I’ve been here for years…

Anyway. Doesn’t look like we got an official recapper for Saturday nights yet, or maybe our official recapper is recovering from his or her Saturday night. Either way, let’s do a quick “new thread” for today’s game regardless. The “nut graph” as they say in the journo biz, of last night’s game, was the Braves’ 4 run 5th inning. The PBP:

Bottom 5
1.Alberto Callaspo doubles (1) on a soft fly ball to right fielder Curtis Granderson.
2.Christian Bethancourt doubles (2) on a ground ball to right fielder Curtis Granderson. Alberto Callaspo scores.
3.Andrelton Simmons doubles (2) on a sharp ground ball to right fielder Curtis Granderson. Christian Bethancourt scores.
4.Julio Teheran out on a sacrifice bunt, first baseman Lucas Duda to second baseman Daniel Murphy. Andrelton Simmons to 3rd.
5.Eric Young Jr. triples (1) on a line drive to right fielder Curtis Granderson. Andrelton Simmons scores.
6.Jace Peterson grounds out, second baseman Daniel Murphy to first baseman Lucas Duda.
7.Nick Markakis singles on a line drive to right fielder Curtis Granderson. Eric Young Jr. scores.
8.Freddie Freeman grounds out sharply, shortstop Wilmer Flores to first baseman Lucas Duda.

Now, I don’t want to get too deep into Joe Simpson’s happy zone here, but anyone really want to question whether or not last year’s lineup was going to string together that many hits without book-ending a couple of useless K’s in between them?

Your local squad, which I have taken to calling “Neck Markakis and The Will To Win” in my the back of my head, are 5-0, can open the season with two sweeps by beating Bartolo Colon’s looming diabetes today. They are the sole remaining undefeated team in the NL, with only the Tigers and Royals matching their start in the AL.

No, it’s not “sustainable.” No, you don’t have to remind the rest of us of that. It’s just a 5-0 start out the gate, with a team that is fun to watch and imminently rootable for, unless you’re just so super pissed that your favorite player wasn’t retained this winter that you’re going to hold on to the misery just to spite yourself. Nose, face, so on, if you get my point.

1:35 Sunday start today. Let’s get this thing going again.