Just saw this infographic in the AJC:

The Braves’ average attendance just dipped by 2,380 fans per game in 2014. That’s real money. With an average ticket price of $18.53, over the 81 home games at Turner Field, the Braves stood to lose something like (18.53 * 81 * 2380) $3,572,213.

The Braves’ average attendance was 29,065, which brought in $43,624,530 in revenue — nearly half the payroll. (It’s actually 44.5% of the $97,855,673 payroll. But, of course, Ervin Santana’s $14 million was basically unexpected — if not for that, attendance would be equal to more than half of payroll.)

I don’t blame the fans. If I were in Atlanta, I wouldn’t have wanted to go out to the ballyard to watch those bums too often, either. But you can be sure that the team accountants took notice of this.