As that great philosopher and distant kinsman of me said:

“If you get your ass kicked, you know you made it.” Richard Pryor.

But WHY does it have to be a “has been” pitcher?

20 years ago, I loved to stay up and watch West Coast baseball. Now, I can’t stay awake if I try. I passed double nickels a little over a year ago, so no wonder.

Gavin Floyd again was good. Actually VERY good until it unraveled in the 7th. Freeman’s error loomed big.

The “offensive” was a B.J. Upton home run and a Freeman home run in the 9th. Baserunners? And B. J. got called safe trying to steal 3rd, then review overturned it. Let’s see the rule is (am I wrong here?) “never attempt to steal 3rd unless you KNOW you are going to be successful.”

My neighbor got the night off. Yes, he is still out. Replay might have changed it. Buster Posey’s Dad graduated from high school with my wife. His uncle is a friend and client. His grandmother is a wonderful lady who is a retired teacher and elementary principal. So how is it that Lee County, Georgia with 20,000 people has put Buster Posey, Luke Bryan, and Phillip Phillips on the world stage in the span of 10 years? Somewhere the answer to that lies next to the answer of why the Braves can’t hit this has been pitcher.