Braves 6 NL Yankees 5


What a crazy game! Today’s goat was the Braves defense. But don’t worry, the offense bailed them out. Yes, you read that right.

The Braves jumped on the Cards in the first with a Freddie Freeman blast to center. The Cards plated three in the second, thanks largely to a Gerald Laird passed ball.

In the fourth, Justin Upton bounced one off the arch, pulling the Braves within one. An inning later the Cards got a couple of guys on and Gavin Floyd got a slow roller to Andrelton Simmons. Dan Uggla‘s turn to Freeman was high and the umpire called the runner safe. Fredi challenged the call (the replay looked like Freeman got his foot down) the New York umpires said there wasn’t enough evidence. Of course the Cards scored on the next play.

In the sixth, the Braves got multiple hits in an inning. The umpires called time and the Cardinals had a ceremony to honor this achievement. Freeman (can we just start calling him The Offense?) drove in two to tie the game.

In the seventh, Success(!) misplayed a ball that was in the sun. He then overthrew Simmons. Uggla caught the ball as the speedster Yadier Molina rounded third. Forgetting he had the ball, Uggla just stood there watching. Then he threw the ball well over Laird’s head and Molina scored breaking the tie.

Then something wild happened in the ninth.

“The Offense” singled to center. Chris Johnson struck out (he had hit into two double plays earlier, so he did us a favor.) Simmons popped up. Then Ryan Doumit doubled. El Oso Blanco was intentionally passed. Then something totally amazing happened.

Success(!) worked the count full and fought off some close pitches. Then he drew a bases loaded walk to tie the game. It was an incredible at bat. Good for him keeping his head in the game there. Then the Cards wild pitched the winning run home.

Craig Kimbrel came on and closed out the ninth.

On a small note, today’s game may have been Uggla’s last. The Braves traded for minor league infielder Ozzie Martinez and sent him to AAA. Gwinnett’s game was rained out so no word on if Tommy La Stella was in the lineup. The next 24 hours could be interesting.

30 thoughts on “Braves 6 NL Yankees 5”

  1. I am all for La Stella, but Pastornicky didn’t get much of an audition.

    Great recap Smitty. We’ll take the win. No style points in MLB.

    edit: The Offense- thirded

  2. Is Edward still running the GIDP totals?

    Great to see FF going to all fields again

  3. I love the win, but I think you have to pinch run for Freeman in the 9th, even if he is the whole offense, or should I say, The Offense. Bobby definitely would’ve.

  4. Heyward hit that ball in the 9th pretty well. Stupid old large Matt Adams falling on it took away extra bases.


    Only caught the last 3 innings of the game today, and baseball reference won’t have the game logged until tomorrow. Safe to say Chris Johnson’s making a move.

    On a different note: BJ Upton didn’t strike out once today. Progress!

  5. @7 Think he’s 7-30, could be wrong. Might’ve missed something yesterday

  6. Happened to catch a few minutes of Baseball Tonight.
    Karl Ravech referred to Teixeira as “teix message.” Maybe it’s a thing (I rarely see highlights of other games these days). I couldn’t help but chuckle about the Teixt (see Glossary).

  7. I actually don’t think the Cards are the Yankees of the NL. That’s the Dodgers. I see the Cards as the NL version of the Red Sox.

    So what are we?

  8. The Tigers.

    Gobs of tradition; you can’t imagine MLB without them. Usually competitive. Not the biggest budget, but enough to bring in some names, to varying degrees of success. Not as many world titles as you’d expect from a team that is more often than not in the conversation of contenders.

    The Orioles would have been a decent comparison if Peter Angelos could have gotten out of his own way.

  9. Ryan C, trade me a closer dude. Seriously, 9 saves this week? Who needs that many saves?!

  10. I see the Tigers too, sadly.

    I also see the Dodgers/Yankees connection due to the payroll, tradition, and success. Red Sox/Cards makes a lot of sense too.

    What about the Mets? Is there an AL team that could hold a candle to that futility?

  11. I just noticed our Run Differential is down to +1. Holy cow, we’re just not a good team so far, are we?

  12. @17 I see the Angels as the Phillies, ha.

    I am actually thinking if we are the Indians of the NL. Smart management trying to outsmart instead of outspend opponents. We definitely have more resources than the A’s and the Rays but not as rich as the Tigers. So, somewhere between them.

    @19 We would be a great team if we can average four runs a game. Is it too harsh?

  13. Before Apr 28, the Braves allowed 2.41 runs per game, and scored 3.71 runs per game. Since then, their pitching has regressed to 4.1 runs allowed per game, and the offense is down to 2.5 runs per game.

    I think everyone expected the schedule in May to be brutal, and it hasn’t disappointed.

  14. @10, The Teix message is a John Sterling (Yankees announcer)thing. When Teixera hits a home run, it’s a “Teix message.” Sterling makes Chip Carey look almost competent.

    The 3-2 pitch in the 9th could have been(and probably was)a strike. Not complaining but the Braves caught a break.

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