Gattis 4, Fish 3

(My apologies for a late post…)

Evan Gattis’ 10th inning home runs salvages the game for the Braves and brings Atlanta into a tie for the 2nd wild card spot , 6 back of Washington.

This game was really fun… until, that is… until Jordan Walden came on in the 8th. Walden did what he has been doing lately, which was… walk a few, give up a looping single, a wild-pitch or two and 2 runs later we have lost the lead!

Enough of that….

In the fourth, the Braves put together a great series of fundamental baseball. Jupton was hit by a pitch, Evan singled and Andrelton, (hitting .186 since the All-Star break) actually shortened his swing and laced a pitch into centerfield. Justin scored. BJ was intentionally walked to get to the pitcher. I’m guessing Alex thought to himself, “if this is going to get done, i have to do it…”! Alex then lined a pitch into center (only his third hit of the year), scoring both Gattis and Andrelton.
Having said that,…finally, Alex had something to work with, a 3 – 0 lead.

For his part, Alex was very effective. As Freddie Freeman said in a pre-game interview, Alex has
developed a ‘Maddux – esque’ front door two seamer that makes it very difficult on right-handers. Alex pitched 7 giving up 6 hits, 2 BBs and 2 runs. His game score was 60…(anything above 50 is a quality start). Alex had to settle for a no-decision but clearly deserved the win.

At this point, Jordan Walden came in and did his thing. The game was then tied 3 – 3 (in the 8th).

However, in the 10th, Evan sent one 408 ft. to bounce off wall in center. At first it was thought that it did not clear the line, but upon replay, it was clear that Gattis had homered.

Kimbrell came on in the 9th and got his 43rd save of the year.

(NOTE: In the early game commentary by Chip, he mentioned the Braves have played 71 games when they have hit a homer, they have won 51. They have 70 games when they did not hit a homer and have won 22 of those. With 524 runs scored they are next to last ahead of only San Diego.)

We have 20 games left and 6 of those against the Nats. Upward and onward!

44 thoughts on “Gattis 4, Fish 3”

  1. That’s why he’s paid the big bucks. Lesser managers would sit their best slugger as often as possible.

  2. It seems like a good time to say once again that I appreciate all the people who are volunteering their time and talent to keep this site going.

  3. It does take a lot of restraint not to burn him out earlier. He’s taken the O’Ventbrel lessons to heart.

    He’ll DH against the Rangers.

    I think I just said something positive about inter-league play. This year has broken me.

  4. You guys realize they’re going to sweep the Nats in both of next week’s home-and-home series, take at least 2 of 3 from the Rangers in between, and go into the Mets series in the 19th a game up in the division, right?

  5. To be honest, I only hope this happens to see the Nats fans melt down, not because I like this team very much.

  6. The Braves are all we’ve got. The Falcons might be one of the worst teams in the NFL, and the Hawks are so hopeless that the owner is self-reporting racially insensitive emails just so he can get the heck out (srsly wtf?). I fully expect UGA to lose a heartbreaker next weekend because that’s what they do.

    So c’mon 2nd wildcard!

  7. 9: That summarizes my feelings, too. Hate the Nationals, hate their fans. Want to see Bryce Harper break down and weep. Do it to show that garbage franchise its rightful place, Braves.

  8. Boy, being aggressive today is working out great. Brad Hand is 1/3 of the way to a 75 pitch perfect game.

  9. Definitely living up to the billing: a matchup of two aces. Julio Teheran, a 23-year-old with a live fastball and a wipeout curve, and Brad Hand, a guy who has four limbs and is facing the Braves. (Julio and Alex Wood must be thrilled that they get to feature in matchups of aces every time they pitch.)

  10. Did you know Sean Peyton collects Nazi memorabilia in his secret basement dungeon? True fact.

  11. Horrific inning. Trade the whole fucking lineup for one guy who can hit the Brad Hands and other garbage-timers of the world.

  12. what timo said…. I came over here to pen exactly that sentiment, albeit with one more exclamation point.

  13. That was a pretty nice drive to open the second half. Matt Ryan has engaged beast mode and is playing his ass off and our patchwork OL somehow found a way to give him a few nanoseconds. Now if we can just stop playing our patented cover-0 defense against Jimmy Graham…

  14. At this point, I’m rooting for a total collapse. At least that has a chance to lead to wholesale changes. Sneaking in to the play-in game, and getting shut out, will somehow be spun as a success and save a few jobs.

    Worst non-Petco offense in baseball. What a shit show.

  15. And just think, tomorrow these guys go to Washington with the season on the line.

    The only line this season could be said to be on at this point is the Maginot. We’re done.

  16. Another shutout for this offense, now on to Fister Zimmerman and Strasburg. This is just a boring team. For a young team in a playoff race they sure don’t look to be having too much fun. Even on Gattis solo hr to take the lead yesterday they all just sat on the bench with blank stares on their face.

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