There are few things in life more depressing than having to recap yet another loss against the imposing Phillies, especially when it makes the 5th straight defeat against them. In a year that has seen the Braves make quite a few strides forward, their play against the Phillies has been nothing short of humiliatingly abysmal. To put it into perspective:

  • The Braves are now 2-10 against the Phillies.
  • The Braves have more wins against the Dodgers this season than against the Phillies.
  • A full 25% of the Phillies TOTAL wins on the season have come courtesy of the Braves (10 of 41).
  • If the Braves had reversed that record and gone 10-2 against the Phillies, the Phillies would have a 33-77 record right now (a .300 winning percentage), and the Braves would be sitting comfortably in second place in the division at 59-52, seven games behind Washington.
  • The only other team that Philadelphia has a winning record against this season is the Giants, against whom they are 2-1 (and the Giants have MLB’s second worst record, ahead of only Philly).

I could keep going, but I have to stop before I make myself cry. It’s as though the Phillies singlehandedly have crushed any of the dignity the Braves managed to conjure up this season.

There was little in this game you could point to as encouraging. Freddie hit a solo home run, but that was about it for the highlights. Teheran proved once again that SunTrust holds kryptonite somewhere within its mighty beams, as he managed to give up 7 hits and 5 runs to the Phillies in 5 innings. Max Fried made his major league debut and pitched two innings, giving up two hits and two walks and striking out one. It wasn’t a stunning performance, especially considering it was against the worst team in the majors (and, quite frankly, would probably be one of the worst in AAA, too), but considering what the rest of the Braves staff has done this season against them, Fried’s outing looked downright exciting.

Natspos delenda est. And Phillies delenda est, too, as slowly and painfully as possible.