Fangraphs Releases Revised Preseason Prospects List

Fangraphs released their revised version of their preseason top-100 list to include recent draftees. You can find it here. 14 Braves appear in the top 105. Here are their ranks:

Ronald Acuna – 1
Mike Soroka – 23
Kyle Wright – 24
Luiz Gohara – 26
Cristian Pache – 28
Austin Riley – 40
Ian Anderson – 41
Touki Toussaint – 51
Max Fried – 90
Joey Wentz – 92
Drew Waters – 94
Carter Stewart – 98
Brett Cumberland – 99
Kolby Allard – 105

This list is different than lists from Baseball America or Keith Law.

-Stewart, our #8 pick in this year’s draft, was the 8th-highest ranked draftee. Not the end-all, be-all, but Kiley McDaniel and Eric Longenhagen’s opinion of Stewart seems to match ours.
-It will be interesting to see where Allard comes in mid-season. With Fried struggling with blisters, those two may switch.
-This was just a revised pre-season list, so the existing player rankings isn’t exactly news, but they have some very ambitious grades on Pache, Waters, and Cumberland. McDaniel said on Twitter that they tend to value hitters over pitchers.
-We have a lot of guys on this list.

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  1. you guys who posted all those raves about your favorite bands, you are brought back to earth, in verse, at the end of this morning’s previous thread.


  2. @4 I watched the Foo Fighters in Hamburg last weekend. Whist not British Punk, it was pretty awesome. First time I saw them live.

    And wow, 14 Braves in the Top 105. Nice. Touki took a real step forward especially this year.

  3. Roger, what is your favorite non-mainstream 70’s/80’s punk? I feel like I’ve exhausted the usuals.

  4. Rob, you didn’t ask me, but I’m happy to answer anyway! Depends on your definition of mainstream, of course, but…

    New York area bands:
    • Richard Hell & the Voidoids, Blank Generation
    • The Dictators, Go Girl Crazy
    • The Feelies, Crazy Rhythms
    • The Dead Boys, Young Loud & Snotty (okay, they were from Ohio, but they all went to New York)

    The UK & Ireland
    • The Rezillos, Can’t Stand the Rezillos
    • The Undertones, self-titled
    • Stiff Little Fingers, Inflammable Material

    Are you more into stuff that verges on hardcore, stuff that verges on New Wave, stuff that verges on goth, or bands from a particular scene?

    I’m assuming you know about bands like Wire (listen to their first three albums) and Mission of Burma (Vs.) and Stiff Little Fingers (Inflammable Material) and Television (Marquee Moon) and Pere Ubu (The Modern Dance*) and so on. There are plenty of people who adore Swell Maps but I just couldn’t get into them.

    *UPDATE: Upon reflection, I think the best place to start with Pere Ubu is Terminal Tower, a collection of singles they released before their first album The Modern Dance.

  5. Does anyone know the web address to which Braves Journal relocated?

    Thanks for the update, Rob.

  6. That gives me a good list to work with. Thanks everyone! I think I prefer a lot of the UK stuff more than I thought I did the more I break down my collection.

    San Diego is doing a bullpen day today. It seems like this may be catching on around the league. I certainly would not have a problem with throwing Gohara, Fried, and/or Wisler 3 innings piggyback if McCarthy and Teheran were to get into extended struggles. Or just have a really quick hook with those two to go to the aforementioned 3. But that makes for some really hard roster composition.

  7. @6 @ 7 Good list Alex. I guess I prefer more mainstream punk. Anyone off the old Stiff Records label (which includes Devo and Elvis Costello among others) like Wreckless Eric, Larry Wallis, Ian Drury, and all the Nick Lowe/Dave Edmonds/Rockpile variations. Early Clash (first three albums before London Calling) is some of the best hardest driving music ever created. Love the Boomtown Rats (Geldof’s band). Can’t beat the Dead Kennedys for CA punk. Mink DeVille. A great compilation of UK Punk on the soundtrack from That Summer! (1979).

    Oh gosh, maybe it’s not punk but anything from the Ska movement – Specials, English Beat, Madness, Bad Manners, Selector. There’s a good compilation album called Dance Craze where you can sample many.

    So many more, too. If you want one out of the way title, check out Tuff Darts. Only did one self-titled album. You just cannot beat (Your Love Is Like A) Nuclear Waste.

    Also, check out anything from Ralph Records if you can find any. I particularly like Renaldo and the Loaf.

  8. @10, It’s only an innovation if your team is so crappy that the fifth starter can’t be expected to outperform “bullpen day” more often than not. Like, there’s a reason the Rays and Padres are the teams trying this out.

    If Gohara or Fried are that much better than McCarthy or Teheran (which I sort of doubt at this point, and you know how I feel about the other name you listed), then stretch them out and let them start and put McCarthy or Teheran in the ‘pen instead.

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  10. I LOVE Mink DeVille. The first album, Cabretta, is spectacular, and I’m also a big fan of Le Chat Bleu. For LA punk, the Repo Man soundtrack is pretty spectacular, but really, you should just watch Decline of Western Civilization Part 1 — some of the greatest live footage ever committed to screen, with X and Fear at the absolute height of their fearsome powers, and an incredibly young pre-Damaged Black Flag.

    If you like the garage side of punk, you really owe it to yourself to listen to Dead Moon and Pierced Arrows, Fred & Toody Cole’s bands.

    Ralph Records is interesting — that’s the Residents’ label. They don’t *sound* punk at all, but in their absolute dedicated determination to sheer impenetrability, they’re somewhat punk in their affect.

  11. Tuff Darts were part of the sort of proto-roots-revival side of punk, which X was sort of part of, and the Flesh Eaters and the Gun Club out in LA. Both of their debut albums are tremendous. Same with Dream Syndicate.

  12. 13—Agreed, highly comical, almost as comical as when Albies was ranked so highly in previous years.

  13. This list gives me the good feels seeing Soroka, Wright, and Gohara ranked 23, 24, and 26 respectively. The best is yet to come from the rebuild.

  14. I think you run the risk of trying to look like the smartest guy in the room when you rank someone like Pache that high. But they like raw position player tools, so you’re going to get guys like Pache and Cumberland with some high rankings like Albies and Acuna before them. This is what a Fangraphs writer said about him previously:

    Those are some strong grades. But remember, this was just a revised pre-season list, so they’re not taking into consideration his .700 OPS at the age 19 at A+. Really not sure what they’ll do with his stat line.

  15. Hap, cooler heads prevailed. Faced with the immense savings, she decided she would find other ways of watching Fixer Upper. She’s a great woman. It also helped that we were able to acquire a family member’s cable login for the HGTV app. I’ve said too much.

    After doubling the speed of our internet and adding YouTube TV, we slashed our bill from $165 to $115. So that’s a win. Thank you so much for the heads up. We could add Philo, Hulu, and Netflix and still come out on top. Well, we don’t need to talk about that…

  16. Bullpen day just seems like a bad idea on a regular basis. If your bullpen with a conventional five-man rotation pitches three inning per game, that’s 486 inning per year. With eight relievers, that is an average of almost 61 innings per reliever.

    If you add 6 inning for the “bullpen start” and do so 24 times a year (I am guessing you could skip the #5 “pitcher” 25% of the time), you are adding 144 innings per year to the bullpen workload, averaging almost 79 innings per reliever which seems unsustainable. The bullpen would just break down. The Rockies tried drastically limiting the number of pitches from their “starter” a few years ago (If I recall correctly) and that did not work.

    I think the only way to do this is to use long relievers or multiple starters or the AAA shuttle.
    I’ve wondered about the two-person start, for example.

    I’m excited about wearing out the opposing bullpen early on in the series!

  17. I think the only way to do this is to use long relievers or multiple starters or the AAA shuttle.
    I’ve wondered about the two-person start, for example.

    This is more of what I meant based on the names I gave, and it’s basically happening anyway. With the way our roster is currently constructed where we have some guys that aren’t that stretched out but can provide some valuable innings (Fried, Gohara, and Wisler), I would just like to have a really tight leash on McCarthy and Teheran.

    But you’d want to do something like this anyway if you really think that guys will consistently turn to mush the 3rd time through the order. Hitters are hitting .351/.393/.596 third time through against McCarthy while Teheran doesn’t have a discernable difference third time through (though he doesn’t get the opportunity often).

    So while it may not be a “bullpen day”, planning to throw 2 long relievers in one game could make a lot of sense towards saving your bullpen.

  18. Put it this way. Throw Teheran and McCarthy. Starting in the 4th inning, if they have even a hint of trouble, go to your LOOGY or ROOGY or whomever to get out of the inning. There are a couple of guys who seem to deserve an opportunity to usurp the ROOGY role from Moylan. Get through that inning, then bring in Gohara, Wisler, or Fried (if healthy) to pitch the 5th through 7th. Then go to your pen as normal.

  19. Braxton Davidson hit his 5th home run in his last 10 games. He’s been raking for the last few weeks. His overall statline is still horrendous, and he is definitely no longer a prospect. But he is also only 21 years old, and he’s not costing the Braves any more than he’s already cost them, so if he’s made an adjustment and can conquer A+, then he could become a few pennies of found money.

    In the same game, Pache has hit his 4th home run.

  20. Should be a good matchup for us tonight. The Mets can’t hit right now and they are facing Folty, who is up to 6th in the NL in fWAR.

  21. Acuna moving around in the outfield pretty good, according to McAuley. Bowman says he could begin rehab games on Thursday.

  22. Is it really necessary to devote so many full screen feeds of the announcers booth? And for so long?

  23. I love watching them interview Hank on ESPN. And then Billy Williams called in. So cool…..

  24. I knew some great ballplayers came out of Mobile but I never knew just how many there were until listening to Billy Williams go on.

  25. I don’t want to get too political, but I do think this is another example of ESPN looking to cover something on the periphery of the sport at the expense of the actual coverage and content of the sporting news/event itself. I’m not sure I agree with the complete lack of emphasis on the game that’s going on.

    With that said, what better guy to spend this much time on than Hank? He’s really remarkable. He deserves more love in the pantheon of great players.

  26. Is Folty hurt? Or are the Braves really saying we’re not going to let starters see the lineup for a third time? I love Hank Aaron and his stories are awesome, but I sure wish the ESPN idiots would actually say something about the game.

  27. @39 I know and agree. I don’t get to see too many Braves games up here in MD and the mini-screen doesn’t help. But still I get such a kick out of hearing Hank and Billy and whatever oldtimers they want to include because they were all such favorites of mine. Except, of course, the ones that played for the Mets :-)

  28. Damn. Biddle sure doesn’t have it. Better have been a damn good reason to pull Folty.

  29. Have to admit that Dansby should have gotten at least one if not two outs on that grounder.

  30. I don’t think it was the third time through thing, but if it was, it was a completely imbecilic decision. Anybody who thinks it’s better to have Jesse Biddle in the game than a cruising Folty because, on average, hitters do better the third time through the order is a complete numbnuts.

  31. Seen and played more baseball than I care to admit, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a double play like Camargo just turned. Remarkable.

  32. Even Phillips now has a 1.74 ERA with 45 K’s in 31 IP for Gwinnett after a scoreless inning with 3 K’s. What’s the man gotta do?

  33. Thanks, Rob. I couldn’t have done it without Ender and Ozzie. (The MVP’s humble too.)

  34. I don’t like it when anything is injured that connects to the elbow. And now that I think about it, I don’t like it when anything is injured that connects to something that connects to the elbow. And I also don’t like it when….

  35. @75

    Not currently watching the postgame show, but according to DOB on Twitter, that’s what they’re saying. They think he’ll make his next start, especially since he’s not slated to pitch again for a week due to off days.

    UPDATE: Apparently, Folty isn’t concerned, either.

  36. Dansby is catching up to higher velo this year.

  37. As far as the ESPN broadcast, they went out of their way to let everybody know that the Aaron thing was going to be what they were doing for most of the game. And it’s Hank Aaron! It wasn’t a pennant race game, it was a random game in the middle of June. I honestly don’t know what everyone’s complaining about. I watched the broadcast specifically for the Aaron thing. The only thing I felt they could’ve done differently was have the game on the full screen while they were talking to Aaron instead of having a camera on the booth at all times. Otherwise, I’d put it firmly in the “get over it” bin.

    And by the way, once they actually got back to calling the game, I enjoyed listening to the ESPN broadcasters as a nice change of pace from Chip and Joe.

  38. The only thing I felt they could’ve done differently was have the game on the full screen while they were talking to Aaron instead of having a camera on the booth at all times.

    That’s my only beef. Otherwise, great night for a great man.

  39. It was only the…


    …but it was still pretty damn enjoyable. This team is so fun.

  40. MLB has such a treasure with Mike Trout, and they’re squandering it. Very disappointing.

    This might be our defensive play of the year so far. Great instincts by Camargo.

  41. Every time I’m fuming after a bad Braves loss… I need to remind myself, at least I’m not a Mets fan.

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