Pirates 10, Braves 8

The bullpen delenda est. All of them. Well, maybe not Grilli.

No, the stink is too much. Even Grilli delenda est.

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  1. We have 4 or 5 replacement or better relievers. They combined to pitch 1 of 4 relief innings in this game after all rested on an off day. But Fredi did the absolute best he could dammit! And even if he didn’t we would’ve lost anyway, so nobody suggest he was a factor in this debacle. Man it makes me so mad when people say Fredi contributed to a loss.

  2. I don’t think we have more than 2 replacement level relievers. Grilli and MAYBE Johnson.

  3. well, I’m speaking statistically. So far Avilan is above and martin/Cuniff are roughly at replacement level.

    Let me put it this way. The two WORST relievers we have pitched 3/4 of the relief innings in a close, high scoring game after an off day. But SO HELP ME GOD if someone says Fredi didn’t do a good job there, I just–oh it gives me the vapors just thinking about it.

    I’m thinking of starting a Fredipologist group to seek out and destroy criticism of Fredi. Message me if u guys want to join.

  4. Worst relievers on the team? Just about all of them suck. As crazy as it is, this team would probably be three games ahead of the Mets for first place with a serviceable bullpen. Fix the pen, Wren–er, Hart.

  5. @4, agree we’re a competent bullpen away from contention

    But are you really trying to argue that there’s no difference between Cahill, Masset, and the rest?

    None of them are great but no, they don’t all suck. There’s useful stuff there. We don’t need 7 relievers. We just need 2 competent arms. And just as importantly we need a non-neanderthalic manager to know you don’t split an inning with 2 of your best 4 relievers and then leave 3 innings to your worst 2 relievers.

    Is this hard to understand? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills

  6. @5: Cunniff doesn’t look good. Martin doesn’t look good. Jim Johnson appears to have turned into a pumpkin.

  7. again…crazy pills. If they’re all the same, which is what I understand you are saying, let’s make Masset our setup man and Cahill our closer. No difference between them and the rest. “All suck”. No shades of grey or nuance. Everything’s the same. A mediocre reliever is no better than a horrible, godforsaken, dogshit reliever. All is equal. Why do we discuss things at all?

  8. There’s only one person obsessed with Fredi Gonzalez here, and it’s you. If I were him, I’d hire a bodyguard.

    Also, they do all suck equally. That’s the freaking point! How someone could watch all the games this past week and not realize that all of our relievers other than Grilli, Avilan (half the time, anyway) and maaaaaybe Johnson (though he’s starting to push it) are hopelessly useless is completely beyond me. Jesus, are you actually under the impression that Cunniff and Martin offer something worthwhile to this team right now? Good God, man, these are minor league pitchers, plain and simple! They have no business in a Major League bullpen!

    Oh well, you were understandably busy putting the finishing touches on your Fredi voodoo doll at the time, so no one’s blaming you for not realizing that they also suck.

  9. The Proctologist has been out of MLB three years now. Maybe he has something left.

  10. @8, well done there, accusing people of being homicidal maniacs. No really, that’s not crossing any sort of line–it’s totally reasonable. You’re totally reasonable!

    No seriously, you’re a sick fuck.

    And saying “besides the top three relievers they’re all the same” is lot closer to what I’m saying than what DG is saying.

  11. @7: I said “just about all.” I like Grilli. Avilan, although he’s had a few episodes here and there, has been fairly decent. Yeah, that’s about it. Basically, the bullpen needs a near complete overhaul.

  12. @11, Ok, good enough. At least neither of us is accusing the other of wanting to physically injure members of the Braves org.

    That is just beyond the pale. What a sick twisted piece of shit.

  13. @12: Do you think Fredi is doing what Bobby used to do? It always seemed to me that Bobby would give a struggling reliever the chance to either succeed or be run put of town on a rail. Is it some sort of plot to get management to do something? Yeah, some of it can possibly be attributed to his decision-making, but when life gives you crap…

  14. Graham, Shreve, Vizcaino, McKirahan, Carpenter, Wandy, and Simmons would all be useful pieces for this team. Some of it is bad luck and some bad decisions

  15. @15

    That is really cool. That’s an awesome weapon if he’s as good as he seemed to be from those two innings. Just imagine always having the match-up on the mound you’d like.

  16. Mac’s rule was if you wouldn’t say it to your mother, then don’t say it.

  17. @15

    I remember him getting some trouble in the minor leagues against a switch hitter a few years back. The hitter chose a side and Venditte put on his glove to get the platoon advantage; the hitter then went to the other side of the plate, after witch Venditte switched glove hands again. It was comical until the ump basically told Venditte that he’d have to choose a side first.

    What are the rules? Does he have to chose a side first? Can he switch arms in the middle of an at-bat?

  18. @19. I believe he has to indicate to the umpire which hand he is going to throw with before a switch hitter comes to the plate; and once the at-bat begins, he can’t switch throwing arms.

  19. The batter can switch sides during an AB though correct?

    It amazes me that Cahill is still part of this roster. DFA him.

  20. @mlbbowman: Right-handed reliever David Aardsma has signed a Minor League deal w/ the Braves. He’ll join Triple-A Gwinnett tomorrow.

    Bring him on up

  21. From the Department of Things No One Expected to Hear Today: Francoeur hit a grand slam off Madison Bumgarner.

  22. And just like that, for all practical purposes, it’s 4-2 (or 5-2), Pirates.

  23. Perhaps we should not pitch to some players: second home run in 11 at bats for Cutch off Julio, big Fox says.

  24. Julio looks like a completely different pitcher. His off-speed stuff is working, and his fastball is actually fast. May it long continue.

  25. After what he’s seen this past week, Julio ain’t giving the ball to anybody but Grilli, you can be sure of that.

  26. I worried about centerfield earlier this year. Maybin’s fine by me. When did he become good?

  27. Banuelos pitched 7 scoreless. 3 hits, 3 walks, 7 Ks. Like I was saying, that was a good trade.

  28. Great game, Julio. I’m sorry you have to turn it over to our pen.

    Well, that just sucks.

  29. Good god I step inside for 10 minutes to get a lousy beer and this happens. Good thing I have whiskey.

  30. Umm that would be a no.

    He was trying to hand the ball to Simmons so he didn’t have to give it to Fredi

  31. Why wouldn’t you PH Cunningham for Gomes?

    Watch Fredi put him in to start the top of the 9th for defense.

  32. Juan Uribe is becoming one of my favorites.

    And Gomes gets another AB against a righthander. Once again, the blind hog found no acorn.

  33. Grilli forgot he was a Braves reliever…When was our last clean inning by a bullpen member?

  34. For Spike circa Friday night:

    “Give me an inning long enough and I can miff the loons.”

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