With 44,981 in the seats at St. Louis today, the Braves fall 4-1 to the Cards.
They did almost nothing well today.
In fact they played like horsecrap! Some distressing facts:
* The Braves have scored 2 runs or less in 19 of 41 games this season.
* When trailing after the 7th inning, the braves are 0-16.
* The Braves are one of only four National League teams with more strikeouts than hits.

So: we started strong by hitting Shelby Miller early and
scoring in the second on a single to left by Harang. Andrelton crossed the plate due largely to two poor Cardinal throws rather than Braves offensive production.

In the 4th Tyler Pastornicky misplayed a pop fly by ranging out to take a ball Jason Heyward should have. Instead of keeping the runner at third, Rev stops to have a nice chat with Jason Heyward, seemingly unaware that Wong tagged and scored.

In the 5th, Harang bunted, decided not to run and Molina turned that into a double play. Fredi gets thrown out in protest.

In the 6th, Wong again bunts his way on, Gattis chokes the ball and throws over 20 ft over second base.

In the 7th, Justin misplays an Adams single turning it into a triple. Varvaro misplays a bunt allowing Adams to score.

The Cardinals had four bunts for hits today. Clearly they’ve gotten the memo.