Despite the Johns’ attempted purge of all things Frank Wren, his ghost must still be haunting Turner Field, because it is pretty obvious he has put this team under the Imperius Curse. All winter the Braves insisted the new BravesWayTM was getting back to the old-old BravesWayTM, but after back-to-back games where the only Braves offense has come off of solo home runs, the new BravesWayTM has started to look suspiciously like Wren’s old BravesWayTM.

Dan Haren no-hit the Braves until the 5th inning, by which point Eric Stults had already pitched like himself and ensured the Marlins a win on getaway day. Considering his team swept these guys on their home field last week, Stults’s gesture was quite benevolent.

The Braves offense came on home runs by Cameron Maybin and Kelly Johnson, and if you’d like to see the new team looking suspiciously like the old team, you can check them out here and here.

This series will probably prove to be pretty typical for this team—pitching will determine if the Braves are in the game or not. Scoring 2-3 runs a game sounds about right. In what may also prove to be pretty typical, even when the dregs of the rotation are starting, the defensive highlights will be work checking out. The Jace Peterson/Andrelton Simmons double play combo is a pleasure to watch, and they turned a couple of good ones today. Also, in case you weren’t aware, Christian Bethancourt has a cannon.

Even after the first series loss of the season, take heart. Things could always be worse. We could always be the Phillies…who have Jeff Francoeur batting cleanup tonight.