We aren’t the Champions! (Many join the humble vanquished Chukchi people).

We got ass whooped,
time after time.
Fans have been sentenced,
But committed no crimes.
Rangers and Dodgers,
with Astros and Cards,
Have had their share of sand kicked in their face
So we can now sing:

and we mean to go on, without Yankees and Pirates, and on

We aren’t the champions, my friends.
None of us can keep fighting, to the end.
We AREN’T the champions,
We aren’t the champions,
Rest time for losers,
Cause we aren’t the champions,
of the world.

[an ode to the collapse of the Cardinals and the Cardinals Way]

25 thoughts on “We aren’t the Champions! (Many join the humble vanquished Chukchi people).”

  1. Change one word and it’ll be perfect, Cliff

    @Sam, previous thread.

    Going through those fifty photos on the list reminded me of the commentary to the Oasis music video DVD: “Back then if you wanted four guys to stand around in the middle of nowhere you called us. We were the f***ing kings of standing around in the middle of nowhere.”

  2. in the 7th inning of the ALCS, 2nd game today, the hitter and the catcher embraced for a brief moment. I believe at the time the ball which was somewhere between them on the ground was live. It was nothing more or less than a gesture of their common humanity if you cared to take an analytical view of it.

    Did you see it, have you ever seen anything like it before?

  3. Gibbons has no left hand arms in the pen. I think that forces his decisions. good thing they traded for tulo! lol

  4. I watched Bama survive and MST crush the spirits of the Ann Arbor harbaughs. Missed baseball today. If u can find a video, I’d be glad to see it blazon

  5. Everyone should watch the video of how Michigan lost. It is the stupidest way imaginable to lose a football game.

  6. They hugged because they were laughing about the fact that the ball had bounced off the glove of the catcher and then hit the batter on the top of the head. It was nice to see but it wasn’t a completely random act, if that’s what you’re asking.

    That Michigan State ending may in fact be the nuttiest ending to a college football game I’ve ever seen. Just crazy.

  7. @7

    no, i thought that it had been started by that ball on the head – i just thought they both made more of it than was strictly necessary and i liked them for it. Thanks for clarifying.

  8. Mets win 4/2…

    gimme Schwarber, above anyone else, Schwarber..he can throw too.

    Lester and Price..two No 1 pitchers who can’t win the big games when it matters.

  9. Lagares is back from his injuries…still remember that catch he made at the Ted in April last year…line drive to left field, a screamer, its pace and angle meant he was only a couple of feet off the wall when he leapt and caught it..the sheer force of the ball, and his angle, slammed him into the wall. He held on. Best catch I saw at the Ted, ever.

  10. Last out in the game tonight was our own TLS introduced earlier as a pinch hitter. With two out in the ninth he creamed a pitch from Familia – something nobody’s done all post season, outside of second. The euphoric Daniel Murphy, (another homer!) robbed him with the defensive play of the game for the last out.

  11. as d’Arnaud hit one out 421 feet last night came the reminder…

    the Mets got him and Syndregaard from the Blue Jays for the knuckle balling, Kilamanjaro climbing R.A. Dickey…


    Travis d’Arnaud
    he’s so fond of the fastball to go
    some he will catch
    with all others there’s a tendency for instant dispatch.

  12. Lucas Duda
    he’s been sidelined for not doing what he should’a
    the righties, attacked
    they have recently been very rarely shellacked.

  13. I’m not sure we’re adequately prepared for the Mets winning it all. It was all fun and games up until now.

  14. @17, You’re right. This could get bad. But…as bad as a Cubs World Series win? We are all Royals and Blue Jays fans now.

  15. As a lifelong Braves fan living in Mets country, I’ve always rooted against the Mets. But not this summer. It’s a likeable team. And they have Kelly and Uribe. I’m rooting for them for those two.

  16. I hate the granfalloon that is the Mets, but I hope they win it all for KJ and Fat Juan the Good.

  17. I like all four teams at this point. As long as this round of the playoffs can avoid the Yanks/Red Sox/Dodgers, I’m pretty easy to please. If the Cubs go on a spending spree, they may become outside of the “Cope Circle of Trust”. And once you’re out, there’s no coming back.

  18. KJ and Uribe don’t suffice for me, but I do admit, it’s a more likable team than it was in the days of Carlos Smelltrán.

  19. @23

    develop a defensive strategy… they will

    meanwhile, someone who’s already lost their last game..

    Tony Sipp
    they say his fastball’s lost some of its zipp
    his drinking,in total,
    although somewhat slow is beyond anecdotal.

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