The Braves are on quite the roll! Today’s game marked the fourth time in their last five series they have been swept, and during that stretch they are sporting a cool 1-15 record. I am a little embarrassed for the Rockies, the victims of the Braves lone win. I can’t help but think derisively of them, “you lost to THAT team?!?”

With today’s outcome final, I officially retract my petition to the commissioner’s office to let the Braves play only the Fish for the rest of the season. It really doesn’t matter who this team plays. Watching them for the rest of this season really will be about as much fun as writing an alimony check.

This entire game in a nutshell:
The Williamses were called back up to make an emergency start in place of Folty, who was DLed with the virus that forced Shelby Miller into his 194,573,982 consecutive start without a win on Monday night. The Dynamic Duo showed some improvement, only giving up 6 runs and 9 hits while remaining in the game long enough that they could have picked up the win if their team had been facing the 1930 Phillies. Edwin Jackson took care of the next two innings and did what he does bast in a Braves uniform—surrender a run. I don’t know how his ERA is still in the 3.60s. I feel like every box score I see has runs next to his name. The Braves offensive hero on the afternoon was not Alex Wood, who somehow got a grounder through the left side of the infield to knock in two runs. His batting average is now up to .143, so I think it would be a good time to reevaluate that trade to determine the winner.

To paraphrase a recent DOB tweet, if the Braves play baseball and there’s nobody there to see them, did it really happen? I vote no, which would mean this series must be struck from the official record.

One small favor to ask of the Bad News Braves as they make their way to Washington for a 4-game set: please, for the love of all that is good about baseball, forget who you are for the next four days and play the spoiler. There are plenty of baseball games left this month for you to lose to get a good draft pick. But please, for now, kick the Nats while they are down.

Natspos delenda est.