All-Star Timeout: Mac Needs Our Help. Please Give.

As all of you know, Mac has been in and out of the hospital for a long time. That is not going to change any time soon, although, for the moment, his health is stable.

If you’ve spent any time at all in a hospital — especially one in Philadelphia that has no Wifi, which is where Mac has been — you know that it kind of sucks. Not to mention cancer treatments, pneumonia, and all of the rest. Alex R. has stayed in pretty close touch with Mac by phone, and Mac has said that he really wants an iPad. (The large screen really helps when you’re woozy on meds.) When Alex told him that we wanted to try to raise the money through Bravesjournal, Alex said, “That was the happiest I’ve heard him.”

Alex R. set up this Paypal account for the gift. It’s different from the one on the sidebar to the right — we’re taking care of everything for Mac. I’ll keep posting a link to the Donate button until we’re able to afford an iPad with 3G — we’d like to buy one new, but Apple sells cheaper ones refurbished if need be.

So if enough of us donate $5, $10, or $20, we’ll be able to get him one. Please help. This will make his life easier in a difficult time. Especially with Andrelton Simmons out for a month.

330 thoughts on “All-Star Timeout: Mac Needs Our Help. Please Give.”

  1. Thanks for doing this guys.
    Any BravesJournalites work for Apple? they get 15% off all purchases.

  2. AAR, can you tweet this out? Maybe someone with a number of followers could RT. Perhaps DOB? Craig Calcaterra? Others?

  3. I donated and submitted this page to (I know some of y’all visit there from time to time). Alex, let us know how we’re doing, and thanks for organizing this! Feel better, Mac!

  4. Sent some money over through my checking account, so it may not hit until the end of the week.

  5. By done, I meant I donated. I have no idea how to tweet and have no desire to learn.

  6. The link won’t accept my CC info, Alex. Is there a setting to open that up? (send me an email at samh at bellsouth dot net if you’d like.)

  7. Not good.

    From Braves via Twitter: Simmons’ hand will be placed in a cast for 4 weeks. Once cast is removed he will be re-evaluated to determine the next phase of treatment.

  8. Hey everyone-

    I just chatted again with Mac this morning and he has perked up in a really big way with everyone’s continuing generosity with the donations – thank you guys. It says something about our Braves community a lot. I am sorry I am on here as much as I used to be, but happy to report back how happy you guys are making Mac. This is quite impressive!


  9. If the money’s there, it might be good to get him some accessories. Specifically, an external keyboard.

  10. The Braves should be all over Scutaro right about now. Fills all kinds of needs.

  11. If this iPad is making Mac feel this much better, maybe we should start raising cash for a second one for Andrelton…

  12. Interesting note: Andrelton immediately put on the DL, but corresponding move will not be made til at least Thursday. Wren’s gone huntin’.

  13. Looking forward to your inaugural post with the new computer, Mac. Our best wishes and prayers are still coming your way.

  14. Glad to contribute to this great cause. Even though I rarely post, I have followed Mac’s blog since the days of Bravesbeat. I have also posted a message on Chopnation to spread the news. Best wishes Mac!

  15. $10 from this lurker. Mac, it’s the least I can do for your good work over the years. Get well and go Braves!!

  16. A subscription to MLB.TV for the iPad, full video options, would be a good idea.

  17. Done.

    Pretty sure I remember you from Bravesbeat, KB. Although I can’t remember how often I posted.

  18. Mac must receive this iPad in time to see us blitz the Natspos in August and September.

  19. @47

    That happened at Turner Field during a game I attended several years ago. Not quite that out of nowhere, but the same result: a lightning strike/loud clap of thunder right over the stadium causing everyone on the field to scatter pronto. I think Chipper even dove into the Giants dugout.

  20. Donation made.

    It’d be cruel to make you go through the second half without us, or vice versa.

  21. There was a game in the late 90s where the Braves were in the field, and all of a sudden Brian Jordan just sprints in – full wind sprint like a middle linebacker headed for the QB – and down the tunnel. Turns out he was the only one with the view/angle to see the lightning storm headed in from the city. It was quite hilarious.

  22. If the money’s there, it might be good to get him some accessories. Specifically, an external keyboard.

    A subscription to MLB.TV for the iPad, full video options, would be a good idea.

    These are all great ideas. I also think any overage could be put toward one of those giant #1 foam fingers. Braves, of course.

  23. I don’t have anything to say. I’m just so appreciative of all you guys and am faintly ashamed of this, which I certainly don’t deserve.

    Meanwhile, I need to send off the Javy Lopez books when I get home, but I just have one address (Smitty) and need the other winners to email me.

  24. Mac, a man can live a long, happy life “faintly ashamed.” Trust me on this one, man.

  25. Cancer, Philadelphia, hospital, no internet, Philadelphia!

    Let’s get this man an iPad.


  26. You deserve every bit and byte, Mac. For me, it’s just a small payback for all the joy you have given me over the years on this site. And as someone who also has a hard time accepting gifts, I know where you are coming from.

    And what Sam said @65.

  27. #63: You can be faintly ashamed of this act of charity all you want. As for me, I’m just considering my payment as going toward administrative costs associated with the running of an awesome Braves blog over several years.

    I gave a paltry $10 so I’m still way behind on the actual money’s worth I’ve gotten out of the idle time I’ve spent here.

  28. Mac, there is nothing to be ashamed of. For all the work you have put into this blog and how you have been keeping us together, this is the least we can do.

  29. Mac, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

    Well, except for that one thing with that horse outside of Auburn in 1993. Dude, that was just *wrong.*

  30. Don’t post so much anymore but still check in to read game summaries. big fan, always have been, happy to help out. Your perspective on the Braves has shaped my own in significant ways over the years, which is more than I can say for Chip btw, so you’ve got that goin for you, which is nice. Roll tide.

  31. Mac, I am seriously strapped for cash this month. Otherwise, you’d have a wad of cash in that PayPal account from me. You are in my thoughts daily.

  32. Sheets did fine in Mississippi tonight. If the Braves want to call him up, there’s nothing in his performance to dissuade them.

  33. Mac, I’ve been reading the Journal for almost as long as you’ve been running it, mostly lurking in recent years, but still it’s a daily stop. Your commentary and snark have brought me many a smile. This community is a product of your work, and you should feel nothing but pride.

    My thanks to those who organized this on Mac’s behalf. Ya done good.

  34. Will donate as soon as I get to a real computer, bravesjournal is the tits! What happens if one of those kids robs a homer?

  35. After the final round of the derby, the lights should all go out in the stadium, except for one. One spotlight, shining down on someone walking out of the dugout with a bat in his hands. As he walks to the plate, the lights flare back on, only to reveal..

    Mark McGwire. Secret Home Run Derby Final Challenge Slug Off.

  36. I thought 51 was funny this afternoon, but I just hit the deck in the middle of a hellacious thunderstorm in East Atlanta.

  37. Sheets’ line:

    5.2 innings 89 pitches, 2 earned runs (3 total) 7 hits 4 K no walks and one hit batter.

    He may pitch Sunday for the big club.

    Who is getting sent down?

  38. @78 Chip 1000 times out of 1000…Berman’s act is so tired and played out. Not to say Chip’s isn’t, but Berman is sooooo much worse

  39. Bowman thinks it’ll be Delgado going down.

    I don’t understand why Chris Berman is continually allowed to be a part of the HRD. He ruins it and everyone hates his fat, ugly ass.

  40. I just got a tablet and havent figured out how to do some things just yet. DOB justvposted some quotes from other all stars regarding Chipper and his career. Can someone grab the link and put it in here? Good stuff

  41. Chip Caray is annoying, no doubt, but he’s at least doing his job in describing the game. Chris Berman is just working on his schtick. Best test: listening to both do radio play-by-play. Back when he did it, Chip certainly wasn’t Red Barber or anything, but you could at least follow along OK. In fact, he toned down his goofiness because he knew he had to concentrate on play-by-play. On the other hand, I heard Chris Berman doing a Division Series for ESPN Radio last year, and it was the single worst thing I’ve ever heard. It was literally no different from how he does the Home Run Derby. I feel confident that deaf people have gotten more information out of an audio book than I got out of my brief time listening to that catastrophe.

  42. I do not post a whole lot on here but I read here everyday.
    I was more than happy to donate for Mac! Keep up the great work
    and get better!

  43. Confirmation number: 5DA57863F9032000V

    We’ve had our differences in the past but bravesjournal has, and always will be, my goto site for braves news and commentary. You’ve built a legacy to be proud of. Looking forward to you first post from your new ipad!

  44. $15.00 donated. I’ve been reading Mac’s page for about 13 years or so and don’t know what I’d do without it. There are so many great minds on here with various backgrounds that it makes for a really fun read. There’s even an old Glencoe rival on here (ha ha, yeah I’m talking about you, Ryan).

  45. I wonder what it would take to get Colorado to package Scutaro, Belisle and Giambi.

  46. Mac, my email to your gmail account bounced. I use the BBRef Play Index quite a bit — feel free to email me at samuelbass at juno dot com.

  47. Donated. A tiny token of thanks for this terrific blog, Mac. I think you are going to love the IPad. Its a great piece of technology.

  48. I’m late to the party but, like others, was having issues with my card. I got it straightened out and got my donation in. By now, I bet there’s already more than enough room to get an iPad so maybe Mac can get some sweet internet package with it as well. Love this site! Love the people. This is one of the few sites that I visit that actually makes me smarter. Go Braves! Ruff the Bluff (a little inside jab at DG).

  49. Chip 1000 times out of 1000…Berman’s act is so tired and played out. Not to say Chip’s isn’t, but Berman is sooooo much worse.

    You unload the clip on Berman. One, he’s a big guy; use your ammo on the big guy. Then chop off the head, burn the body and salt the bones just to make sure.

    You can then take your time leisurely throttling Chip to death with your bare hands. That’s guys a weenie little dweeb.

  50. Dang Sam, let us know how you really feel.

    What an effed up season this is. If you would have told me before the season that the outfield would be the team’s strength, McCann would Uggla it up the first half and our pitching would be the team’s weakness I would have laughed in your face. In the immortal words of Joaquin Andujar to sum baseball up in one word ‘You never know.’

  51. “Gun to your head: Chris Berman or Chip Caray?”

    Why don’t you just ask if you would rather be tortured by Nazis or Communists? :)

  52. If your employer buys you a new computer for your desk at work, are you faintly ashamed of it and think you don’t deserve it?

  53. I did feel faintly ashamde of my new work computer, since I’d only been working for my current employer fro two months at the time.

    It runs Windows 7.

    I got over it very quickly.

  54. An infrequent contributor and frequent lurker thankful for this site and all of Mac’s work. Glad to help out.

  55. Just submitted my donation.

    Mac, I’ll email you my address for the Javy Lopez book.

  56. Bryce Harper hasn’t been watching much Braves baseball this year. He said homering off Jonny Venters was his biggest surprise in the big leagues so far.

  57. Just donated.

    If we come up short of the amount necessary to get Mac a new Ipad with 3G, someone please email me and let me know what the difference is and I’ll be more than happy to cover it.

  58. Yeah, let us know if we’re still short–including the mlb package. I’m sure the difference can be very easily made up.

  59. I screwed up and used the donate button on the right. Is there any way to transfer this?

  60. I screwed up and used the donate button on the right. Is there any way to transfer this?

    i did too. i assume the money goes to the same place.

  61. The money doesn’t go to the same place, exactly. The button on the right goes to Mac, and he often uses it to pay for the site. The button in the blog post goes to a Paypal account that Alex and I set up to pay for Mac’s iPad. Both of them, obviously, go to him.

    Right now, it looks like we are going to be in good shape for the iPad. But I would never want to discourage your generosity.

  62. Right on. Let’s get him the MLB package, 3G plan, and a nice case while we’re at it.

  63. Great job AAR and everyone that put this together. Hang in there Mac…we are all pulling for you

  64. Apparently there’s some question about who will be sent down to make room for Sheets to start on Sunday. Delgado has a 4.52 ERA (FIP: 4.21, xFIP: 4.17). Minor’s ERA is 5.97 (FIP: 5.42, xFIP: 4.67). Delgado has been worth .8 WAR, Minor -.4. Delgado has the higher ceiling and has pitched significantly better, right? How is there any question at all about who should go down? I would be very distressed by the sight Minor tossing meatballs for the rest of the season while Delgado wastes away in Gwinnett.

  65. Well, Minor is left-handed, which isn’t inconsequential. Delgado would probably benefit from going to the minors more, as he basically skipped AAA and has been playing catch-up. And Minor might be more likely to be traded, so they’d want to keep him up to see if he can showcase himself.

    I do understand Delgado has been slightly better than Minor, but he hasn’t been good enough to go nuts if they choose to keep Minor up instead of him.

  66. Also, apparently it’s actually happening, though it’s not known who the fifth starter will be. I’m assuming they’ll take as long as possible deciding that one, making a move on Sunday night or Monday.

  67. Yeah Minor is left-handed, but he pretty much sucks against lefties too. Delgado has a .325 wOBA against for lefties versus Minor’s .336. If the whole lineup was left handed, you’d still want Delgado facing them instead of Minor, at least for this season. Plus one and a half runs of ERA doesn’t seem like a slight advantage to me.

  68. Suffice to say that neither Minor nor Delgado have pitched such that either deserves to start in lieu of a seeing what Sheets might have left in the tank.

  69. @132 Well sure, but Sheets is only displacing one of them, and I’m hoping its the clearly inferior of the two who he pushes out.

  70. Hopefully we add one of Dempster, Greinke, or Garza and we send both Minor and Delgado down. I also hope we see Simmons back before September because all of our in house options suck.

  71. I’ve heard Keith Law or Kevin Goldstein say that Delgado may profile longterm as a reliever. Delgado may be more deserving of the 5th spot in the rotation, but maybe they think he can be a useful reliever right now. We have seen him hit 96 late in games that he was starting, I could see him sitting 96 out of the pen.

  72. I’m not sure Delgado has the higher ceiling of the two, for what it’s worth. In any event, what ultimately matters is who will perform better the rest of the way, not who has done better up to this point.

    Moreover, I’m not sold that Jurrjens is back. He’s still not striking anyone out, and his command hasn’t been all that good since the Red Sox game. The Braves rotation continues to take on more water than the damn titanic, and I doubt Ben Sheets will be able to steady it.

  73. I think Minor would be good if he could throw strikes.

    I’m sorry, I’m really bitter at our newest Jo-Jo Reyes/Odalis Perez/Horacio Ramirez/Chuck James/Damian Moss/left-handed Kyle Davies. I’d like it if he would stop not throwing strikes and adopt a radical new policy of not not throwing strikes.

  74. I always find it funny when people talk about “a good long man”. Aren’t long men just starters that can’t cut it at the back of a rotation? Sure I could understand expecting someone to be a long man, ’cause they suck, but how many teams have a good long man anymore? Most long men are very inconsistent, and usually they are somebody like Livan Hernandez circa age 42. If someone actually were to excel in the role of long man in the 5 times a year a long man is actually used in todays game, he would be moved to the back of the bullpen or back into the rotation.

  75. Chipper has been a third baseman pretty much his whole career, Peanut Head. He played a little shortstop for the purpose of team needs. He was drafted as a shortstop but even then we knew he was moving, the only question was to where.

  76. Tim McCarver just said that Josh Hamilton got jammed on a pitch low and away that he clearly hit off the end of the bat.

    Mute button

  77. Tim McCarver also said Hamilton might get the biggest contract in MLB history this offseason.

    Yeah, right.

  78. I don’t post much anymore (mostly active on twitter if you’re dying to see my input for some reason) but I just had to donate and say this is a great thing you guys are doing

  79. Fatso for the HR. Honestly, can’t the Braves sue this guy for nonperformance? (There’s got to be some legal term that equates to “not giving a sh*t.”)

  80. You know, I’m looking at the Marlins… and I don’t see how this team is only three games below .500. (Their pythag is 37-48.) And they’re buyers?

  81. Melky must have hated living in the South. I cannot believe he is the same player that sucked so bad for the Braves.

  82. McCarver says Cabrera lost 20 pounds. That is a majorly conservative estimate. I would start at 50 pounds, and wouldn’t be surprised if it was north of that.

  83. Kinsler made a half hearted attempt to run down a 6 hopper by Chipper that went for a hit.

  84. My 5-year-old son chose to do math (work on writing his numbers) with mom tonight instead of watching a couple of innings of the game with me before bed. Sure, we were all in the same room, but come on.

    I blame Tim McCarver.

  85. Ha.

    Tweet from Murphy:

    Wait a sec… that was Billy Butler’s 1st All-Star game at-bat right? Why didn’t Cole Hamels hit him?

  86. Bo Jackson probably has him beat in lack of career baseball value. Leon Wagner was pretty mediocre for most of his career (ended it about 4 wins below average). Melky’s already had a better season than either of them.

  87. True, Rob. And water’s wet, the Pope’s Catholic, and LaRussa’s still a dick.

  88. Of course LaRussa pulls Kimbrel after two strikeouts on 7 pitches. Good to know Tex continues to have company in “still a douche” territory

  89. I understand getting everyone in the game. But if any of the relievers deserve to go three outs, it’s Kimbrel.

  90. You know what fans want in a practically meaningless exhibition game? Hundreds of commercial breaks. Give it a break, Tony.

  91. I don’t care if it had been Kimbrel or other Braves not getting in the game, these two last innings have been ridiculously stupid.

  92. I leave the Journal for the night and when I come back I have Bo Jackson criticism and tasteless Erin Andrews jokes waiting for me. I’m ashamed, Bravesjournal.

  93. This is hilarious:
    Now, did Ian Kinsler tank the play? He appeared to be going after that ball awfully slow, especially for a player with great range. Jones won’t bite on that one. In fact, it wouldn’t have mattered had Kinsler run down the ball, right?

    “I had that beat out, no problem,” he deadpanned as he spoke. “I’ve never been more certain of a hit in my life.”

  94. I really thought I had a better chance to develop superpowers than Melky did of ever being 1) an All-Star, 2) An All-Star starter, or 3) MVP of the All-Star game.

  95. Never thought the All Star game would change my feelings on a player. I hate Melky more than ever and I appreciate Kinsler.

  96. @212 What do you think would be an offer the Braves could make that would be a good deal for the Braves? 18m a year? Less? Greinke just doesn’t seem worth 20 a year.

  97. I can’t see the Braves paying $20 mil/yr. Seems to me they would expect some sort of discount since Greinke supposedly wants to play in Atlanta. I would think they might do something in the neighborhood of what they paid Lowe–wasn’t it like $15 mil per? That would be a pretty substantial discount but, given that the Braves will probably need to replace Bourn and Chipper, I can’t see them going much higher for Greinke. But then the question is what would Milwaukee expect to receive in return. They aren’t really out of contention so I would think they would only trade him if they got bowled over. Granted, if they don’t trade him, they get nothing when he walks but I suspect the fan base would be very unhappy with throwing in the towel unless they really got a great return.

  98. There’s a lot of FA starters that could do well on this team next year. I really cant see the Braves paying a player $20mil with an $80-90 budget.

    Shields, Peavy, Sanchez, Marcum, Liriano, Lewis, Haren, Hamels, Greinke, Dempster, Blanton could all be available. Some have issues, but it looks to be a strong year for FA pitching.

  99. Yeah, $20 million is probably the market rate for Grienke and Hamels. I’d like to see the Braves pony up though. If you are going to pay sticker price for anything in baseball, a true ace would be it, in my opinion.

  100. I would jump for joy if we got Greinnke for 6/$120. 27 fWAR and counting since 2008? He’s been worth $20 million every year since then? Sign me up.

  101. Not to be overly pedantic, but remember that pitcher fWAR is based on FIP, not on runs. So while he had a very nice 3.9 fWAR last year, his 1.4 rWAR were mediocre — and more reflective of his disappointing ERA. You could say that he got hit-unlucky and homer-unlucky etc., but he’s always had a relatively high BABIP, and years like that will count against what you may feel he’s worth. Call it the Javy Vazquez effect.

    He didn’t feel like a $20 million pitcher last year.

  102. I still have trouble believing that Hamels is available for anything less than a pie-in-the-sky offer. Greinke would cost less for no other reason than the relative unlikelihood that his current team would re-sign him.

  103. On Hamels, and I think Greinke, they have draft picks attached IF the current team keeps tham and IF the current team “tenders” (at essentially 12,500,000).

    So, I think the look ought to go to somebody with a year plus (I know Garza fits that). then, you get this year. you get next year. If the pitcher is good next year, you tender and get either one mor eyear or a draft pick.

  104. The Brewers, being five games under .500, aren’t that out of it. They’re going to wait a while to see what happens after the break.

  105. @221, Well, Greinke’s GB rate keeps shooting up. With Andrelton and Prado in our infield, let’s take advantage of the fWAR/rWAR discrepancy and make him the pitcher he should be.

    At the very least, we can make Greinke look as good as Counsell did and Cody Ransom is doing. I went back to look at the defenses the Royals put behind Greinke… *shudders*

  106. If the Brewers are reasonable on Greinke, AND we can extend him at a price below 18m, I’d take him. In any other scenario, I’d take Dempster and let him walk in the offseason. He’s not sexy, but he gets people out. He can’t possibly cost anything that mortgages the future. Plus, Greinke and Hamels will be FA’s where they can be had for only dollars, not players PLUS dollars.

  107. IMO, if Hamels doesn’t end up on the Left Coast, he’ll be wearing pinstripes. Big money, no matter where he lands.

    Greinke’s an interesting gambit. I agree about not worrying so much about what we’d have to give up. If we can sign him—a big if—I tend to doubt we’ll ever have much pause about Minor or Delgado or Teheran.

  108. Buster Olney tweeted about how the Braves could be a fit for Justin Upton. The suggestion to use potential Bourn money. However, his idea is to give up Prado and pitching prospects.

    The Braves would get a great talent and know what they’re paying for it ($ wise) for years to come. But it doesn’t get top tier pitching, creates a problem at 3B, and doesn’t give them a CF (unless they really want to try Heyward there). I don’t see it.

  109. Prado’s a great case story for some of this rosterbation.

    We tried to trade him last year, after his worst year in the majors. Not a lot of takers, and we held onto him. Now he’s All-Star caliber again.

    We have two young starters who were top prospects but are now having bad years. We should not be trying to trade them at low value. We should be trying to build up their trade value, either by putting them in the pen or letting them regain confidence in Triple-A Gwinnett.

  110. Buster’s deal makes no sense. Arizona does not need pitching prospects-theirs are probably better than the Braves. So, you are really talking about Prado for Upton. I don’t see the D’backs doing that.

  111. I don’t see it either, but you never can have too much young pitching… right?

  112. You never ever can have too much young pitcher. Especially because of Rob Neyer’s TINSTAAPP: There Is No Such Thing As A Pitching Prospect, as we’ve all learned with Minor, Delgado, Vizcaino, and Teheran. They’re so fraught with risk that they might all bomb. Pitchers in the minors were born to break your heart.

  113. Current WAR: Upton-1.2 Prado-3.8

    An idea? Extend Prado. That’s it. He’s the equivalent player, better teammate, cheaper, and harder worker, Upton’s prospect status from 2006 be damned.

    Pondering trading Prado is stupid and isn’t happening.

  114. Could Vizcaino end up in the rotation by 2014? Im sure theyll want to limit his innings next year.

    Im pretty sure Prado is playing 3B next year.

  115. @234 – Upton not only has the potential for stardom but he’s already achieved it for a full season (last year when he hit .289/.369/.529 in 674 PA, with good fielding and base running adding up to 6.4 fWAR, essentially 2012 Heyward if he repeats his first half in the second. His 22 year old season was as good as Heyward’s rookie season as well).

    I love Prado, but Upton did as a 24 year old what Prado is only on pace to do for the first time as a 29 year old. Prado might have many more good years in him but there’s a very good chance that this year is his peak, while there is plenty of reason to expect Upton to have another or several more MVP-type seasons. Equivalent players they are not.

  116. In a vacuum, I’d want Upton. Younger*, higher ceiling, under control for longer. WAR is a cumulative stat. It doesn’t tell us things like what to expect from a player in the future. Or that Upton happens to be playing through an injury this year.

    But for this team, right now, we’re clearly better off keeping/extending Prado and the prospect(s) we’d trade in the deal. Or using the prospect(s) elsewhere.

    Agree that the DBacks would gladly take our pitching prospects. Aside from TINSTAAPP, they’re not a big market team. You’d think they’d be happy to move their more expensive pitchers and spend that money on other needs.

    *I can’t believe I’m older than Prado. Wow.

  117. @237. Wow. That was fast. Pretty awesome.

    Upton is a nice to have, a top of the line SP is a must have. Greinke > Upton and offers should reflect that. While 5/15 for Greinke would be great, I have a feeling it will be closer to 5/18 if we hope to land him. We ponied up 4/15 for Derek Lowe not that long ago.

  118. #237 – Super.

    Alex(s) thanks for organizing the drive.

    Prado for Upton doesn’t work because I think Prado is our 3B next year.

    Teheran is the poster child for TNSTAAPP. But only 22 and he still has time to re build his value.

  119. Very good point on TINSTAAPP. Makes me even more certain that it is worth paying full price for an ace. The cream of the crop are the safer bet to me.

    I’ve read the old adage that it takes 5-6 pitching prospects to produce one major league pitcher. But if pitching prospects aren’t really prospects, then no amount of them in your system becomes a sure thing. Wishful thinking to assume that a bunch of prospects means you are destined for success. Amassing a bunch of pitching prospects does not mean you will get the same return as signing a single Zack Grienke.

    That would be kind of like assuming that by pooling a whole lot of crappy home mortgage loans together in one bond is as sure a thing as a AAA rating…

  120. Depends on what WAR stat you like, but Prado, per 600 plate appearances, is neck and neck with Upton.

    Use b-ref and Prado has a higher average WAR per 600 PA. Use fangraphs, and Upton edges him out. Add in 2 cost controlled pitchers and that is a ridiculous overpay that the Braves would be idiots to make.

    For 2 surplus years of Upton, that would cost a net of 32 million (the cost of Upton for 3 years is 39.5 million minus the cost of Prado’s 3rd year of arb estimated at 7.5), not to mention at least 11.5 years of cost-conrolled impact players.

    I personally would not be cool with that…

  121. I am typing this using the wireless keyboard for the ipad that Alex also purchased. He has also gotten a Braves-themed cover that is being shipped. Again, thanks, guys.

    I need to get a mobile version of this site working, don’t I?

  122. Mac,

    Great news! Now if your health will catch up with your computer, we’ll be reading your insights for years to come!

  123. Warning: don’t eat a meal with a large broccoli component and then have dairy two hours later.

  124. How do you describe a day in which you’re told your brain MRI came back normal, and then go home to learn your cat was taken by a coyote? ‘Cuz that’s been my day.

  125. Not being flip, but I think your family is pretty ok with that outcome set. Most sorry about your pet.

  126. Awesome news, Mac! So glad it all worked out. Thanks to the Alexes for making it happen.

  127. Glad you got an iPad, Mac. I use mine daily. Finding the right keyboard is half the battle. Thanks to the Alexes for allowing us the opportunity to help.

    A mobile site would be an excellent idea, if you chose to pursue it. I check Braves Journal on my iPhone and iPad, and I’m sure others do as well.

  128. Mac, hope you like the iPad. I have not needed to turn on my laptop at home ever since I got my iPad.

    I would not trade Prado away. He is our Chipper replacement and he was the NL all star starting second baseman just two years ago! I don’t mind trading Teheran if we are getting Upton or Greinke (with a long-term contract attached). I understand the logic of Upton being more valuable than Prado, but I would prefer to have both.

  129. Delighted that they raised enough for it so quickly. Mac, I’m pulling for you. And to those who organized this, again, fantastic job.

  130. As for Prado: for years the trade talk has reared its head, but I think it’s time we started talking about extending his contract. Excepting last year, when he had the staph infection, he’s been incredibly consistent with the bat, he seems strong with the glove, and he’s versatile. I don’t know how much a contract extension would cost, but I don’t see another obvious Chipper replacement out there; it’s not like Salcedo’s made a compelling case.

  131. Thanks for everything, Mac.

    Maybe I’m missing something here, but why in the world would the Diamondbacks want to trade Upton, especially for Martin Prado?

    I love Martin Prado. There’s no other way of saying it. But if the Braves had Upton, I would never, ever, ever condone an Upton for Prado trade. Prado is an all-star caliber player. He will probably not be an all-star caliber player in three years. Upton is an MVP caliber player. Upton will be an MVP caliber player for at least the 6 years. These type of players, especially in contract-controlled situations, do not come more than once in a generation for a team. I’m just not seeing why the Diamondbacks would even fathom trading Upton for Prado (even if that deal included Teheran and Delgado).

  132. Great to hear, Mac. As many wrote before me, you deserve it! And a mobile version would rock.

  133. Mac, you might be able to find a responsive wordpress theme for the site which would configure itself appropriately for desktops, tablets and phones.

  134. @266
    The trade proposal wasn’t for Prado alone. It was Prado+pitching prospects, meaning Prado and 2 of Delgado, Minor, or Teheran.

    On another note, what do you think Prado would demand in the free agent market? This is his 7th year in Atlanta (I’m not sure how partial years work for 10/5 players), so Martin, in 3 years, could have a built-in no trade clause if he were to sign a long-term deal. Buying out his last year, could the Braves sign him to a 5/50 million dollar deal? He seems like the kind of player that would like to stick around in Atlanta.

  135. Pro tip for reading long threads on an iOS browser:

    On non-mobile browsers, if you reload after posting, it zooms down to your last post. Furthmore, you can click on the timestamp below the latest post, then reload to zoom down. It doesn’t work that way on my iPhone, at least.

    On the iPhone, I click the timestamp under the last post, then go up to the address bar, click on the web address, and hit go. It’s four taps (timestamp, top of browser, address, Go), and it reloads the page and zooms down to the post. A straight reload sends me back to the top, which is annoying on a 100 comment thread.

    YMMV, but that’s how I read this site on my iPhone.

  136. There’s a lot of talk on every Braves’ board about the Texeiria trade because it was so bad. However, let’s flip the script and look at the fleecing of the Astros in the Bourn trade.

    2012 numbers…
    Paul Clemens: 6.42era in 89 innings at AAA
    Juan Abreu: 7.85era in 36.2 innings at AAA
    Brett Oberholtzer: 5.06era in 101 innings between AA-AAA
    Jordan Schafer: .634 OPS with only standout skill being SB (20 out of 26 attempts)

    What a great trade!

  137. The prospect-dump-for-a-half-season-of-an-All-Star trade is usually a good idea for the team acquiring the All-Star.

  138. The braves are suppose to make their announcement on the SS position today at some point. I really dont see how they could call up Pastornicky again at this point. Braves have to either believe that Simmons will be ready in 4 weeks and start Wilson or they have to make a trade.

    Would Colorado part with Scutaro for a mid level prospect?

  139. Hicks isnt here anymore. Internally its Wilson, Pastornicky, Ahmed but no chance he gets called up.

  140. I was just informed that we have released 2009, 14th round pick, Cory Harrilchak. Anyone else heard that?

  141. I’m actually in favor of starting Wilson until Simmons gets back (unless we find a much better option via trade). IMO, Wilson’s fielding is more valuable than the slight offensive bump we may get from Pastornicky or some other option.

  142. I honestly dont think Jack Wilson is a great fielder at SS anymore. However, he’s a huge upgrade over the Pastor at SS defensively.

  143. 284- I’d have to go with Wilson over Patornicky, since the former can at least play some defense. Even competent defense gives Wilson an insurmountable edge over Pastornicky, who was the worst defender in the majors by far in April and May.

  144. Before tomorrow’s game Frank Wren will be giving his “state of the team” address to season ticket holders. I am sure someone will ask about the SS situation.

  145. I think I’m just going to pretend that Simmons is still on the field until he’s back. This is not a problem I even want to contemplate.

  146. I doubt it will be Pastor because of the length of time a starting SS will be needed — if he comes back up and again proves untenable before Simmons is ready to return, then you have to bust him AGAIN. I don’t think they want to do that to him — better he continues to learn the utility trade in a low-pressure environment. There are several disposable stopgaps (who aren’t Jack Wilson) out there who are surely available.

  147. Well, we have to have two guys in the club that can play short. Right now we have one. Unless they trade for someone, it will be Patornicky

  148. For those in the “Anybody but [fill name in here]” camp, I have a proposal you’ll hate. Put former Braves shortstop Chipper Jones back there. It would bring his career full circle.

    So I don’t think you really mean “Anybody but…”

  149. “If you want to see us be a consistent ballclub, let us go get a guy or two pitching-wise at the Trade Deadline,” Chipper Jones said. “That’s where you get consistency. That’s where you get the guys that are going to hold opposing teams to one, two or three runs. That’s when you get consistent.”

    Jones has been lobbying hard for another starter.

  150. I think we see Bobby Cox at short before we see Josh Wilson. Patornicky’s numbers are better than his.

  151. Josh Wilson’s .248 BA and .666 OPS at Gwinnett is not very inspiring. OTOH, if he can even field a little, it is preferable over Pastornicky’s sub .700 OPS and sub standard glove. The more I look at it, the more I agree with Sansho that we look for a disposable stopgap.

  152. They want a young 3B or SS, plus major league arms according to Rosenthal. Im sure we could put enough together, but I dont really see how we could get it done.

  153. How do you guys feel about the way the Marlins are treating their first round pick, Andrew Heaney? The Marlins have ended all talks and negotiations with him. Apparently the Marlins have offered less and they know that if Andrew doesnt sign they will get the #10 pick in next years draft.

    Whats keeping teams from doing this practice during weak draft years? Can MLB force a team to pay slot?

  154. No, teams are always free to do it.

    Also, it’ll be the 11th pick if the Pirates also fail to sign Appel.

  155. Something doesn’t smell right with the Justin Upton talk. I don’t get why Arizona would want to trade him. His first half stats would mean they’re selling low. Plus his contract is pretty team-friendly if you believe he is more talented than he has played this year.

    I just wonder what the D-Backs know that we don’t.

  156. I just wonder what the D-Backs know that we don’t.

    That the difference in performance over the course of a full year between 2012 Upton and Prado is not great enough to not take the top pitching prospects?

  157. Indeed. Big Prado fan here. And I’ve always thought the brothers Upton to be over-rated, especially BJ.

  158. I don’t know if it means much, but Josh Wilson’s Range Factor is his prior MLB experience is pretty good. He can’t possibly be a worse defensive SS than the Pastor.

  159. Upton is having a Heyward-circa-2011 year. He’s playing through an injury while his team’s owner insinuates he’s malingering.

    If I were running, say, the Mets or the Pirates, I’d be all over Upton.

  160. @305, Hard to overrate a player who accumulated 6.4 fWAR at age 23.

    When Prado was 23, we gave him 62 MLB PAs. I know it’s a fool’s errand to try to persuade Braves fans not to favor the Braves player — and that it’s the wrong decision in context to trade Prado for Upton now — but Upton, when healthy, is clearly the superior player.

  161. It’s not about comparing Prado to Upton. It’s about comparing the production of 1 1/2 years of Prado and potentially 11 years between two of our top pitching arms (Minor, Delgado, Teheran) to 3 1/2 years of Upton. It’s just too damned risky in my opinion.

  162. DOB reporting that Frank is “looking around” for SS options. Fredi also said he’s leaning towards starting Wilson at SS Friday.

  163. I don’t think anyone here would do a Prado/Upton deal now.

    But there are times when it makes sense to sell the farm for a short(er)-term player who’s a difference-maker. If it means winning now, like the Phillies had been doing when their window was open, it’s totally sensible to give up more in years-of-potential-production for certainty.

    Upton just plays in the wrong place on the field for us, is all. Or maybe more disheartening, this whole situation is happening just a few months too early for the Braves to take advantage.

  164. They also said they won’t decide who Sheets will be replacing in the rotation until after his start Sunday.. So unless there’s another roster move (demote Varvaro) Sheets will be taking Simmons’s place on the roster.

    So, unless we trade for a SS, which will force a corresponding roster move, it’ll definitely be Wilson until at least after Sunday, when one of Minor and Delgado is sent down, and Pastornicky or the other J. Wilson is recalled.

    Really wish we’d hung on to Sutton. He’d be the best of the backup options if Wilson is forced in to daily playing time, as he’d be the only offense-first, SS-capable player.

    That was already the case when Simmons was starting, but now it’s exacerbated.

  165. @312 – I think the ‘wrong place on the field’ is definitely the key. Outfield has suddenly become the team’s one strength.

    That won’t be true next season, with Prado moving to 3B and Bourn probably leaving. But for 2013, Prado at 3B and Gattis or other non-star player in LF might actually make for a better team than Upton in LF and random non-star player at 3B.

  166. I should have qualified that by saying, because a non-star who is 3B-capable is not likely to hit as well as non-star who is only LF-capable.

  167. For what it’s worth, Bill Shanks would be surprised if the Braves did not complete a trade for a SS before tomorrow’s game.

  168. @318

    If it’s someone who can transition into a utility role once Simmons returns, this could spell the eventual end of the Jack Wilson era.

  169. Melky: “I worked out harder and started eating better” after being released by the Braves in 2010.

  170. If you get Stephen Drew, wouldn’t that create some problems when Simmons is healthy? I wouldn’t think you would get Drew to be a reserve.

  171. @322
    A problem we probably won’t have to think about for 6 weeks. If he plays well, let him spot start all over the diamond in September. From there, give him the starting job at 3b after Chipper retires. What an infield!

  172. So apparently the Braves have signed Kimbrel’s brother Matt.

    Anyone know anything about him?

  173. Throws low 90s. Good change and curve. He’s already had an elbow surgery, I think. Not sure how he projects. 30th+ round pick.

  174. “I told him [Jack Wilson] Sunday in Philadelphia after the game, ‘You rest up the next four days,'” Gonzalez said. “‘I don’t want you going out to Six Flags and all these places and getting worn out, because we’re going to have to ride you for a while.'”

    Six Flags is too much work for a professional athlete?

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