Trevor Cahill: Not Fixed Yet. Game Thread.

Perhaps Tuesday’s aren’t the best night for me to recap, because if the game gets meh, or bleh, or blegh, I’m not against flipping over to ABC and watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Don’t-Call-Me-Mike Stanton is good. It was only so long before he got tired of swinging through hittable pitches and started smacking the crap out of the ball. There’s a reason they’re paying him the gross national product of Micronesia. Dee Gordon is not very good, but he looked pretty good against Trevor Cahill: Not Fixed Yet.

So I flipped over to superhero TV. Because I wasn’t being entertained at all. Maybe this one will be better.

45 thoughts on “Trevor Cahill: Not Fixed Yet. Game Thread.”

  1. Bethy with the gun behind the plate. That’s two times he’s removed Dee Gordon from the bags.

  2. New Braves baseball through two. Who buckles first? Dan Haren or Dan Haren’s Whipping Boys?

  3. There are a lot of patented Fredi Gonzalez “true leadoff” hitters in the line-up today.

  4. I realize the concept of hitting streakiness is controversial, but Fredi believes in it. As such, why are your two hottest hitters on the bench in favor of stone cold Goose?

    Also, Hechavarria hit 1 HR in over 560 plate appearances last year. So he got his annual HR today.

  5. Maybe Cody can siphon off a couple runs from the Fish with his negative FIP. I’d feel better about this game if we were only down a run or two.

  6. @12, I would bet that Fredi is treating this a lot like one of Bobby Cox’s classic Sunday White Flag games, where he rests a bunch of his starters because they all got done playing the last game only 13 or 14 hours before this game started.

  7. Cody got all goo-goo eyes over Michael Morse’s good looks and served up a gopher ball. Don’t sweat it, Vamp, it’s happened to all of us.

  8. What did Chris Johnson do (besides being kinda bad at baseball) to ride the bench so much early on? This New Braves Order is very interesting.

  9. Did someone forget to remind these guys that Hechavarria isn’t any good with the stick?

  10. I’ve been calling him “Callme Maybin.”

    I think you can probably safely turn the lights out on any game this year where the opponent gets 3-4 runs early. Teheran and Wood and maybe Miller can keep them in games long enough to scratch a few runs out, but this team is not built to come back from a sizeable deficit.

  11. Maybin was worth 7.5 rWAR and 4.7 oWAR in 2011-12, before injuries derailed him the next couple of years. At barely 28 yrs old, he should be a candidate for some decent production–at least compared to what we got in CF the last 2 years.

  12. Worst case we’re still going to win 6 of our first 10. That’s playing with house money.

  13. Comforting when you need a rally and the three men up are hitting .185, .176, and .111

  14. Give me Young and Maybin over Melvin Upton Jr. any day of the week and a Sunday doubleheader.

    I love the Vampire nickname. Braves Journal is the best.

  15. This team loses so efficiently they should be LEED II certified!

    Re: Cody Martin…Eripmav?

  16. Yeah, the back of our rotation might be best for nights when I got something else going on. They’ll just have to surprise me, because right now I’m not really seeing any stuff. (And a sinkerballer whose ball doesn’t sink better figure something out pretty quick.)

    The Braves are in Flushing next week & already I’m planning on going to the game pitched by Teheran. Just can’t hang with the bottom-barrel guys, sorry. FWIW, I think we’ll miss Harvey again next week.


  17. Well, at least Cunniff and Martin got those runs out of their systems so they can go back to pitching lights out when we have a narrow lead

  18. @30 – perfect illustration of why you should never omit a comma when one is necessary…

  19. @36, well if we score 2 runs a game my win predictions are way too high. Today’s lineup was particularly fugly. We should get better lineup combos for non-day-games when Fredi isn’t trying to forfeit the game on purpose.

  20. @38, the only way this team can do more damage is if Teheran finally acquires nuclear weapons.

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