Life as in power.  Young power. But not Heyward power. Uninhibited power. Happy power. Self confident power. What we have none, none, of. But we’ve been seeing a lot of it lately, passing by, every night. We are a kid at a candy store with empty pockets.

It was good to finally get to the end of our miserable season.  A minimal wait and the play offs started and we sat back and watched teams that could actually play the game, in all its facets.  Like power.  You were immediately aware of this dimension we had missed all season – young guys slamming the ball, all over the place. Often there were three or four of them on view, in the same game. And we would have killed for one. And they were all so young, so inexperienced. One (Corey Seager ) had been called up to the Dodgers for the first time on September 1 and hit .327 with 4 HR for the month, they couldn’t leave him out.  He looked cool out there (too cool maybe, 1st to 3rd on a walk?! ).

So I went through the various playoff rosters and listed all those young guys with power I found myself lusting after for the Braves, based on watching  every playoff game.  There are 10 – one is not a power hitter per se but is a spark plug supreme and they are precious, you will soon identify him on the list . (Then he hit a home run, then he was eliminated in the crazy, wonderful game in Toronto where he came into score a run nobody, nobody, had seen the like of before.)

Here’s my 10, somehow I had felt there might be more,-you looked up, there was another one. Very happy to report there were NONE from any of these establishments:  Pirates/Cards/Yankees.


CUBS          Baez/Soler/Bryant/Schwarber


METS           Conforto

ASTROS       Springer/Correa

ROYALS       Perez



How would your list be different?  Shorter/longer?  Young, confident power hitters.

Now, say the gods granted us a Christmas present – we could sign them this winter, our terms(yes, it’s Christmas)..they weren’t sure how many, no more than 5 though, we had to place the 5 in the order we preferred, 5 being the lowest.  We might only get one so the order is important…Here’s my 5, in order, let’s hear yours…..


1         Perez (2 for 1, desperate for a catcher also)

2         Odor (spark plug, see above, can play 3rd?)

3.        Schwarber (every club needs one – KB too pretty)

4         Soler  (power, real young power)

5         Conforto  (something about him)