I vote we start calling Tommy LaStella “The Splendid Splinter.” All the kid does is hit!

This game looked like it was going to be a route for the Angles. In the first six innings they had runners all over the place. Mike Trout even hit one to the site of the new park. That guy can play.

Then in the sixth inning, the good Braves showed up. You know, the ones that work the count, hit behind runners, so forth? After getting a few bloop hits, The Splendid Splinter came up. Instead of taking the Dan Uggla “Typical Braves Approach” of trying to hit it a mile, he worked the count and laced a double to right to give the Braves the lead. The Braves piled on after that.

The home team is now back in first alone. The Phillies are in town for three that we need to take going into Washington. Outside of the Nats, the Braves won’t see a team currently over .500 until July 21st.This would be a good time to go on a run.