Red Sox 5, Braves 2

This one’s on Juan Uribe and the offense. In the sixth inning, after a leadoff single, Uribe dropped a foul ball; the reprived Mookie Betts later singled and scored. Three men scored in the inning, and it went from a 1-0 game to a 4-0 game.

The inning exemplifies Mac’s belief in the stupidity of the “earned” run; Miller gave up four singles and a double and three runs in the inning, and all were unearned because Miller induced a double play that would have ended the inning if Uribe had caught the foul pop-up.

But that was pretty much it, really. The Braves scratched out two runs on a horrible throw above the first baseman’s head from pitcher Clay Buchholz €”— who, as many people have pointed out, looks like an uglier Theon Greyjoy. David Aardsma, because he is a member of the Braves bullpen, obligingly gave one of those runs back in the next half-inning, but the Braves bats only managed five singles, a double, and two walks, and it really didn’t matter. Unless Miller twirled another shutout, tonight wasn’t going to be our night.

Tonight we get to see top prospect Matt Wisler go against the Mets’ Jacob deGrom. DeGrom is awfully tough. But it’ll be fun to see what Wisler has.

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  1. JC’d (and a lot of work, so I’m repeating, with one line altered to improve scansion)

    To blazon:

    Let me not to the analysis of baseball
    Accept your foolishness. Fans are not fans
    Who bail before the orange leaves of fall
    Or accept losses sitting on their hands
    Oh no! we suffer every bad blown save
    Each awkward hack by Gomes Godforesaken
    We need a star to bring us to the park
    Whose WAR’s immense and tools unmistaken
    Fredi’s not a fool though some decisions
    Cause many boos (and booze to be consumed)
    It’s baseball; not issues of nuke fissions
    But nonetheless we all know that we’re DOOOOOMED

    If Simba errs I’ll eat my throwback cap
    Now a West Coast game… time to take my nap.

  2. To Blazon:

    I wrote my own parody of “Shall I compare thee…” last year for the summer league I run. Since it was ’14, naturally the theme was sonnets and the jersey had Shakespeare catching a frisbee. I find it interesting we both left the “eye of heaven” line intact.

    (Apologies to most of you.)

    Shall I compare thee to a summer’s league?
    Thou may’st be rookie or sly veteran.
    No matter though thy muscles feel fatigue,
    Thou sky’st the mortals thou art better than.
    Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
    Or rough winds might a hearty huck distract.
    Yet cleat thou set’st betwixt the hallowed lines
    Thy cunning cuts and pivots to enact.
    Nay, thy eternal summer shall not fade,
    Nor lose possession of the disc so fair,
    Nor by the staunchest mark become dismayed:
    The Spirit of the Game forbids despair.

    So long as fourteen clash upon the green,
    So long runs Athens Summer League ’14.

  3. So what is Wisler’s ceiling? I have read anywhere from a possible Ace to a decent number four. That’s a pretty big gap.

    What I am asking, Should we be excited for this start? I was for Folty (that guy is gong to be good.)

  4. Smitty: solid four, maybe a three innings-eater is what I read as the consensus. I think the predictions of ace are dreamcasts. I hope that at least the lowest projections come true. I agree with your opinion of Folty.

    Bledsoe, JonathanF: I love your posts. I’m glad the Nats are having to play the games on the field rather than being allowed to accept their coronation. They have played much worse than their clippings.

    I hate that despite how well most of our players have performed, we’re still two games behind the rodent illegitimates.

    Shakespearean sonnet duels on Braves Journal. Wow!

    That is all.

  5. Jonathan…

    ‘swifter than eagles, stronger than lions’…salut

    re West Coast road trip

    insomniacs from southern climes
    prefer the later starting times
    soon sleep will claim their bed
    as Braves, though once ahead
    perfect their bloody bullpen crimes.


    great minds etc..

    apologies not needed…baseball on a baseball board

  6. My Braves’ bullpen is nothing like Craig Kimbrel
    Many homers go less far than pop-ups they induce
    If Veal be a setup man, why then a vuvuzela is a timbrel
    If Cunniff be reliable, then in reliable relievers they are profuse.
    I have seen Wohlers, Ligtenberg, Berenguer
    But no such closers see I in our pen
    Many position players’s arms are more fair
    Than the kerosene-pourers on the team post-Wren.
    I love to watch them play, yet well I know
    That swings-and-misses hath a far more pleasing sound;
    I grant I never saw a Braves team go
    So reliably to drive late leads into the ground.

    And yet, by heaven, they are my team
    Though ev’ry inning eight may crush another dream.

  7. He’s our top prospect, so yeah, I agree that you should be excited for Wisler’s debut. #2/#3 upside, IMO.

  8. I remember all the hype when Tommy Hansen made his debut. This should be met with more enthusiasm.

    Also, do you think Wisler’s mother will be in attendance tonight?

  9. I think the lack of excitement is because Wisler has a 4.29 ERA at AAA. If he was blowing through AAA, I think it’d be a little different. I’m excited, but I’m also a little concerned that he’s not ready.

  10. This is good news, per MLBTR:

    “If Wisler is indeed here to stay following Friday’s promotion, he’ll accrue 109 days of Major League service time in 2015, which should leave him comfortably shy of Super Two status as he works through the arbitration process. He’d be controllable through the 2021 season in the event that he remained at the big league level from this point forth.”

    They also summarize what I said here:

    “Wisler has pitched reasonably well at Triple-A this season, although his numbers don’t line up with the type of production one might expect from such a highly touted prospect. In 65 innings thus far, he’s worked to a 4.29 ERA with 6.8 K/9 and 1.8 BB/9. He’s been plagued by a 64 percent strand rate, which helps to explain why FIP credits Wisler with a much more favorable 3.33 mark.”

  11. Ryan Weber is from St. Pete, FL and pitched at St. Pete College, so of course he’s going to be a stud. Only winners here in St. Pete.

  12. @17, funny I’d started to say almost exactly the same thing–something about not being able to get a last minute flight from Paris.

  13. Weber and Carpenter could easily replace Marimon and Eveland. I think Marimon was demoted today to make room for Wisler though.

  14. I have no clue why Eveland has a spot on this roster. In a rebuilding year with options on the farm that are equally worse but with more potential, it makes no sense to let Eveland lose games. And why Fredi isn’t burying him in the back of the bullpen is ridiculous.

  15. Jenkins’ success is diminished by his peripherals. He’s only struck out 47 in 76 innings to go with 33 walks. His FIP is 4.02 against his 2.84 ERA. I’d rather him spend the whole year at AA bc he has a lot of room to improve and we have a miniglut of MLB-ready 4th/5th starters with Wisler, Folty, and Perez.

  16. Agreed. Wisler’s peripherals suggest he’s better than he’s been, and Jenkins suggest he’s not as good as he’s been. Has anyone done a study of what reverse peripherals results in for the next 2-3 seasons? Do some players just continue to maintain the reverses or does it correct itself?

  17. I understand that certain types of pitchers can maintain splits, such as sinker-ballers or other styles that can consistently generate weak contact. I thought Jenkins was supposed to be more of a power pitcher, though, which doesn’t bode well for regression

  18. CJ hasn’t embarrassed himself at third yet tonight. I’m proud of the boy. And Wisler: only two innings but wow!

  19. Jace Peterson is a perfectly pesky hitter. An asset to our lineup

    Edit: That was BS. It was a virtual tie, but when does the umpire give a call for that hip tag reaching back? That usually goes to the runner. Jace now 7/14 on SB. Blech.

  20. I don’t know if playing the infield in was more of an insult to the bullpen or to our offense tonight

  21. CJ brought his glove tonight. He just forgot his ladder. Heckuva first game, Wisler. Color me impressed, even though IWOTM.

  22. We have to train even the catchers to get out of Andrelton’s way. Right fielders are next.

  23. Didn’t like the bunt call there. But Perez the supposed speedster should have beat that out.

  24. Not a fan of bunting, but didn’t mind having a shot against deGrom with the infield in.

  25. I can get behind the bunt there. One run is all you need even if that’s all you’re playing for. The opportunity cost is high this late in the game

  26. The TV guys said Wisler was the first Braves rookie to go at least eight since John Smoltz did it against the Mutts at Shea.

  27. Those lying broadcasters. Wisler was fine, though.

    The liars also said CJ was hitless in last 15, now 16, at bats. He played pretty good defense tonight, though.

  28. Oh Ceciliani, you’re breaking their hearts!

    Now that was a Braves game the old-fashioned way!

  29. I can’t even remember his name now, but who was the righty that shut down Boston in Boston in his debut?

  30. Hanson had a very good start against the Red Sox but it was like his third start or something. Six scoreless.

  31. Jace Peterson sure does have a mouth full of Louisiana in any interview. It’s adorable.

  32. I remember Hanson but there was another. Can’t think of his name and it’s driving me nuts.

  33. Yeah that’s right. It was Davies. Not as strong of a start, but impressive none the less. 21 yr old pitching in Boston

    Speaking of Davies, he’s made an appearance for the Yanks this year

  34. Everyone is reporting that Wisler is the first pitcher since Smoltz to go 8 and win in their debut. Chuck James did it in ’06. I guess it’s not a big deal but it’s annoying to me that this keeps getting falsely reported.

    Edit: Never mind, he pitched in relief before making his first start.

  35. Davies, 6 Ks in 5 IP in Boston and then an arrest for disorderly intoxication 6 years later while with the Royals

  36. Went to Yankee Stadium tonight & got there in time to see A-Rod’s 3,000th. He hit an oppo-HR on the very first pitch he saw.

    But the reaction was a little muted, mostly from the team. For the most part, the fans were into it & there was a good walk-up crowd (took longer than usual to get into he park). But the only acknowledgement was a brief, “Congratulations, Alex, on 3,000” on the big board. Kinda weird.

    But I did enjoy listening to Braves/Mets on the radio. Great to break their hearts in such cruel fashion, nice to see someone else’s bullpen immediately give up a game-winning hit and, of course, a great start from the kid.

  37. excellent allusions throughout the night, here and TC, on Wisler’s Mother …flying her in from Paris etc…such erudition!

    it helped she looked-and played- the part.

  38. Jaceon and the Argonauts…

    did we know that when Jason built the Argo, which had 50 oars, he recruited 50 remarkable people one of whom was Hercules, the strongest man in the world, ever, and another, Atalanta, the only woman on board.

    Quite possibly, in their search for the Golden Fleece, they doubled up, late.

    They eventually stole it of course but not before several unsuccessful attempts.

  39. Jonathan/Edward/Alex/allcomers…if you like

    duelling baseball sonnets…friendly contest

    Milton’s on his blindness – ‘when i consider how my light is spent’ etc…

    to be posted on the Fourth, an off day…

    could be fun…next ones, you choose.

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