Life is hard.

Oh, sure, it’s easy to say “we should go kill the the Nazis!” I mean, Captain America was made to kill Nazis, right? But then you end up in this place where you have to be like, “ah, nah man; Stalin’s a totes bro. He just gets a lot of bad press from the haterz.” And then Josef’s like “what? It wasn’t 12 million people! Most of them were Slavs! And seriously, mane, who is gonna get up about a few Cossacks when there’s NAZIS to be killed? Amirite?!” It’s just never simple, is it? It just can’t be simple. Life is hard.

To whit:


Seems easy enough. But then you gotta square it against this.


Good lord.





Gods both old and new! Can’t we just build a pyre and sacrifice them all to the Fire God from Asshai? I give up.



Call me a bad person if you like. I feel better now.