Pure Evil – Lots of Runs, Braves – Also Lots, Just Not As Many

Well, last night the Braves did something they almost never do – light up Jose Fernandez – with Nick Markakis leading off with his third homer of the year, and Atlanta tacking on three more runs, but that promising start, like this year’s promising start, turned out to be an illusion, as Ryan Weber immediately surrendered the lead with a four spot of his own in the bottom of the first, then followed that up with three more runs allowed in the bottom of the second.

Sugar Ray Marmion came in throwing gas in the fourth. Unfortunately it was all thrown on the fire that was Pure Evil’s lineup, and it exploded for four more runs, and Miami stretched the lead to 11- 2, and it was looking like another in a long line of second half blowouts.

BUT, in the top of the fifth, Andrelton Simmons doubled in Freddie Freeman and Cameron Maybin hit a sac fly to cut the lead to 11-6. Andrew McKirahan gave one back in the bottom of the inning when Dee Gordon singled and stole second and Christian Yelich singled him home, but escaped any further trouble.

In the seventh, The Offense continued his late season surge with a two run homer to make it 12-8, and in the eighth the Braves tacked on three more with an Adonis Garcia two run double and a Nick Swisher bases loaded walk. And with one out and the bases loaded things were looking up(?), but Simba struck out and Maybin grounded out and that was as close as the Braves would get.

I don’t think anyone would have been surprised that Fernandez beat the Braves for his 17th straight home decision to start his career, but I am positive that no one expected him to give up 6 runs in five innings to this team. It’s time to go Belichick on this season, and we’re on to the next one.

9 thoughts on “Pure Evil – Lots of Runs, Braves – Also Lots, Just Not As Many”

  1. I’m fine with this type of game. Players that likely will be back next year looked good, and players that won’t be wearing a Braves uniform did not.

  2. Is there not a way to watch this Hudson-Zito matchup without mlb.tv? It really should either be the mlb.tv free game of the day, or on MLB Network. My on-screen guide lists Yanks-ChiSox or O’s-BoSox. Guess I can just listen to it…

  3. Is the site broken? I know we suck, but zero posts on the game? Plus a full day of CFB, including the UT chokejob…surely not.


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