A long time ago on a sea far away, a most interesting confrontation ensued. Also, last night, a most interesting confrontation ensued. Hmm.

After 2 and a half wary innings Braves broke through and got 1. To this point, Julio Teheran had looked like VERY GOOD Julio. Also, John Lester looked pretty good and certainly not like the “Master of Disester” (intentional homage to blazon) of recent starts. So far so good. Kind of like when the U. S. Fast Carrier Task Force knocked off a few warships in the Tulagi invasion to open the “Coral Sea.”

Like the Japanese, the mighty Cubs then started asserting their might looking for the lowly Braves in order to crush them. Runners on with no runs in 3, 4, and 6, but in 5, they sank the Lexington and damaged the Yorktown (scored 2). They were convinced the Yorktown would sink or be useless for at least 90 days. (That error in understanding would contribute to a serious disaster at Midway. May the Cubs make such an error).

In the ninth the Braves took out Shoho and Shokaku (got 2 runs), but couldn’t get the third run (I mean carrier).

At the time, Coral Sea was a U. S. desperation survival move. With the line of history it probably serves much as Churchill described the Offensive Battle of El Alamein. “It is not the beginning of the end, but surely it is the end of the beginning.”