As is only fitting, Team Blue wiped out the hated redcoats. The first shots were fired when Peterson and Cameron “€œMinuteman” Maybin opened up on Kevin “€œGeneral Gage” Correia. The real damage was done when the Phil charged uphill into a few volleys right into the whites of their eyes from Kelly “€œIsrael Putnam”€ Johnson, Juan “€œWilliam Prescott”€ Uribe and AJ “€œTadeusz Kosciusko”€ Pierzynski.

Our own side switching Jeff Francoeur”>Jeff “Benedict Arnold”€ Francoeur apparently turned over our secret plans for crappy defense over to the Phils as he overthrew a cutoff man to go with two Phillies errors on the night. Maybin swamp-foxed one from here to Athens in the southern half of the second. In the fourth Alex “€œGeorge Washington”€ Wood crossed the Delaware to surprise Odubel “Hessian” Herrera. Maybin, Markakis and Johnson saratoga’ed Correia into surrender to make it 9-1. Darin “Guy Carleton” Ruf put one over the walls of Quebec for three runs, and Herrera homered a few innings later to cut the lead to four.

Jason “Rochambeaux” Grilli blockaded the Phils in the ninth and Maikel “€œCornwallis” Franco’s desperate breakout attempt was turned back to complete the victory. Tomorrow, Shelby “Andrew Jackson” Miller takes on Cole “€œGeorge IV” Hamels for the sweep before heading out to Fort Shelby.