I didn’t watch a single pitch of this game, so this recap will be about as perfunctory as a game in which Mike Leake two-hitting the Braves for eight innings deserves.

This was a game in which the Braves lost by four runs and gave up four solo homers, including one to Billy Hamilton, a speedster with a minor league ISO of .098; one to Mike Leake, who, as I said, was the pitcher; and one to something called “Tucker Barnhart,” which honestly sounds like a name that Don Sutton made up, and who is apparently the Reds’ third-string catcher — their second stringer is our old friend Brayan Pena, who I had no idea was still in the league — and he had a minor league ISO of .096.

The pitcher, the third-string catcher, and the speedy punchless center fielder are not people that you should be giving up home runs to, and the fact that the Braves did says something unflattering about the team’s approach. Then again, so does the fact that they got two-hit by Mike Leake.

So, Chris Johnson broke his hand last night, which implies that Alberto Callaspo is our full-time third baseman for now, and they called up Mike Foltynewicz to pitch tonight. The Reds counter with Anthony DeSclafani, a former Marlin who has been nearly unhittable so far this year. I’ll feel a little better about our chances if Fredi stops batting Andrelton Simmons second.