Saturday  Saturday


First things first. If you saw how we scored what turned out to be the winning run in the top of the 12th would you please be good enough to add your post here so those of us left in limbo can enjoy it, thank you. Somewhere in the 8th inning, tied 5/5, our local Fox affiliate, without any warning or apology,switched to the Mets/Pirates game just starting in NYC. So we were dumped, just like that. Finding a pirate station stream we know of took us to the 11th when an ominous off stage voice said- ‘YOU ARE WARNED THAT NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF EIGHTEEN MAY VIEW THIS VIDEO GAME’. We know the Braves are bad but, really, this was over the top.

Today’s game in many ways mirrored yesterday’s with, fortunately, one or two differences. This time the Reds took the lead in the 4th…

(I have just found out who hit the go ahead winning hit in the 12th! Matt Adams, his second homer. He had nothing yesterday but today when others floundered, he was obviously immense. Verducci BTW said if you pitch down to Adams you’re a fool- before the first one.)*

Then we scored 5 in the fifth thanks to an Adams grand slam. Comfortable 4 run lead you might think…nah. There were time coming up ahead when we looked certain to lose the game, just like last night. Dicky had been stellar through 5 innings, just the one run from that homer in the 4th, he started the 6th but by the time the innings was over he was long gone and three other pitchers i believe after him. (Sloppy play at 2nd by BJ started the rout) Score now tied 5-5.


Incredibly there now followed 5(FIVE) innings where we were unable to pose any threat and they did almost every time up, seemingly about to put the game away, again, just like last night. There was one particular performance by a Braves pitcher towards the end of this long dry spell that bordered on the incredible. With a man in scoring position EOF had to face Joey V.  What were the odds? What were you thinking? He just need a single, game over. Strike out, THREE PITCHES!  Wow.

JJ i believe, last night’s losing pitcher blowing a two run lead in the ninth, came on in the 11th and got through it. Matt Adams comes up in the 12th we now know with his second heroic homer. We lead by one going into the bottom of the 12th.JJ wobbles just a little bit but holds tight and closes out the win.


What is it about Saturday nights on here?  D-d-d-don’t know. But they’re fun. For me at least. Don’t forget – no one under 18. AND my friend Adonis got 4 hits tonight and another line drive out to the undoubted annoyance of some of my colleagues here. He is not Jace, uselessly  blocking a hot kid, he is highly productive. He is 32, yup, so is Kemp i believe. Forgot to mention, Ender was poor at the plate today, 0/6, seemed slap happy, not fighting to stay alive BUT he made a magnificent diving catch to his left late in the game with men on base and the Reds close to  ‘ending’ it.  Got it? Bona sera.


  • He also said watch Swanson’s back leg as he swings. He tends to shoot it backwards, behind him. was very impressed with Tom V throughout as much of the game as i was able to hear. He is very knowledgeable, well prepared, and, best of all, ORIGINAL in some of the things he says. Mercy, what a contrast.,game_tab=box,game=490928