5 thoughts on “Recapless Game Thread”

  1. Both Ruiz’s 2014 season and his 2015 season exactly tracked the environments in which they were played. That doesn’t mean everything — his 2014 environment included Carlos Correa, who tends to bring up the averages. But the 2014 Lancaster JetHawks (ehh, don’t love it) games were 11 rpg affairs, and the 2015 Greenville Braves (jeez, at least the JetHawks tried) played in a sub-8 rpg environment. Ruiz was average in both contexts, and was three years younger than level.

  2. @2

    It’ll be interesting to see how Cobb County and the team decide to go about dealing with that disaster, because it’s a pretty big one. And there’s no good solution that Cobb County will be interested in pursuing, so I’m pretty sure folks will be walking a mile out of their way and under the overpass for the foreseeable future. It’s a good thing there will be a variety of options to get to the area that don’t involve driv-…oh wait.

  3. @2, the entire organization is an out of control grease fire. And yet Cobb County still looks worse by comparison…lol.

    Hey we’re playing the Phillies tonight! That means we’ll see Olivera.

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