Typographical Error 5, Giants 0

Reports from the Pacific rim are scattered and confused, but seem to be stating that the Atlanta Braves scored 5 runs against a pitching staff not employed by the Chicago Cubs. All while holding the San Francisco Giants to less than that. These reports, if taken seriously, would suggest that the Braves beat the Giants by scoring more than 2 runs in a game. We can neither confirm nor deny the validity of these outrageous rumors.

Sketchy video does exist of Buster Posey totally skivving out of a potential impact play at the plate, though again, the idea of a play at home between Jason Heyward and Buster Posey in which neither of them came away injured is categorically unlikely.

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  1. Last time the Braves scored more than five runs in a game… Sunday, April 19 against the LolMets. Against a real team: Tuesday, April 14 against the Fillies. The Braves have four other games of 6+ runs, all against the Natspos in the first two weekends of the season.

  2. “Stockholm Syndrome Is Thinking That Three Runs In One Inning Is An Offensive Outburst Game Thread”

  3. Tyler Pastornicky looks just like the young Mickey Rooney …

    could be why he’s a Pinch and Judy hitter.

  4. I think the Braves three headed second base monster is 1 for its last 30.

    I assume they are looking for any takers for Uggla and will cut him loose soon.

  5. Pitcher/Catcher…I have something I want to say to you…

    the Minor/Gattis meetings are approaching epic proportions…
    equal time, the right to respond, under severe strain…
    Sermonizing off the Mound.

    ububba…could you see from your seat in the crowd at the Yankees/Mets game yesterday the nightmare innings BMac had to endure from some mediocre relief pitcher(idiotically named Aceves) who required him to go through the entire repertoire of signs- sometimes more than once – for each and every pitch? David Cone doing color was very funny about it, the guy was neurotic- he didn’t just want a signal for a particular pitch and location…he made Mac go through the lot each time – fastball in down, fastball in up, fastball out down, fastball in up, etc etc, on and on…

    took an age to get through to three outs, 4 runs later…Cone was aping him, very funny…through it all our Brian had to endure this nonsense…it made me wonder just how much people in the crowd were aware of all this, if it was lost on them?

  6. I’m a huge Brian Mccann fan, but him having to deal with the circus that is known as New York in exchange for several million more dollars seems like poetic justice to me.

  7. There should be a mechanism in the Pos walk rage thing that adds points for a guy who walks someone to let a better batter hit. I.e. you walk someone to get a L/L matchup against a guy with a reverse platoon split, or you walk a guy to get a platoon advantage late but you know full well that Miggy Cabrera is on the bench and waiting to PH if you do that.

  8. @12
    yeah, me too..didn’t he see this coming? Stupidity or greed, it has to be one or the other. In this context, at this dimension, with what was personally at stake, the extra money is meaningless.
    But at the time he signed the majority vote here was ‘you can’t blame him ‘ etc, etc…Yes you can, if only for his own sake, he was special.

  9. Not sure why Posey is scared of contact at the plate. The league already redefined what being a catcher is so that he could be one.

  10. @16-For the life of me I can’t figure out why the second drawing shows automobile traffic on what I take to be the central boulevard.

  11. I’ll take the Tuesday after Memorial Day for the pool on when Francoeur II, Electric Ugglaloo happens.

  12. For the life of me I can’t figure out why the second drawing shows automobile traffic on what I take to be the central boulevard.

    You have to consider the larger scope of what the Braves are proposing to do. They’re not merely building a stadium. They’re building a neighborhood. Their design is not “this is our new stadium and surrounding support like parking decks.” Their design is “we are going to build a new Atlantic Station, only instead of that empty back lot where they host Cirque de Soleil and the Shaky Knees festival, we’re going to build our new baseball stadium.”

    You see this in their designs, and in their talking points. Note how Schuerholz consistently talks about a “365 day” experience. The Braves, and Liberty, are investing in an Atlantic Station type of live-and-play neighborhood project, where the “play” centers around the Braves and the franchise takes in parking fees and rents from restaurants and businesses year round, not just the 81 days the Braves are playing home games.

    Whether they will be as successful as the Atlantic Station developers, or more of a lame duck build out like the Lindbergh “live and play” thing, is obviously and open question. But to understand their designs and drawings, you have to understand that scope and vision. The cars on the boulevard are meant to be like the auto traffic on the interior streets of Atlantic Station, which are open to public traffic most of the time, but close off during events (like the recent music shindig.)

  13. May 26.

    The new ball park complex looks very very cool. Atlanta folks how hard is it going to be to get there if you are coming in from out of town from the north?

    The Posnaski thing had me laughing hard.

    Second poll, Is Uggla traded or released? I say released.

  14. “It will feature more than 6,000 parking spots on the property.”

    Um. This… this will be an issue.

  15. Yeah, that is going to be an issue for sure. Anyone know how many spots there are at Turner?

  16. Is the Uggla pool about the next Uggla start, or when he will no longer be an Atlanta Brave?

  17. http://atlanta.braves.mlb.com/atl/ballpark/information/index.jsp?content=history

    Turner Field has:
    8,500 official spaces
    plus MARTA access from both the shuttles and Georgia State station
    plus a bunch of neighborhood lots that will park you for about $10 that won’t be feasible here where the whole neighborhood is being built out for this purpose

    So we’ve gone all-in on cars and team-controlled parking, eliminating the latter two options, but we’ve also reduced the available number of team-controlled spaces from what even Turner Field has. This should end well.

  18. @26, this is Atlanta, we don’t make transportation plans. We just build stuff and hope for the best.

  19. Aren’t there other businesses near the park where someone could park and shuttle in from? I thought I’d read that in here somewhere. Probably not convenient but still there.

  20. @10 – yeah, surely they will at least wait until they get back home. I say when the wheels touch down Sunday night.

  21. @28 You’re assuming Marta never attaches. I’m still hoping for a Wrigleyville situation.

    Also hoping it’s a bit bigger than Turner Field

  22. David O’Brien ‏@ajcbraves · 17m
    #Braves lineup: Pastornicky 4, J Upton 7, Freeman 3, Gattis 2, Johnson 5, BJ Upton 8, Doumit 9, Simmons 6, Teheran 1

  23. @22

    I think it depends. Coming down 75 from Dalton area shouldn’t be too bad, but if you’re coming in from 85 or down 400, it’s going to be slow going across the top end.

    Overall I like the new concept, the “more than just a stadium” approach which I think is important. I just hope they can pull it off.

  24. @32, I’m assuming Cobb County. It has a history w/r/t MARTA that leaves me …skeptical… of any assume-a-rail-line hypothesis.

  25. “It will feature more than 6,000 parking spots on the property.”

    The key to that quote is “on the property.” Those are the spaces built into the complex itself. By way of comparison, Atlantic Station has 7200 spaces built into it’s structure, inclusive of the below ground parking decks and the on street parking when the local streets are open.

    On game days, the Braves will open up parking locations external to the site itself, including Galleria Mall (connected in the original plans by a pedestrian bridge that crosses I285) and multiple other lots up and down Cobb Parkway and the surrounding area. They have also noted that they plan to run shuttles from off site parking to the stadium on game days. (It being Cobb, there is no existing plan to bring rail/MARTA to the location, which is of course fantastically stupid, but very much Cobb.)

  26. And now Wood’s heading back to the pen, so no 6-man rotation (thank goodness).

  27. DOB says scheduled day of rest against a LH starter. May come in as defensive replacement if there’s a lead.

  28. #11
    We were behind home plate upstairs, so we couldn’t see McCann’s signs, but we could tell that they certainly were not on the same page. They had a couple mound meetings & it took forever for him to throw a pitch. (In fact, nobody could throw strikes last night, and that was reflected in the 3:58 game time.)

    You know, if you play for the Yankees or the Mets & NYC isn’t your speed, there are plenty of nice, quiet, walled-in suburban places relatively close to the ballparks (in NJ, LI, Westchester & Connecticut — think Jay Gatsby). You never have to be in NYC other than to play the games or go to the airports, if that’s what you prefer.

    Funny, was having a conversation about the new Braves stadium at the Yankee game last night. I explained the current traffic issues of the ballpark-site area and my friend said, “So why don’t they just build a train station there? When the new Yankee Stadium opened, they added a Metro North stop right down the street.”

    Me: “Um, things are a little different down there.”

  29. May 15th. Uggla, Gavin Floyd, and Cody Martin traded for Brett Lawrie. Braves eat 5 million of Uggla’s salary to offset Gavin Floyd’s cost.

  30. @21-That explanation is more or less where they lose me…how can you have a distinctive space that offers some kind of special year-round appeal when it is just another one of these hybrid mall/strip mall/condo developments. I’ve never for the life of me understood those places. A lot of them have basically the same design as these drawings, a central boulevard with some cross streets and a surrounding ring type road with discrete parking decks, which is all fine, but then they ruin it by opening up the central boulevard to car traffic which just turns into a non-stop traffic jam of lazy imbeciles hunting for a storefront parking space.

  31. Still not okay to allow Doumit to take the field in a non-emergency. Someone needs to hide his glove, then hide Fredi’s stadium pass.

  32. @41

    Upon hearing the new location of the Braves stadium, my wife, who’s a lifetime Atlanta resident, immediately said “why there, traffic is still going to suck”. She then went on a rant about the lack of mass transit, the Marta issue with Cobb County, etc.

    I’ve always said Atlanta has a lot going for it for sustained growth – plenty of land, low cost of living, business friendly government, and the airport all come to mind. But the one negative that really stands out here is the traffic, and the piss poor mass transit system.

    I was in Chicago on business last week, and the traffic was pretty awful there too. My colleague, who lives there, said to me “imagine if we didn’t have the CTA.”

    I fear Atlanta has already waited too long to properly address this, and at one time they were actually ahead of the curve.

    Ok enough about that, let’s get another win and head to St. Louis.

  33. What happened to the concept that when you have two strikes you swing at anything close?

  34. It’s so hard to like the way they’re playing. I think it’s easy to like most of them.

  35. Gattis loves calling for a high fastball when we are ahead in the count. Too much room for error at this point, but it’s difficult to complain about our pitching at this point.

  36. I lived in Norcross for awhile in the late 90’s, and yes Atlanta traffic is bad. But, nothing compares to I-4 here in Orlando. Very piss poor planning on Orange county’s part. No mass transit here either.

  37. I haven’t been too focused on the game, but I did notice that Teheran started the first two batters faced with 0-2 counts. The first guy worked a walk, then Pence homered. And now a dunker that gives the Giants the lead. Bah!

  38. Safe to say Julio doesn’t have it today. I wonder if he has a blister or something. He was looking at his hand earlier

  39. 36 pitches, 3 runs and 9 batters faced so far in inning 1. Alex Wood better be ready.

  40. Julio could have used some of those called strikes three inches off the plate in the first.

  41. One of “those” days. And this looks like 2012 Julio at Gwinnett, when he had no clue where the ball was going.

  42. WRT traffic at the new ballpark, it took me 2 hours to get from Alpharetta to Turner Field last Wednesday, I can’t imagine this will be WORSE… For most people who try to go to games it will probably be easier the only people it really affects are those who live near MARTA stations. Though it is fantastically stupid not to have a mass transit in place there.

    As far as the stadium goes, it just smacks of suburban shopping mall which I guess is the aesthetic they’re going for here. Might as well adapt to culture of the community you’re in, right?

  43. @65, we weren’t really talking today about travel times from various locales, that’s old news and has been covered; we’re talking about today’s revelation that the new complex will have 41K seats and 6K on-site parking spaces. This is about the last half-mile to your seat, not the first fifteen.

    Sam has compared it to Atlantic Station so OK. Imagine Shaky Knees Festival. Now double it. (It drew about 18K/day.) Now pick up Atlantic Station, airlift it to Cumberland, and take away the option of riding MARTA and walking the mile from Arts Center like most people we know who went did.

    They’re going to attempt to fill the gaps with whatever surplus exists at the mall (in my experience, not much usually) and park-and-ride lots with buses running to and from them (which should combine all the charm and efficiency of the Braves Shuttle with the fun of having to drive to the shuttle yourself.) We’ll see. Airboats up and down the Hooch may be a viable business concept yet!

  44. Apparently 4-4 scores nowadays are slugfests.

    The defense has been uncharacteristically bad today.

  45. That looked like terrible pitch location. Simmons was practically on top of the bag at second, and Teheran throws an outside fastball — Sandoval had practically the entire left side of the infield to push it through.

  46. That pop-up behind the plate by Pence has to caught. Different game if it is.

    CJ should be over there in case help is needed.

  47. Can hardly blame Gattis for swinging at that last pitch. Bumgarner has been receiving the Livan Hernandez strike zone.

  48. 78- There’s also the fact that, over the last two years, he’s demonstrated no ability to tell strikes from balls, or do anything when presented with a strike.

  49. Right. I think the umpires aren’t giving him the kind of leeway that they might have given, say, Chipper Jones.

    That said, there have been some really crappy third strike calls on him, and even the Giants announcers are admitting that right now.

  50. Well, at least our next opponent won’t be so bad… oh wait, it’s St. Louis. Oh, this will be a long road trip.

  51. Teheran couldn’t expect to get many (any) borderline calls with how little control he had early, and it probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference in the end, but at least it wasn’t in my mind only that Bumgarner got some ” rel=”nofollow”>ridiculous strikes called.

  52. We’re at the beginning of what looks like the toughest part of the schedule. If we don’t play better than we have in the last few weeks then we could easily have a sub-.500 30 game stretch coming up.

  53. @85 I feel like the Braves record in free MLB.tv games is abysmal. It’s been that way for the past few seasons. Every time I see they’re the free game, I cringe.


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