Bills, we love you so, we always will.
We see those junk balls and think we could do that, too.
But we’re tired of seeing balls slapped and that’s on you.

We tried to stay on your side Bills, when you were losing.
We like to win some games Bills. Losing that first pick is bruisin’.
But now we turn around and you can carry us Bills.

Hector Olivera and the Bills,
Were surely the stars of this bold visit to Phil.
Freddie Freeman homered to start us off with a thrill.

These are the fans who are trying, when the park’s lonely.
We haven’t lived one day not loving Braves only.
But this God above won’t carry Braves so please carry us Bills.

We hate the Phils and we always will.
Loser’s emotions don’t make us fail to bow.
We WILL be better and this is our firm vow.

Oh come on Braves. Won’t you come on Braves.
Please carry us Bills. We had the losing streak blues.
Please carry us Bills. Rid of those losing streak blues.
Leading us Bills, we’ll stay rid of those blues.