64 thoughts on “Un poorly edited film de Mac Thomason”

  1. “The doctors always told me
    Be careful what you do!
    Don’t go around breaking elbow bones!”

  2. Mac’s inspiration appears to be more Charlie Chaplin.

    He’d probably need say myself and one other Bravesjournal blogger bonking him on the head and running into him to actually go the “Three Stooges” direction.

    You know, with Mac’s knew viral video obssession, I REALLY HOPE Chipper & the other Braves are secretly reading this blog – and then showing Mac’s handy work to Hampton. That would be rather hilarious.

  3. From the last blog. The all Tennessee team

    PG-CJ Watson
    SG-Allan Houston
    SG-Chris Lofton
    SF-Ernie Grunfeld
    PF-Bernard King

    Bench-Vincent Yarbrough
    -Dale Ellis
    -Tony Harris
    -Tom Boerwinkle
    -Paul Walther

    Ray Mears and Bruce Pearl would co-coach this team.

  4. good ole Kelvim Sampson sure finds ways to bring baggage to his schools. I bet Indiana fans are loving this guy right about now.

  5. Clemens is getting skewered. The nanny story had me on the floor.

    Jeff Turner was a pretty good Vandy player, too. He was on the ’84 US Olympic team.

  6. I actually heard an off-color story about Hampton from a guy who met him in a bar when he was in DC several years ago traveling with the team. Let’s just say that there appear to be some things he can do without injuring himself.

  7. Man, I was hoping against hope that Childress + expiring contracts could be dealt for him. Stupid ownership group.

  8. Jeff Turner is now the head coach of my high school’s basketball team. The all Furman team:

    SG – Frank Selvy
    SF – Darrell Floyd
    C- some tall white stiff who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time
    PF – ?
    PG – some short white guy with no handle

    Furman is the only school that can boast two players in college basketball’s top 10 career scoring average. After that, there’s not a whole lot else.

  9. Vanderbilt is the only SEC school that can boast a 41-point thrashing of the University of Kentucky. In men’s basketball, anyway.

  10. Yeah, not many teams in the country, if any, would have beaten us last night. I haven’t see us D up like that all season. And we actually boxed out! And protected the basketball! It was a thing of beauty.

    Now, if we could start displaying our A-game more than once every dozen games…

  11. Can someone explain to me the history of baseball’s anti-trust exemption and what it means? I understand anti-trust law, but would be interested in understanding how they went about getting the exemption. I assume this is what allows the federal government to get involved so deeply in the MLB?

  12. My understanding is that the exemption derived from a court decision (not sure if it was the Supreme Court)in the early 20th century in which it said baseball was exempt from federal anti-trust laws because baseball was not interstate commerce. Under the Commerce Clause in the Constitution, the federal government could theoretically not regulate non-interstate commerce. Consequently, baseball was not subject to federal antitrust regulation. What’s odd is that, while this was a reasonable interpretation in light of the prevailing definition of interstate commerce at the time, future courts continued to follow the ruling even though the definition of interstate commerce widened substantially and would certainly encompass baseball. Thus, the Supreme Court refused to overturn the exemption in the 1970 Curt Flood case. The other sports do not have this specific exemption and are subject to antitrust although Congress has specifically exempted specific actions from antitrust–for example, the NFL obtained an exemption in the 50s to allow it to regulate single league-wide TV contracts which would otherwise be a violation of Section 1 of the Sherman Act. Similarly, Congress permitted the AFL-NFL merger to go through.

    That’s my understanding of the history of the exemption. It’s pretty much of an anachronism based on a flawed (or at least outdated) reading of the Constitution. As far as I know, Congress never actually exempted MLB from antitrust. It has nothing to do with Congress’s involvement in steroids, which is based, to the extent it is based on anything other than political expediency, on Congress’s general power to regulate health and welfare. Congress could pass a law requiring certain things of MLB just as it could pass a law requiring things of any business; for example, compliance with OSHA or EPA standards.

  13. Marc,

    I am unclear as to the connection between antitrust law, and therefore the MLB exemption, and the wording of the Constitution. Would you enlighten me?

  14. It’s not in the constitution or any written law. The court of appeals invented, and SCOTUS confirmed, a rule that baseball was “a pastime and not a business” and thus not subject to rules regarding businesses. Later court rulings (trial, appellate, and Supreme) have said that this is a ridiculous rule but have refused to overturn it, calling on Congress to address it by law.

  15. I still do not think they are going to be able to get him. It does not look like they have any hard evidence against him. It seems to be one person’s word against the other, and honestly I am not sure which one of them comes off less genuine.

  16. I’m not breaking any news here, but the congressmen who were obviously in Clemens’ pocket have no shame.

    Burton & Shays, in particular, were embarrassing.

    If you only listened to them, you’d think Andy Pettitte never said a word about the matter.

    And if Roger Clemens thinks this whole episode is working in his favor, I have 2 words for him: Pete Rose.

    The public doesn’t believe you. Stop playing us for fools. Your nose is still growing. Take your money & your legal dream team & go away.

  17. I wish congress would leave MLB alone. The whole thing is childish. The only reason this is going on is that congressmen can get themselves a bunch of free face time on camera. Kind of like Specter on his anti-Patriots crusade. As soon as he found out cameras would surround him like moths to a flame if he spoke about the Patriots, there was no shutin’ him up.

  18. The first Hampton video. I never was happy with the v-blog, really. My voice is nasal and kind of whiny, which works for falling down but not so much for commentating.

  19. no way clemens goes to jail over this, as mush as i dislike him(and barry bonds) the whole idea of the government going after a few targeted individuals makes me sick. perjury?? isnt there perjury in nearly every case where two people disagree? isnt everyone who is convicted after pleading not guilty technically guilty of perjury too?

  20. Great job Mac, funny stuff. Maybe next time you should pour yourself a glass of tea and have your arm fall off or something….just a thought…

    Oh, and if you need voice over for your videos, I do a mean Barry White or Robert Goulet….

  21. Mac,

    I think the original ruling was that baseball was a pastime and not a business but but I thought (and I could be wrong)that later courts said that baseball was not in interstate commerce. In any event, even if Mac’s interpretation is correct, the Constitution is still relevant because it places limits on what kinds of business activities the federal government can regulate. Under the Commerce Clause, Congress can only pass laws regulating businesses that are in interstate commerce; thus, in theory, a business that operated solely within one state would not be subject to federal regulation. In fact, the courts had to do a soft shoe in interpreting the 1964 Civil Rights Act that banned discrimination in public premises. Some (including, I believe, Lester Maddux, who later became governor of Georgia) that Congress had no right to regulate businesses such as restaurants because they were not involved in interstate commerce. Some of the cases are quite interesting in how they found interstate commerce. Congress can certainly regulate “pasttimes” (at one time, it banned football) but the antitrust laws specifically apply to activities in interstate commerce.

  22. George’s agent:

    “He’s starting right now and things are going pretty good.”

    By this he means that George got his first start of the season earlier this week, only because too much of the desiccated remains of Eddie Jones has blown away over the course of the season to call him a “starter” anymore. They tried to start him on Monday, but nothing came out of the shaker.

  23. You know, bringing back vets isn’t always bad. I would not at all be opposed to Reggie Sanders as a 4th OF, for example.

  24. Chipper on the DOB blog again, talking about the bullpen:

    “Went to the stadium this week and saw some encouraging signs. Everyone that we have coming out of the pen throws 95. Saw Hamp throw and he looked free and easy. Saw this kid, Morton, WOW! He’s gonna be here soon if not sooner than people think. Stockman looked great. Moylan is flat out nasty. Nobody can even catch him, much less hit him. Resop looked great. He is a lot like Yates, only he has curveball instead of a slider. There is a lot to be excited about when yer talkin about pen. Should be solid.”

  25. god, i just dreamed that someone wanted reggie sanders back. thats the worst one since i dreamed that i was stranded on a desert island with dick cheney amd marylyn manson.

  26. As a San Antonio Spurs and someone who loathes Mark Cuban and the Mavericks franchise, thank you, Devean George.

    Wow…even now, Cubes is getting screwed by the Lakers. Ha.

    No, if Damion Moss is back, Brad Woodall and Terrell Wade, CAN’T be far behind.

  27. when chipper says this of moylan:

    Nobody can even catch him, much less hit him.

    i hope it was meant as a compliment and that Moylan isn’t throwing it over everyone’s head.

  28. Okay, for the Furman alltime team

    After Floyd and Selvy (who had a 100 point game), Clyde Mayes was a first team all-American, a beast at 6-8, early 1970s. Had a year or two with the Milwaukee Bucks.

    Same team: Moose Leonard, 7 foot center, never caught on in NBA, but a stud. Slight dope problem.

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