Just saw this infographic in the AJC:

The Braves’ average attendance just dipped by 2,380 fans per game in 2014. That’s real money. With an average ticket price of $18.53, over the 81 home games at Turner Field, the Braves stood to lose something like (18.53 * 81 * 2380) $3,572,213.

The Braves’ average attendance was 29,065, which brought in $43,624,530 in revenue — nearly half the payroll. (It’s actually 44.5% of the $97,855,673 payroll. But, of course, Ervin Santana’s $14 million was basically unexpected — if not for that, attendance would be equal to more than half of payroll.)

I don’t blame the fans. If I were in Atlanta, I wouldn’t have wanted to go out to the ballyard to watch those bums too often, either. But you can be sure that the team accountants took notice of this.

13 thoughts on “Ruh-Roh”

  1. I went 4-1 this season in attended games. Didn’t pay attention otherwise, but I’ve extrapolated my own experience and am thus hoping we haven’t squandered home field advantage in the postseason crapshoot….

  2. Greetings from Amsterdam…

    Went 5-1 this year. Other than an August Braves win over Oakland at Turner Field, it was 4-1 in Flushing, including the Harang near-no-no.

    Had a nice night with a newfound crew from Georgia/Indiana/NYC at an Irish pub in Rembrandtplein. Proper pints of Guinness with good people is tough to beat.

    Go O’s.

  3. I don’t mind watching the Cards lose on a errant throw in the tenth. That doesn’t bother me at all.

  4. I’ll admit the Royals are pretty likable. Watching a team that has fun playing the game is refreshing.

  5. During the Division Series, I was prepared to trade our whole team for the Royal’s whole team. At this point, I think I’d be willing to trade any one of our players for any one of theirs.

  6. John Hart declined the full-time GM role. Braves are said to be focusing on Collopello and Dayton Moore with Dan O’Dowd, recently resigned Rockies GM, as a point of interest as well.

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