She Loves You — Friday Open Thread

Unless you have spent a reasonable amount of time down the rabbit holes of British comedy, odds are good that you’ve never heard of Ted Chippington, a semi-cult figure in the 1980s who took anti-comedy to new extremes of aggressive boringness. Almost all of his “jokes” began with the phrase, “So I was walking down this road.” The rest of the time, he did bizarre rambling half-takes on rock songs.

So here’s his version of the Beatles’ “She Loves You.”

22 thoughts on “She Loves You — Friday Open Thread”

  1. JC’ed from old previous,

    Clayton Kershaw has a very real shot at striking out 300 batters this season. He currently sits at 281, and word is he’s got two starts left.

  2. Rumor has it the Braves would be open to bringing Kimbrel back.

    So I checked out Kimbrel’s year and of course it was awesome, however, that led me down the rabbit hole and looked at Melvin Upton’s numbers.

    Y’all realize he is OPSing .725 in a limited role and his WAR is 1.3 whereas Cam Maybin has a 0.3 WAR for the year.

    I then threw up in my mouth a little.

    Now that said, obviously it was a good trade, we saved millions and lost only 1.0 WAR and probably most of the year that number was actually better for Maybin, but it does make me curious about WAR, Maybin has been pretty good most of the year for ATL while Upton is a bit player for the Padres?

  3. Fangraphs likes Melvin’s defense more this year. I can’t say I’ve watched him in action.

    His BABIP is higher this year, partly because he’s hitting more line drives. He’s walking against LHP and slugging (!) against RHP. He has had a good second half. Seems legit to me.

  4. A tweet I read from a Fangraphs article:

    Carlos Correa has more batted balls w\ an exit velocity of 110MPH+ (12) than the Braves as a team have had all year (9). Hes played 90 games

  5. Has Wren been vindicated? Hired by the Red Sox; Atlanta Braves nearly the worst team in baseball under the John regime that trashed him publicly after his firing.

  6. Let’s see, a suddenly hot Freeman, two runs down, a discombobulated Marlins staff and ducks on the pond. How will this end up?

    Edit: Kick the can down the line to Swisher after walking old Freddie.

  7. That is the worst rumor I have ever heard.

    How can it be the “worst rumor” you’ve ever heard, when it has zero details behind it?

  8. Mike Dunn cows to the awesome force of Nick Swisher, throws too many balls, walks in a run, gets a one-way ticket to the clubhouse from a guy who used to wear a suit to work. Swordfish 12, Brave Warriors 11.

  9. @13

    Because there is no way the Braves are thinking about bringing Craig Kimbrel back, unless we’re talking about the elusive 2018 wishcast…

  10. Andrelton loves defense, so it’s no wonder he made a quick out rather than extend the rally. Maybin on the other hand couldn’t have been in a hurry to put on that weighted lobster claw he carries out to center.

  11. This season is awesome. Any other time I’d be disgusted they couldn’t get the tying run in after they had bases loaded, one out. Right now, though, all I can think is “there’s a double digit number next to ATL!”

  12. I suppose if your team is going to give up 12 runs, it is comforting to know that all 7 pitchers who did it will not be in a Braves uniform next year.

  13. Andres Gallaraga,
    sent to North Dakota,Farga,
    to play winter ball
    hit a chopper near Chipper, has not been seen since at all.

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