N.B. – I watched the first five innings in a bar and listened to the rest on the radio while blind drunk.

A thoroughly uninteresting affair to 99% of the baseball fans in the world and thoroughly annoying to the rest. Nominal ex-Braves Reed Johnson, Mike Dunn, Jeff Baker (Gar-field high represent!) made appearances. Baker has somehow cobbled together a fairly lengthy major league career — go figure.

A remarkably Bravesian affair, played under perfect spring skies. Outstanding pitching in which Teheran found a Sunday hop on his curveball in the mid-second, and both he and Walden turned a Tommy Lee Jones stare at some questionable defense. Simmons brought his hitting shoes (despite a most un-Andrelton-like error), with a homer and scoring a tie-breaking run after a broken bat Heyward single in the 7th, and things looked agreeable for a minute.

But Kimbrel was undone by a tight strike zone and a catcher’s interference and on we went. Fredi played for one and got none after Heyward bunted out in the ninth and Varvarro escaped the tenth. Gattis stroked a two run shot in the bottom half, so we win.

Hooray, but this is not a particularly inspiring offense at the moment. Division foe beaten, all is well, but it’s hard to believe this is a winning recipe long term. Still, another day off the calendar. Another data point in the transfer rule needs to be tweaked case from Uggla, but a good play would have made it moot. Braves survive, and get another intra-division win.