99 thoughts on “Extreme Game Thread: July 15, Mets at Braves”

  1. From the last thread:

    Tommy’s career K/BB is 2.81. This year, it’s 2.45. In 2011 and 2010, it was 3.09. That’s a really steep drop.

    He has succeeded striking out fewer batters than this, in 2010, but his control was impeccable that year.

    HR allowed is clearly a problem, though. Even excluding the sweltering Yankee stadium game, where the weather clearly contributed to his and Hughes’ performances, he’s going to keep disappointing if he can’t strike out as many batters and flyball contact keeps resulting in HR at this rate.

  2. Hanson’s HR/FB rate this season is about 13%, higher than his career rate. I think that’s mainly attributed to that start where he gave up 4 HR in New Yankee Bandbox.

    Otherwise, the walks are slightly up and the Ks are a bit down from his 2009-2010 seasons, but within random variation.

    It would be nice if he rediscovered a few ticks of velocity, but other than that he’s basically the same guy as he was. Not an ace but a middle of the rotation starter, on a team that has 2 #3’s and 3 #5’s.

  3. Fangraphs (I’m so addicted to that site) says K/BB rate takes 500 batters faced to stabilize. So maybe Tommy’s 9.83 K/9 from 2011 exceeds his true talent level, and it is just a random spike.

    But going from 9.83 last year to K’ing 7.88 per 9 this year, and then you see the velocity drop…I wish I could say that it felt random.

    He’s still just turning 26 in August, but everything up until the injury pointed towards steady improvement. Now, with the exception of his BB/9 holding steady and some actual improvement at limiting SBs, he’s regressing when he should be hitting his peak.

  4. CYBORG HANSON TOMMY ‏@CyborgHanson48


  5. Has anyone noticed that Lowe has struck out 34 batters all year, in over 100 innings pitched?

  6. Sheets looks okay. It would be nice to score a few runs to take some pressure off of him.

  7. He’s three innings into his Braves career. Three innings.

    And yet, if Delgado was still here and pitching today, it’d probably be 2-0 Mets right now.

  8. So, seriously, Sheets’ stuff looks good. He knows what he’s doing out there. If he can stay healthy, he has a chance to become a very nice addition.

  9. Even if he ends up kind of sucking, just getting four shutout innings out of him is a great value.

  10. 23- Agreed. Let’s not overestimate what Sheets would do against major league competition.

  11. Sheets is doing a great job. Chip just said that he’s only had one ground ball out so far today, rest fly balls with 4 k’s. Its probably not correct coming from Chip, but its surprising.

  12. @38,

    It’s OK by me as long as every Mets game also involves them losing. Here’s hoping.

  13. CB Bucknor is such a bad umpire: it’s good to see that it’s just incompetence, not bias.

  14. I like my meltdowns melty and Metty.

    I see Santana still has a mental shutout going.

  15. 58- As opposed to Melky. Melky meltdowns were no fun at all.

    I think I can get used to this Janish guy, even if his name sounds like a bit character from Dracula.

  16. Santana two starts against ATL this year.

    6.1IP 12H 10ER 3BB 3K – and we complain about Hanson

  17. Sheets is probably right around his pitch count so I’d expect a reliever next inning.

  18. @73: Me too. Though his impression of his grandfather is no better. In fact, though it is perhaps not well known, ububba does a better Harry, Sr. than Chip. Much better.

    Fortunately, I’m listening to Cohen and Darling today. They are doing their usual outstanding job.

  19. #76 * No, the Braves wanted to split up Minor and Delgado from pitching back to back games. They didnt know if Sheets would be ready. Glad he was

    BTW, hadnt heard of this 26 man rule. On double headers a team can add an extra player for that days game. Apparently Delgado is scheduled to come back and pitch next saturday. Did they eliminate the rule regarding players having to stay down for 10 days?

  20. Nats win…but I hate the Marlins and Ozzie so in a glass half full kind of way, that makes me happy too

  21. Diaz flashed the leather in the 9th!

    The Mets flashed the ineptitude all weekend!

  22. I paid attention to precisely one AB in this game — which of course was the one in which Medlen gave up the run. I give up.

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