KJ See: Hooch 5, Old Mule Hockey 3

A buh-buh buh buh-buh
A buh-buh buh buh-buh

Braves took Brewers to school, boys.
Taught them things they never knew before.

Like early runs count and help create wins.

And how 5 minus 3 means win.
And we want to, want to be here before.
Before, Before.

Wisler’s a “mother,” here.
Wisler’s a “mother.”

Sit yourself down, take a seat.
All you gotta do is repeat after me.

KJ see,
RBI’s 1, 2, 3.
He hits it to do, re, me.
KJ see; 1, 2, 3; that’s how easy wins can be.
KJ see.
RBI’s 1, 2, 3.
He hits it to do, re, me.
It’s simple as KJ See, 1, 2, 3, Braves and me.

Bullpen shut it down just a little bit.
Cameron Maybin scoring just a little bit.
Jason Grilli getting saves by making outs!
AJ: come on, come on, come on
getting four hits like its zero 5.

Pitching, defense, and hitting
are all needed for the baseball tree.

And add a spirit of spunk,

And the transformation is complete.

This writer’s gonna show you,
How to get some wins.

Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah.

KJ who?
win by two.
Use this method and it’s all you’ve gotta do.

KJ see,
RBI’s 1, 2, 3
Balls hit to
Do re me.
KJ see, 1, 2, 3, Braves it’s you and me.
KJ see, it’s easy.
Countin’ RBI’s up to 3.
Write words to a simple melody.
That’s how easy winning can be.

53 thoughts on “KJ See: Hooch 5, Old Mule Hockey 3”

  1. SDP, That’s a “pop-rivet”. The only way I know to remove it is to drill the center out and then use a new “pop-rivet” when you need to put it back together.

  2. Old Mule Hockey = Old Milwaukee, the beer those Brewers ought to be brewing! Hooch is for our boys on the Chattahoochee/cheap homemade liquor.

    But it definitely took me 10 different looks before I got it.

    Edit: I guarantee Spike is the one who really knows whether the Hooch or the Old Milwaukee won the game last night.

  3. I didn’t know how widespread was the moniker “Old Mule Hockey” for Old Milwaukee beer. It was definitely the slur name of choice in the South Georgia of the mid to late 1970’s.

    Every time I think of the city of Milwaukee, “Old Mule Hockey” comes to mind.

    My memory is that Awesome Bill’s Grandad and Dad both made Hooch runs into Atlanta in the old days. Many of you may not know that “liquor by the drink” did not come to Atlanta until about 1962. So, the “clubs” made punches out of white lightning quite frequently. I have a friend that makes his own for his own domestic consumption and gives to a few friends.

  4. For what it’s worth: Gattis is having a pretty good year after a slow start. 14 HR’s. 4 triples??

  5. @9
    Good for him, the guy seemed like he always gave it his all with us, even when slumping. I hope eventually the prospects we got for him make it a good trade.

  6. You could look it up:
    Back in the good old days, before Ike was Commander in Chief and while the Braves still played in Boston, the Milwaukee Brewers terrorized the American Association. In 1951 they were a juggernaut, leading the Association in hitting, pitching and, of course, wins. Managed by Charlie Grimm and showcasing future MLB fixtures Eddie Matthews, Art Fowler, Dick Donovan, George Crowe, Gene Mauch and our own beloved young Old Righthander Ernie Johnson, the Brewers were virtually unstoppable and clinched the regular season title with ease.

    Every Achilles has his heel, and the Brewers had theirs. The Louisville Colonels, skippered by the immortal Pinky Higgins and featuring stalwarts like Ed Lyons, Jim Piersall and Charlie “Sunday Punch” Maxwell always played Milwaukee tough; but the main cause of the Brewers misery was the incomparable flame-throwing phenom Mel Famy.
    Inevitably the championship game had the Colonels squaring off with the Brewers.

    Predictably, Famy would toe the rubber for the Louisville nine. The Brewers felt impending doom, so Young Ernie and Gene Mauch hatched a plan. You see, as unhittable as Famy was, he enjoyed an occasional taste. Often, after he indulged his taste, Famy’s control vanished.

    Given Famy’s penchant for drink and recognizing the importance of the game, Pinky assigned a caretaker to insure Famy’s sobriety for the championship match. If Pinky could keep Famy sober, the Colonels would tote the trophy back to Louisville.

    Famy was superstitious; and being lefthanded, he had quirks. One of his quirks was that he refused to drink water from a water cooler anyone else used. Because Famy was so good, Pinky and the Colonels yielded to his eccentricity.

    It was hot that afternoon in Milwaukee. As tradition and good sportsmanship dictated, the Brewers provided three big coolers with blocks of ice for their visiting opponents. Two of the coolers bore the Colonels logo; the third was designated for the sole use of the Colonels star pitcher. The coolers were filled with water just as game time approached. That is, two of the coolers were filled with water. The third — the one marked for Mel Famy’s personal use — was instead filled with Schlitz.

    If Pinky and his Colonel teammates noticed Famy hitting the cooler more often than usual before the game, they said nothing. It was hot that afternoon, and they too were drinking lots of water.

    Young Ernie started that day for the Brewers. He gave up a couple of hits but got out of the first without a run being scored.

    Then Mel Famy took the mound. His first pitch hit the backstop. His second plunked the leadoff man. Before he retired a batter, Famy hit two batters, walked six and threw three wild pitches.

    The Brewers won the championship. In the victory celebration, the local sportswriter noticed a keg of beer sitting in a place of honor and sporting a cardboard crown. Curious, the sportswriter asked what that was all about.

    “That,” said winning pitcher Ernie Johnson, ” is the beer that made Mel Famy walk us.”

  7. Wisler is at work
    Curve ball down
    And go to town
    As Wisler moves along
    Just hum another pitch
    Just do your best
    Then take a rest
    And Brewers are your bitch
    When there’s too many on base
    Simba’s on the chase
    Forget your troubles
    Try to be
    Just like Smoltz in ’93
    Now Wisler is at work
    He’s just a rook
    But what the fook
    It’s Wisler now at work

  8. @13 A week or two ago someone asked that same question on Twitter, and Bowman (I think) responded that he hasn’t thrown any more this season and that it was a safe assumption he wouldn’t any time soon.

  9. In the top of the first inning, Kelly Johnson hit a two run homer. Uribe then ambushed a long fly ball down the left field line that was ruled foul. But it looked fair to me so I replayed it on the DVR in slow motion. It clearly went behind the foul pole. Did anyone else notice this? Luckily, we won anyway.

  10. I thought it was fair at the time; but blue said foul and nobody complained, so I guess it was foul.

  11. I’ll be surprised if Mike Minor ever throws a useful major league inning again, sadly.

  12. Makes me wonder if the Braves have a trade in the works involving Jim Johnson and Grilli. Folty is an interesting choice to add to the bullpen.

  13. @22. I wonder if that means they are aggressively shopping Johnson and/or Grilli..

  14. I wish Folty could become an above average starter, but I won’t shed tears if he can be a slightly-less-than-elite closer.

  15. I might be the only one watching the game, but a triple-post doesn’t make AJ’s hot streak any less impressive.

    Edit: AAR in for the save!

  16. OMG CHIP: “Joe with through that nacho-on-a-stick like Sherman went through Atlanta.”

    The man knows his audience.

  17. I understand the logic behind selling high on Maybin. Doesn’t mean I want to see him in anyone else’s uniform for the next couple of years.

    And @36/@37, “Line drive — base hit! Caught out there!” certainly is in the ballpark of funniest things he’s ever said. Well, I laughed, anyway.

  18. @BravesAmerica: None of the Braves in the lineup today were in the organization last year.


  19. @38

    I’ve always wondered if he was saying, “Caught. Out there,” meaning it was caught and there’s an out there. If he was saying, “Caught out there,” that’s just… weird.

  20. Wish Carpenter had been given more than one batter. Clearly Fredi is trying to stay away from A-John-Li.

  21. Fredi is all too willing to spin the wheel with this bullpen. Carpenter gets one hitter, after he dispatches Braun in dominant fashion, but then Aardsma gets double switched in to the game?

  22. Does Jace Peterson lead the universe in caught stealing, or does it only feel like it?

  23. Three strikeouts for the save. It’s like Kimbrel never left!

    OK, no it’s not, but we’re up to .500 again. We get to indulge our fantasies for a few minutes.

  24. July has been a great month. Can we just petition the commisioner’s office to let the Braves permanently skip the month of June from here on out?

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