Game thread: May 4, Braves at Rockies

I am traveling the next few days. I’ve got a connection for tonight, so there will be a recap (though maybe not posted until the morning). Days after that, I don’t know yet.

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  1. and to paraphrase Gandhi, I like the Beatles – it’s their fans I can live without.

  2. on the off chance anyone is unfamiliar with Brevettes work –

    That my friends, is a rockin’ record.

  3. Getting back to baseball.

    The Brewers called up Conrad today. He’s been tearing it up in the minors for them. .400/.483/.820 5HR’s in 50AB’s.

  4. I don’t love the Beatles, merely like them, and only occasionally listen to them. I love George Harrison, however. All Things Must Pass, Cloud Nine, Brainwashed, all great records!

    Not a big fan of Rivera. He plays for the Yankees. Geez.

    But come on, Fredi apologists. We can’t make fun of the “tip your cap” postgame interview tic? It’s not mock-worthy? I watch interviews with guys like Glavine, Maddux, and Chipper, so the Braves have established that they’re capable of forwarding interesting, articulate, non-meatheads to talk about baseball and the game to their fans. Fredi’s “you gotta tip your hat” and “you gotta give some credit” appears in just about every interview he does where we lose. It’s a joke and worth making fun of.

  5. Wilson: .138/.133/.138 (-25 OPS+)

    How does one’s on-base percentage become lower than the batting average?

  6. I played a show with the Skatalites. Biggest thing I’ve done in my puny life.

    Didn’t really meet either of the Lloyds. Will Clark was a nice guy, though.

  7. And also, if you don’t like the Beatles, you’re still allowed to have opinions. They just don’t count.

    Kind of like being a convict. You still have the right to free speech, but you can’t vote.

  8. Wilson also looks like he’s now below average in range. He must be one hell of a mentor.

  9. I really want Tyler to make a few strides in the field so there’s no excuse to sit him in favor of Wilson.

  10. The Beatles were a fine pop band with an absurdly overrated reputation. They’re like the Juan Gonzalez of rock.

  11. If there are any Decatur Comcast customers out there, maybe you could explain something to me — when games are listed as being on both Peachtree TV and SportSouth, which channel will it actually be on? Already this year I’ve DVRed one, only to find out that it was being shown only on the other….

  12. @19, I have an unfortunate infatuation with “first wave” ska. There’s a ton of it too.

  13. Spike, you in to any of the current bands that play a more traditional style?

  14. There’s a guy here in Atlanta, Jonathan Lloyd – he was in kingsized after me, that does tremendous stuff. Lloyd’s Rocksteady Revue is a full on 8-10 piece traditional ska act. I think he does a modified version on Thursdays at trader Vic’s. He’s great.

  15. What’s not overrated about the Beatles is the quality of their recordings. Sir George Martin and Geoff Emerick invented the language for “great sounding records” along with Tom Dowd.

  16. I’d have thought so, too, but tonight it’s on Peachtree while SportSouth has UGA baseball. I’m home tonight, so no big deal. But I can’t always DVR both when I’m away…..frustrating……….

  17. I knew this would happen.

    Virtually nothing about the Beatles is overrated.

  18. @42- Sounds good. That’s way outside my culinary expectations (and abilities) though, I was just hoping for help deciding between pizza, wings, tacos, or burgers…

  19. Oh, there’s plenty overrated about the Beatles. Sir Paul’s bass playing ain’t one of them. That mofo could blow. Literally hated that guy my whole life until I became a bass player. Wow. Amazing bass lines. One of the most underrated things about the Beatles.

    Not the Beatles, but just listen to the bass line on “Silly Love Songs.” Simply masterful.

    /hope this works…

  20. I’d go with tacos. That was dinner last night. Simple pinto bean soft tacos with goat cheese, cilantro, onion and salsa. Took 10 minutes to make.

  21. Had some fried chicken for dinner. Hoping that doesn’t mess me up during graduation tomorrow morning…

  22. @44 and I gotta say, it was one of the easiest dished you will ever cook. Throw the thighs and squash in the oven on a cookie sheet until they are done, then chop up some cilantro and onion and toss with a simple dressing. Done.

    Whoo, tie game!

  23. I like “Hey Bulldog” and “everybody’s trying To Be My Monkey” for Paul – though I am hardly a fan. Hey look, tie game.

  24. @50- Thanks- went with tacos but that does sound within my severely limited powers. Although Bethany’s suggestion sounded pretty good too- there’s a Cane’s not too far away and those folks can cook some chicken fingers…

  25. I love the Clapton riffs in “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”


  26. Don’t the Nuggets have to sign Eric Ainge and the Avs sign Casey Clausen so all Denver teams have a former Vol quaterback?

  27. Hard to tell from Gameday- did Hudson just intentionally put Fowler on even though he got ahead of him 0-2? Or did his control just vanish? Either way, it sucks.

  28. Thanks Smitty. Glad Huddy got out of that with minimal damage and now let’s hope the pen is up to snuff.

  29. Atta boy Uggla. That must have been some at-bat, according to Gameday Rex the wonder dog is really rushing it up there.

  30. I tell you one thing about New Brunswick. They pour beer here. God Bless Canada.

    Also, I used to be a Beatles unbeliever, but… first of all, Revolver is a hard album to deny. But honestly, the song “Don’t Bother Me” really gets me.

  31. Here’s a real Fredi move… Tie game, first thing you want to do weaken your offense, AND your defense, so you can get more than one outfrom a struggling reliever.

  32. Well, now we’re without Heyward and stuck with Diaz in RF. Watch Fredi’s idiocy burn us again. How can one manager possibly not know his players’ strengths like this?

  33. It was deep but it takes a perfect throw by Heyward to get him. I don’t think they would have ran on Heyward, though.

  34. I’m sorry, has Heyward ever made an accurate throw? Diaz has a weak arm but at least he’s not throw to throwing it 3 rows deep.

  35. There are no words in any dictionary to describe the loathing I have for Chip Caray as a broadcaster.

  36. @99, I know what you’re trying to say, but 17 hits and 6 walks argue that this is a game the Braves very much deserve to win…

  37. Is Durbin getting squeezed? Gameday said three of the four balls to Nelson were in the strikezone.

  38. According to MLB Gamecast, Durbin was throwing strikes for balls and then balls for strikes. Weird.

    Please let’s win this one.

  39. Durbin got out of it but he’s still a tool.

    I want to be a ML manager just so I can use my closer in a tie game in extra innings on the road. And then the rest of the pen in descending order of talent. But then I will surely be called a fool and be shown the door.

    Hinske! Atta baby!

  40. Hell yea!

    Also, how long before teams start putting an opposite field shift on for Pastornicky?

  41. I’ll admit I don’t follow the entire NL as closely as I used to, but the Rockies are leading the league in players I had no fucking clue existed. Guillermo Moscoso? Edgmer Escalona? Josh Roenicke (is he related to Ron?) I’m at a loss.

  42. 105/106 – Durbin did get squeezed on a couple pitches but then did get a ball called a strike.

  43. I miss the days when Kimbrel was dominate and didn’t always walk the first batter.

  44. Great win, it seems. Wish I’d seen it.

    The Beatles talk… kinda funny to me. Sorta like hearing people say, “Well, I don’t really like strawberries, or chocolate, or vanilla.”

    Anyway, I just finished another book about The Ramones (“I Slept With Joey Ramone” by his brother) & my favorite bit is about how a teenaged Johnny Ramone, who grew up relatively close to Shea Stadium, went to one of The Beatles shows there & showed up with a bag of rocks & winged ’em at the band all night. (He liked The Rolling Stones instead, y’see..)

    A super-dick move, for sure, but certainly more punk-rock than anything Sid Vicious ever did, especially since they stole their name from Paul McCartney (who used to check into hotels as Paul Ramon).

    FWIW, my first memory as a human being:

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