The Atlanta Braves jumped to an early lead, and Manny Bananas shut the Natspos down. Then we had to play the second and the third. At the end of the third, Washington led 7-1.

After the first, Manny Banuelos was not good. Neither was the Braves defense. For the second game in a row, a Braves centerfielder misplayed a routine fly ball. Two different Braves third basemen made errors.

The Braves neither hit nor pitched nor fielded well. That they lost is no surprise. However, …

• The Braves’ Nicks have played well. Swisher may be at least a partial answer to next year’s left field question, and Markakis will do in right.

• AJP is the best catcher we have. It sounds like he wants to come back next year. That’s okay by me, as long as he’s backing up somebody not yet on our roster.

• Matt Wisler and Peter Moylan pitched well in relief. Sugar Ray Marimon had two balls booted behind him, but he was okay I guess. Edwin Jackson gave up two hits but got out of the eighth unscathed, so I guess he gets a pass.

The Marlins beat the Mets on old friend Martin Prado’s walk-off sacrifice fly. Miami understands the role of spoiler. The Braves are (pick one) inept, unapt, feckless, useless, pitiful, miserable, all of the above.

The Big Question: Can the Braves leave Philadelphia with the top pick in the 2016 draft in hand?