255 thoughts on “Van Game Thread: July 13, Mets at Braves”

  1. Flying out to the US for a couple of weeks. Looking forward to watching some Braves game during normal hours. Look out for a successful stretch starting with the Mets series. 2 out of 3. Come on.

  2. If you get Stephen Drew, wouldn’t that create some problems when Simmons is healthy? I wouldn’t think you would get Drew to be a reserve.

    For 2012 use Drew as a fill in for Chipper, Simmons and Uggla as needed.

    For 2013-forward put Drew at 2B, move Uggla to LF and play Prado at 3B.

  3. What is the precedent for turning longtime entrenched starters who are still relatively young into supersubs?

  4. Well, a guy with 440 OPS this year (admittedly tiny sample) doesn’t have a lot of leeway to bitch about it. He could always take a starting spot by playing better than the other guy.

  5. With Simmons, I dont think there is any guarantee that he will return this year. He’s 4 weeks away from having a cast removed. Im sure at best, we are looking at early September.

  6. Do we have room in the budget for Stephen Drew and Grienke/Garza/Dempster type pitcher?

  7. Even though he hasn’t played SS for the Marlins, I still think Omar Infante is the hammer-to-the-head obvious target here. With Stanton out, the Marlins should be sellers. Bonifacio is healthy now, and they have a youngster (Solano) who’s also doing okay, so they should be able to cover 2B. Omar’s contract ($4 million this year and in 2013) is in the sweet spot of being both sheddable and acquirable. He’s familiar with a supersub role, and he reportedly always liked it here and seemed popular with the other players.

  8. @12

    Me too. Honestly, I would just like to get a guy that is an upgrade to Jack Wilson and ride it out.

  9. Speaking of Marlins, they have held strong at #29 on my list of favorite MLB teams. Only really ranked the extremes. The middle 24 team fluctuate yearly.

    #1 – Braves
    #2 – Athletics (great unis; Terry Steinbach)
    #3 – Indians
    #28 – Mets
    #29 – Marlins
    #30 – Yankees

    What’s yours look like?

  10. Selling Infante might not necessarily mean they are sellers. Ruggiano has played well and Bonifacio is a serviceable 2nd baseman. With the acquisition of Carlos Lee, LOMO moves back to left giving them a surplus in the OF even without Stanton. They could essentially move Bonifacio to 2b and play LOMO, Ruggiano, and Kearns in the OF.

  11. If they’re out of it, they ought to be sellers. Thanks to some of the worst contracts in the game, they already have $110 million tied up in 2013 salaries, and that’s without raises due Stanton and Morrison. I know they just (stupidly) traded for Carlos Lee, so it would be a whiplash move, but Omar is their most tradeable player.

  12. 1. Braves 2. Rays 3. Rangers (so many prospects from the Braves system that I was looking forward to seeing play)
    28. Mets 29.Phillies 30. Yankees

  13. The only thing I’d be afraid of with Infante would be that he’d be the solution to replacing Chipper next year. There’s obviously worse solutions out there, but I was hoping for a Prado to 3rd, serious smasher in LF for 2013.

  14. Hate The Mets!
    Hate the Mets!

    No, wait it’s “Meet the Mets!” I’ve been singing that song with the wrong lyrics for years.

    Or not.

    Go Braves!

  15. 1. Braves
    2. Mariners
    3. Brewers

    28. Red Sox
    29. Yankees
    30. Dodgers, always and forever

  16. I don’t think they would stick Infante at third. If you think about his last stint there it will cause you to have PTSD

  17. Do we have room in the budget for Stephen Drew and Grienke/Garza/Dempster type pitcher?

    The Cubs would include Darwin Barney in a Garza/Dempster deal, I’m sure.

  18. KLaw has an updated top 50. Compares the struggles of Julio T. to Shelby Miller. Only Brave to make the top 50.

    19. Julio Teheran, RHP, Atlanta Braves (age 21)
    Current level: Triple-A (Gwinnett)
    Preseason ranking: 18
    He is similar to Miller — a young starter struggling in Triple-A, especially with the long ball. Teheran throws more strikes and has more feel for his changeup, but Miller has a better breaking ball. It’s possible both guys have lower ceilings than I thought they did a year ago.

  19. 1. Braves
    2. Red Sox
    3. Rangers

    28. Phillies
    29. Mets
    31. Cardinals (They rank below any possible expansion teams)

  20. 1. Braves
    2. Angels (enjoy watching Trout and Trumbo)
    3. Rangers (half of their team seem to be Braves)

    28. Phillies
    29. Red Sox
    30. Yankees

  21. Frenchy isnt even hitting lefties this year

    2012 – .235/.286/.365
    Career – .294/.342/.484

  22. Minor League Notes…

    Edward Salcedo might be figuring this thing out…
    Last 10 games: 4 doubles 3HR 5BB 6K 1.172 OPS

    Lucas Sims received his 1st promotion moving up to Danville after putting up a 1.29 ERA, 10K, 1BB, and a .42 WHIP in 7 innings.

    The Panamaniac stole his 32nd base in 42 tries and is pushing his OBP back up to .350. I think he’d be one heck of a 4th OF.

    Pie, after a slow start, is heating up at Gwinnett and probably deserves a September callup. He has an .864 OPS in his last 10.

  23. 1 Braves
    2 Brewers
    27-28 Mets, Phillies
    29-30 Redsox, Yanks

    I admit a very small soft spot for the Phils since the Murph played for them for a spell.

    Oddly, after pulling for them to finally topple the Yanks, the Redsox sometimes prove even more irksome these days.

    If I were ever to pick an AL team of interest, perhaps it would be the Rays or the Jays. It’s easy to like what they’re doing in that division.

  24. 1. Braves
    2. Reds
    3. Rays

    28. Marlins
    29. Mets
    30. Tigers (Not a popular opinion since I live in Michigan)

  25. Monster Dbacks deal!
    Ian Kennedy, Justin Upton, and Stephen Drew
    Julio Teheran, Mike Minor, Edward Salcedo, Cristhian Bethancourt, and Jonny Venters

  26. Peanut thinks the Braves are going to call up Josh Wilson to be Jack Wilson’s backup.

  27. @47

    That means we are going with Jack Wilson and are/were trying to make a trade for a SS

  28. 1) Braves
    2) Detroit (I liked the 1968 team + Thomas Magnum’s cap)

    28) Cardinals (It’s really their fans I hate more than the team)
    29) Mets (I hate the fans and most of the team, though the loss of Reyes improves them slightly)
    30) Yankees (I hate the fans, the team and their radio announcer — plus, they gave us Melky Cabrera)

  29. “Braves are going to call up Josh Wilson to be Jack Wilson’s backup.”

    Maybe they can share one jersey.

  30. 1) Braves
    2) Rays
    3) Nats (Don’t hate me)

    27) Red Sox/Yankees
    29) Phillies
    30) Cardinals

    There are also particular non-Braves players I like and follow because of fantasy: Adrian, Ortiz, KJ, Lawrie, Lowrie, CarGo, Cruz, Swisher, Kennedy, Marcum, Mariano, Perez/Pestano, Rafael Betancourt, Hultzen, Skaggs, Yasmani Grandal…

  31. 1)Braves

    I don’t have any teams I even remotely root for on a regular basis other than that. I mean, for instance, I’ll root for the Pirates if they get into the playoffs and aren’t playing the Braves, but it’s not like I’ll start next season with any affinity for them whatsoever. Same with the Rays in the World Series a few years ago. If I root for other teams, it’s a one-off situation.


    I used to hate the Mets more than any other professional club team, but the rise of the gigantic self-entitled bloviating whirlwind that is the New Orleans Saints has put an end to that, at least for now. The Mets are still firmly No. 2, however.

    I’ve always hated the Marlins more than is probably natural, and though it’s going badly right now, I could see them passing the Phillies on this list before long.

    Right above this would be the Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs and Dodgers, probably in that order going from 27-24.

  32. What in the heck is going on? Boscan was just promoted. Did we just deal Ross somewhere?

  33. I initially thought it’d be better to give Sheets a couple more starts to tune up at AAA, but I’ve been brought around by the thought that Wren needs to see what he has in his current pieces before making any deadline deal. And the best way to see what Sheets has is to run him out there against some Major League hitters.

    Plus, with the large exception of David Wright, the Mets are a pretty meh offensive club. So hopefully Sheets can make something out of this chance.

  34. As most of us old guys know, you had to have a backup team if you followed the Braves in the 80’s. Atlanta would be out of it by April 30 – May 5th. These days I have only enough attention span to follow one team.

  35. Don’t I remember hearing that McCann’s wife is very pregnant? I think there’s a paternity leave list or something, similar to the bereavement list but with (hopefully) less bereavement. Maybe that’s what’s happening.

  36. Well if we don’t recall a shortstop, Boscan takes Simmons spot.

    So if Ross is starting, and something’s wrong with Mac that he can’t even backup, we can go until Sheets start on Sunday before another roster move, assuming your comfortable with Prado as the only guy who can replace Wilson mid-game if he gets hurt.

  37. Well, maybe csg can call up BMac and give him the scoop on latest up-to-date obstetrical advances.

    Here’s hoping young Jason Andrelton McCann is happy, healthy, and comes equipped with the correct number of fingers and toes.

  38. Counterpoint to 70: a six-fingered man might make a sick knuckleballer down the road.

  39. MLB’s paternity leave rule means McCann will be gone “only” 24 to 72 hours.

    Still, no McCann or Simmons against the Mets tonight.

  40. JIM BOWDEN ‏@JimBowdenESPNxm
    Braves still working on a trade to acquire a veteran SS that would be a “stop gap” until Simmons is ready to comeback…hoping next 72 hours

    Good news, but I doubt he’s a reliable source. CAC wants the Braves to target Brendan Ryan.

  41. Ryan would certainly fit the bill defensively, although he’d be redundant once Simmons returns, because the last thing Andrelton needs is a defensive caddy. A more offense-oriented player would be a better bench fit once Simmons returns.

  42. “McCann’s wife’s baby is due.”

    I hope it’s also McCann’s baby. Otherwise, he might be very upset and it could affect his play. :)

  43. @72 – Alfonseca! That guy had longs legs leading to the funniest beer gut.

    A solid member in the long line of portly Braves relievers. Biggest threats to the clubhouse spread include Ray “Burger” King, Bob Wickman, Chad Paronto, Livan.

  44. Loving me some of that .323 slugging!

    Who else is psyched for Wilson and his .217 slugging percentage starting more than one game in a row?

  45. Wilson is on the roster, doesn’t require a 40 man move, doesn’t cost players, and is already a sunk cost.

    I don’t want him more than Herrera, but i don’t want more useless players on the roster either.

  46. When asked about Greinke at the season ticket holder’s meeting he said “he’s not available yet”.

  47. Brewers are only five games under .500, and there’s now an expanded wild card. They’ll wait another ten games.

  48. I can’t get the game on radio or mlb.com. Did something happen to Huddy? Is it raining? What the heck is going on?

  49. Bourn has two runs in one plate appearance according to Yahoo. Really valuable tablesetter for this team.

  50. Here’s the message from MLB:

    “We are currently experiencing issues that will affect all TV broadcasts, both those ongoing and upcoming. The upcoming games may continue to show pregame slate after they have begun. There will also be no commercial break slates for live games. This issue is also affecting most audio feeds. We are working on resolving these issues. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

  51. I’ve got it on mobile, just the game tracker thing.

    Double by Bourn, groundout by Prado, single for Heyward, walks by Chipper and Freeman. Uggla pops up, because he’s terrible.

    Bases loaded, 2 out, 1 in

  52. I have a feeling Jack Wilson will be a whipping boy for the next month or so.

    The Braves didn’t make any moves to replace Simmons. They’re probably holding off for a trade. No way do the Braves allow Wilson’s act to go on for a month.

  53. Programming alert: PeachTree TV has replaced tonight’s Braves game with endless ‘Big Bang Theory’ commercials.

  54. DOB says the power went out. Great. Hopefully it’s back up soon or we’ll have to replace Hudson in the 2nd inning. (And the Mets would get to take out Young who is awful so far)

  55. Anyone hear Chip last inning? Said something like “Jack Wilson to fill in tonight for Andrelton Simmons. By all accounts, he’s an Allstar.”

  56. Chip – “Chris Young has only induced 32 double plays in his career.” Jackass….Prado just hit into one.

  57. Why is it that seemingly every team that wins with good pitching and a below average offense is always labeled by announcers as “scrappy”?

  58. Infield – Chipper, Prado, Uggla, Freeman w/ hinske in LF

    Man, our defense got awful in an hurry

  59. They didn’t want to add Josh Wilson to the 40 man roster, and then waive him after completing a trade.

  60. Nice job Wren with no move for a SS… I know he only had 4 days to decide to bring somebody up, so maybe I am being too critical

  61. Seriously, just do what I do. I’ve been imagining Andrelton’s been playing the whole time. It’s great. He and Ross went back to back in my mind.

  62. Ya’ll are brutal. I’d love to see how you pitch with bone spurs in your ankle.

  63. Are we honestly trying to bunt the pitcher to third in the fourth inning of a 5-4 game?

  64. This has been an incredibly frustrating game. The Mets pitching has been awful but we are not piling on like we should be.

  65. Really worried about Tim. He looks very uncomfortable and the loss of velocity has already been noted. I think we’ve got too many injuries to compete this year.

  66. In case you missed it, Jack Wilson dislocated a joint in his pinky and is “day-to-day.”

  67. I’m not worried about Huddy yet. A bad game after getting several days off is not unusual. As was mentioned several days ago, Hudson is the one player on the team we can least afford to lose.

  68. Watch Francisco swing away now against a guy making his MLB debut with the bases loaded.

  69. If I have a guy who’s never pitched in the bigs, I’m going to want to bring him on with the bases loaded in a one run game.


  70. I hate the Mets, but I love watching Chipper play the Mets. It’s like he takes it up a notch on purpose.

  71. “Now all the Mets fans can go home and put their Yankee stuff on.”

    -Chipper Jones, 1999

  72. So Fredi has so little faith in Diaz that he has Medlen hit for himself then relieves him with O’Flaherty to start the inning.

  73. Chip thinks that Phil Rizzuto story which he has told a thousand times about keeping score is funny.

  74. 249 — The Braves didn’t call up a backup shortstop and Wilson left the game in the 4th with a dislocated pinky.

  75. Chip needs to shut up with all of his “allstar comments.” Its a fan vote. I mean Mark Redman and Jack Wilson have been allstars before.

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