We had yet another turgid first three innings tonight which did not augur well for what might follow. Stanton hit a beautiful solo screamer to CF but no-one blamed Fried for that. What did disappoint was the  lack of sharpness in his control, the little movement in the air and mediocre velocity. The third inning showed he set them down one, two, three but it was deceptive- two outs were line drives to the outfield and one ground ball rocket to short. Sure enough the fourth caught him out.

With two outs he was yanked with a line of 3.2 IP 6 hits, 4 runs, 1 walk, 3k. and we were in familiar trouble. But we came back in fine style right away cutting the deficit to one. Both teams had single runs in the fifth so when we scored another run in the sixth we were level for the first time. Miami were held scoreless by our somewhat erratic pen and so it was until the melodramatic bottom of the 9th when Ender coaxed a bases load walk off walk from a somewhat flummoxed young Miami reliever. We win.

Roll of Honor.

Matt Kemp, defensive play of the game at a crucial moment and doubled off the runner.

Juan Camargo..HR and 3 runs driven in. And Chip stop bitchin’ about his base running goof THREE TIMES later.

Kurt Suzuki   no homers tonight, just three important base hits particularly one  leading off the bottom of the 9th.

Freddie and Ender both had 2 hits and a run driven in, Ender’s being the game winning walk.

Dansby  No hits but 3 important walks, the last one crucial.

Ozzie   only 1 for 5 but it was an important double that scored a run in the 4th inning fight back.

Sims  he did a commendable job coming in early in the 4th when Fried had just been knocked around all over the place. His control, pace and movement all looked better than what had gone before. The pen, two words, see above.