think you need to add the extra pieces and make yourself a bonafide World Series contender. You’re really not guaranteed you’re going to have a team this good even as late as next year. Ask the Mets.

    If you trade for someone like Archer, you probably don’t send Teheran to that type of team. So you have a spot to clear in the rotation. You can’t trade McCarthy, and you really don’t want to trade Newk, Folty, or Soroka. So if you could trade Teheran to a team like Toronto who’s not Rebuilding(TM), then that deal makes sense. Maybe you don’t give up Wilson or Jackson, but for lack of a better expression, you might as well deal Teheran. Toronto probably would like Teheran.

    So to continue the thought, if you trade for Archer, you might as well trade for Donaldson, and then you’re pretty close to all in, so you might as well trade a package for a shutdown reliever. I think it all flows in a line. If not, then just trade for a LOOGY and a better 4th OF and wait for the next SP prospect, which is totally fine.

  6. @2 Thanks Mark DeRosa! Of course it would benefit the Braves to add Josh Donaldson *if he’s healthy*. The thing is, he’s not healthy now (calf and arm problems) and he hasn’t been consistently healthy for 2 seasons. Braves wouldn’t trade for Donaldson unless they could stay on the field. Chris Archer is on the DL too, out at least through the ASB.

    Also, your proposed trades seem awfully light on prospect return for the other teams. I don’t tend to agree with Nocahoma very much but I agree with his take that all 3 trades you proposed favor the Bravos.

    For my money, here’s the list of prospects I’d really like to try to hold onto if we’re making go-for-it trades this season: Soroka, Riley, Toussaint, Contreras.

    PS – Mike Moustakas’ OPS by month this season: .914 (Mar/Apr), .776 (May), .537 (June).

  7. If Archer makes two starts after the ASB, proves he’s healthy, then I think you can make that deal at the deadline.

    Same deal with Donaldson. Let him platoon with Vlad Jr., get healthy, and let’s pick him up at the deadline. Toronto will want to do that if they want to sell him as fully healthy, or else he’ll sit on the market. But cliff says it’s too much, and Blouses says too high.

    Moustakas is left-handed, fairly one dimensional, and probably doesn’t help the team the way the right-handed, average defensively, and (if healthy) elite hitter Donaldson is. Donaldson is enough of an upgrade (if healthy) to justify taking Camargo out of a starting job. If they can do a deal around the 40-man cloggers for Herrera (very possible), then I think you do that deal whether you’re “all in” or not. That’s just a smart deal.

    As for Archer, I don’t know how the FOs evaluate prospects. If Anderson is top-50 and Gohara is top-30 on most prospects lists, how does that not speak? Peterson just strikes as a TB guy. They love the low power corner outfielders for some inexplicable reason (probably strictly financial, but they keep adding them). If you need to include somebody better than Ynoa, I can get that. But are you going to go up the system to add a third SP? Davidson in A+? Uhh, do you go with another high minors SP? Are you going to give up Wilson, Gohara, and Anderson? Switch out Anderson for Wentz? Who is out there beating that without including a 60+ FV prospect?

  8. 1 walk and no hits through 5 for Soroka. He has faced 15 batters. Doesn’t hit for any power, though, he’s a waste of a roster spot.

  9. Soroka has recorded 6 outs on 12 pitches in the last 2 innings. That should even impress Chief.

  10. Alright, what’s the Braves Journal rule? Are we allowed to talk about certain things right now?

  11. @16,

    You put a big if in this on Donaldson. IF he comes back to health and plays well for a while. I don’t think that is likely to happen. So, do you NOT get Moustakas because you MIGHT get Donaldson IF he is healthy?

    I am o.k., but not great, with the Archer deal. He probably isn’t as good as Newc or Folty and maybe not Soroka, right now. His extra years are worth the trade, but they don’t have as much value to Braves as other teams.

    If you go all in with Toronto, you can add J. A. Happ who appears healthy and is a less sexy version of Archer.

    Best deal is to Royals for Moustakas and Hererra. Solves 2 of the 3 needs. The other need is for a pitcher better than Archer.

  12. @31, apparently he is on a limit of about 85 pitches today, so he better stay that efficient.

  13. @32, No, we are not allowed to talk about trading for Josh Donaldson and Chris Archer.

  14. Archer is a tough trade. He’s unhappy in Tampa Bay, and he’s a very emotional person. He’s also pitching in the AL East. And the Rays don’t exactly value defense, and Wilson Ramos is their catcher. No apologist, but with his 3.74 FIP and those issues, he would be a huge get for us. But do the Braves value him the way TB does? Well, that sounds like TB’s problem to me. But does someone come in and deal 3 top-75 prospects for him? I’m not quite sure that deal happens.

    I get that Quintana is the comp, and if someone gives up an Eloy Jiminez, then God bless them. But after Eloy, this is who they gave up:

    Does Tampa Bay want 3 top-75’s, one of which is top-30, or do they want an Eloy — a top-5, and not much else? Who are the other trade partners? Does Cincy, San Diego, or Chicago add and give up Senzel, Tatis Jr., or Kopech, respectively? Then great, let them do it.

  15. I understand aggressive base running. I would bench your ass for getting caught stealing third. It’s a stupid, stupid play.

  16. Another complaint about Joe that I haven’t seen before: he sometimes makes dated references that the vast majority of his audience won’t get. When DeGrom picked off Inciarte, he said “That was a Roger Craig-like move!” I would guess that 3 quarters of the viewers have never even heard of Craig.

  17. Ender giveth, and Ender taketh. The BABIP gods seem to be forgiving him for his trigger-happy approach to blocking Twitter people. Fortunately, I like Ender a great deal, and take the good with the bad, so I’ve never found myself on the business end of his blocking finger.

    I think he gets smarter. This is the first year where he’s added stolen bases to his game. He’s leading the league in SBs, and his success rate is within the realm of acceptance for someone really trying to add value to their game.

  18. I like Ender. I think he’s a net positive as your CF. He’s a defensive vacuum and a reasonable hitter in the bottom half of the order. And I get that he’s running this year, as are all of the younger Braves. But stealing third is DUMB. It’s ALWAYS dumb. Even if you make it.

  19. He’s the 2018 version of Don ‘Full Pack’ Stanhouse.

    How ’bout THAT for dated references?

    EDIT: And double for Nimmo, but Braves Win!

  20. Nice. Beat the bad teams, especially in today’s baseball, and you’ll make the playoffs.

  21. Viz as the 2nd best reliever is pretty good. So, if you want to try to go deep this year, you have to go get somebody for the last stop in the bullpen. You can’t have Weebles moments all through the postseason (or else it will be a short postseason).

  22. @55 Ender has stolen 20 bases through 64 games. He could probably end up with 45 stolen bases should he pursue it. He will probably conclude that removing 3rd base from his portfolio and settling for 40 SBs at a 85% success rate is where he wants to be. A .750 OPS, GG CF, and actually productive speed is a 4 WAR player for 6 million bones a year until his legs start to fall off. That’s a freaking deal, man.

  23. @68 I would love Armando Benitez. And if you ever get the next Craig Kimbrel, which we probably won’t, stick Benitez in the 8th.

  24. @70 I get that. But the net increase in run probability between one-out and a runner at 2nd and one-out and a runner at 3rd is utterly negligible. No one should ever risk and out for that bag. 1st to 2nd, sure, as long as you have a high success rate. But 2nd to 3rd is pointless. Stop trying that. Ever.

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