Rebels 2, Empire 1

On Star Wars night at The Ted, the Rebels used The Force and a couple of long balls to overcome the Empire’s stormtroopers 2-1.

Julio Skywalker continues to mystify, as he bullseyed womprats from his T16 to move to 5-0 on Tatooine with a 2.04 ERA. In other parts of the Imperium, he’s 1-4 with an ugly 7.40 ERA. Maybe it’s the gravitational influence of the twin suns that gets his slider moving. I don’t know, and I’m
sure he wishes he knew what was going on himself. He probably spends too much time on the road complaining about not getting to go hang out at Toshi Station with his friends, which affects his road performance.

The Rebels jumped out to an early lead in the bottom of the second inning, as Jonny-Wan Kenobi showed why he’s a perfectly cromulent player against southpaws by launching his 4th homer of the season off Morgan. He may only be a shadow of the warrior he was when he fought in The Clone Wars, but upon occasion he can still fight the good fight.

In the 5th, Local Boy Turned to the Dark Side Annikin Morgan scored on Cesar Fett’s single
after a throwing error by Jace Calrissian.

It stayed that way until the 7th, when a bit of nifty defense by Yoda Simmons showed why he’s the best shortstop in all of Space. Cameron the Hutt singled down the left field line, and Simmons
hustled over to the wall to grab the ball and threw out Hutt who was trying to stretch the hit to a double. Hutt was initially called safe, no doubt because as the criminal godfather of all Tatooine, he had bribed the second base umpire, but after a review, the call was overturned. Hutt immediately complained that the crew chief was fooled by a Jedi mind trick, but to no avail.

Juan Solo provided the final run in the bottom of the 7th, hitting another solo shot off Morgan, which got out of the park in a hurry. Like a Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs hurry.

Chewie Avilan and C3PO Johnson closed out the game for Teheran, and now the Rebels are on a win streak. A modest three game streak, but hey, you take what you can get.

15 thoughts on “Rebels 2, Empire 1”

  1. I am honestly very happy with the Braves going back to the high upside high risk player development approach rather than low upside low risk approach. I am tired of us drafting and developing projectable soft tossing lefties.

  2. Thunderous applause. You, sir, are THE Jedi Master. Wonderful title, marvelous prose, tremendous game to watch and savor. To you, o master, I tip Fredi’s hat.

  3. During one of the Star Wars movies – – Han Solo and Chewie struggle with an dysfunctional warp drive. It’d work at times, propelling the Millenium Falcon to Ludicrous Speed. And at other times, it’d fail spectacularly. Allowing the evil Empire to make critical gains on the hopelessly outgunned Han Solo and Crew. Does this seem like a galaxy so far, far away to you?

    Lose six out of seven and then win 3 in a row (including two wins vs the Darth Natties). Every time I buy in to this awesome team, I hear a walrus-looking alien officer yelling “It’s a trap!”

  4. “In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way.”
    – Yoda

    Bravo, SP!

  5. Very nice Mr. Painter. July the 4th be with you. (That doesn’t make as much sense as it did two months ago.) My only regret is that Adam Morgan isn’t (a) like Williams Perez and (b) doesn’t play for the Nationals. If Adams Morgan played for the Nationals that would awesome.

  6. just a reminder the Dueling Sonnet page will be posted as a new thread around 3pm…

  7. I’ll just step in and remind everyone that in the Star Wars universe, the Rebel Alliance are the terrorists.

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