Cubs 4, Braves 0 (by spike)

Well, the hometown team celebrated the extension of manager Fredi Gonzalez for 2016 by turning in one of the most cap tippingest performances of all time. Jon Lester was on his A game but probably didn’t need more than a B game to handle the local nine this day. The Braves never got a runner to second base until the eighth inning and Lester had a sort of no-hitter working through that time. The Freemanless Braves offense seems to revolve around the smallest of balls followed by the longest of ones to get anything going. They got few of the former and none of the latter and the scoreboard reflected it. Lost in all of this as usual was a decent enough performance by the starter. Banuelos was hardly matching Lester pitch for pitch but doing more than enough to put his team in position to win. Saturday nights have been pretty good for the club this year. The last two weeks, however…

28 thoughts on “Cubs 4, Braves 0 (by spike)”

  1. Seen on Paul Dunne’s Wikipedia entry today: “During Dunne’s 3rd Round at the 2015 Open Championship it has been discovered that he is not a human, but a golfing machine created to rule the golfing world.”

  2. Ha that’s awesome. I played at UAB from 99-03. It’s awesome seeing some of the guys performing well at the highest level. UAB needs to lock up Andy Murray. He’s done an excellent job as head coach there.

  3. I wonder if the Cubs will get desperate enough to deal us Javier Baez for Cameron Maybin and a reliever. There apparently looking hard for an OF.

  4. Are there any rumors floating re any of the veterans? I’m surprised somebody hasn’t nibbled on Juan or JJ yet.

  5. This lineup is hilariously bad after Neck…not that it’s great shakes before him

  6. You’re right–it’s really the Ciriaco-Eury-Simba triumvirate. Pitcher’s dream

  7. They still have some sucking to do before they can reach the 2013 Marlins (37 straight scoreless innings), the 1992 Cubs (last team with four consecutive scoreless games), or the 1985 Astros (42 straight scoreless innings).

  8. I keep checking the home page for the recap of this game then realizing it’s not technically over

  9. @17, I remember how exciting it was to follow Freeman and Heyward in the minors. We have nothing remotely like that. Our offensive cupboard is still bare.

  10. @19, Albies is the real deal, so much that he’s made us forget about Peraza. Davidson compares to Freeman at his level. Peterson and Ruiz have a shot. We have no Heyward level position prospects but we have some guys who are or who have been in the top-100 conversation.

  11. What is it with Chip/Joe and Chris Coghlan? They talk about him like he’s Dale Murphy

  12. I do enjoy Chip when it’s a Cubs game…he’s like the little kid in class who gets so excited he knows the answer to a question and has to make sure everyone aware that he is a Cubs expert.

  13. @19

    Braxton Davidson is going to be good. He is starting to put it together. He is still 3-5 years away though.

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