This one’s on Juan Uribe and the offense. In the sixth inning, after a leadoff single, Uribe dropped a foul ball; the reprived Mookie Betts later singled and scored. Three men scored in the inning, and it went from a 1-0 game to a 4-0 game.

The inning exemplifies Mac’s belief in the stupidity of the “earned” run; Miller gave up four singles and a double and three runs in the inning, and all were unearned because Miller induced a double play that would have ended the inning if Uribe had caught the foul pop-up.

But that was pretty much it, really. The Braves scratched out two runs on a horrible throw above the first baseman’s head from pitcher Clay Buchholz €”— who, as many people have pointed out, looks like an uglier Theon Greyjoy. David Aardsma, because he is a member of the Braves bullpen, obligingly gave one of those runs back in the next half-inning, but the Braves bats only managed five singles, a double, and two walks, and it really didn’t matter. Unless Miller twirled another shutout, tonight wasn’t going to be our night.

Tonight we get to see top prospect Matt Wisler go against the Mets’ Jacob deGrom. DeGrom is awfully tough. But it’ll be fun to see what Wisler has.