Braves 4, Phillies 3

Atlanta Braves vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Box Score – July 8, 2012 – ESPN.

The baseball gods giveth and they taketh away. This time, the thing they tooketh is arguably the thing we cannot do without: Andrelton Simmons, out for a while with a broken pinkie, which he sustained on an otherwise awesome hustle double on a single that went right to their lollygagging center fielder. He slid headfirst into second base, which was blocked by Dark Lord Chase Utley. First Heyward, now Simmons: the Braves really need to start fining their minor league phenoms $1000 every time they attempt a headfirst slide into second base. We simply can’t afford the body count.

Other than that it was a lot like yesterday. Jair Jurrjens looked rather shaky, giving up three runs including a homer — all of the Phillies’ runs were driven in by Jason Pridie, for some ungodly reason — but JJ finished up strong, and perhaps most promisingly he had four strikeouts against just one walk in seven innings.

Dan Uggla and Brian McCann both homered, which is great. It was McCann’s fourth straight game with a homer, so I think we can declare his slump over. I’m not sure we can say the same for Uggla, but a two-run jack is a two-run jack, and I’m certainly not complaining.

It’s wonderful to sweep the Phightins, especially in their own stupid stadium, and if there weren’t such a pall cast over the game I’d probably indulge in more harmless insults, like I did yesterday, pointing out that the last filly in the Kentucky Derby was Eight Belles, who finished 2nd in 2008 (the year the Phillies won the World Series) and then broke her ankles after the race; or pointing out that the Phillies is easily the least-imaginative nickname in all of sports history, even worse than the Houston Texans, New York Americans, Boston Americans, New Jersey Americans, or the Buffalo Buffeds; or that the Philadelphia Phillies are 10-25 since June 1; or that this is the third time this year that the Phillies have gotten swept at home: May 7-9 vs. the Mets, June 4-7 vs. the Dodgers (4 games), and now July 6-8 vs. the Braves.

But that’s probably why the baseball gods were angered in the first place, so I won’t.

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  1. Got JC’ed.

    The metacarpal bones are about halfway down the hand (if not farther), so I don’t think a simple finger splint is going to be it.

    I know this because I broke one once.

  2. So, use this time to acquire a real utility infielder and have him play SS until Simmons is back.

  3. We’re back in playoff position, at least. ITSET, Braves at Reds, winner at Nationals, Dodgers at Pirates.

  4. Those check swing strikeouts of Howard and Ruiz in the 9th by Kimbrel were awesome.

  5. 1 — As I said it’s going to depend a lot on exactly where any fractures are located and how bad it is of course. Fredi said something like “a fractured knuckle” on the post game radio show.

    Obviously you can’t just splint any pinky fracture and be ok to play, but depending on how bad it is it might be possible.

    Also speaking as someone who has both broken and dislocated a pinky :)

  6. If Prado could play short, I guess we’d have seen him there, but how much worse is he than Pastornicky?

  7. I guess this is just going to be the season where the Braves are confronted with injuries big & small.

    Just gotta buck up, and probably make a move or two. We’re still in better shape (standings-wise) than most.

  8. Fact: we have seen him there. Martin Prado replaced Yunel Escobar at short on April 25, 2008, after Yunel shattered his fingernail on a bunt attempt in the first inning, and he played the rest of the game. Then, he was the starting shortstop on May 4, 2008 and played seven innings before being replaced by Yunel.

    So, yeah, he’s only played 15 innings there in his big league career — and only 8 games in his minor league career, 7 in 2007 and 1 in 2008 — but he actually has played there.

    You wouldn’t put him there for a month, but he could do it for a day.

  9. Get Willingham and play Prado at short for now! Willingham’s offense offsets the lost defense and everyone is happy.

  10. It’s been complete chaos, Mac! AAR powertripping all over the place! J/K he’s done a really good job.

    Good to hear from you

  11. Under no circumstances should we put Prado at shortstop. He won’t be able to do it.

  12. I mean, even if he were remotely capable, why would you want to screw around with someone having a great year by sticking him at the most demanding defensive position without warning in the middle of the season? I’d rather see Wilson or Pastor out there than do that to Prado.

    Oh yeah, welcome back Mac!

  13. Welcome back, Mac. AAR’s going into politics, so we really need your steady hand on the rudder.

    I have as much faith in JJ as in Hanson, but I agree Hudson’s the pitcher we can least afford to lose.

    Hopefully, Andrelton will heal quickly.

  14. Maybe one of Andrelton’s many skills includes a Wolverine like healing ability.

  15. Probably not, but why turn Prado into Pastornicky? Just leave him alone, he’s doing fine. It’s not like they don’t ask a lot of him as is.

  16. When I was a teenager, I foolishly punched a bookcase and fractured my 5th metacarpal. It was immediately evident I had done so, as my hand was sort of collapsed where the knuckle should be. My recovery time was about six weeks wearing a removable cast with a clamp device. The fact that Simmons went out and played the bottom of the inning gives me hope that his injury is perhaps not too bad. Someone over at Capitol Ave pointed out that David Wright fractured his pinkie in April and missed a total of three games.

  17. Someone over at Capitol Ave pointed out that David Wright fractured his pinkie in April and missed a total of three games.

  18. “Gonzalez has come to appreciate the hustle by Simmons, though he’d prefer not to see so many head-first slides. That’s something the Braves will continue to address.”

    Wow, I can’t believe Fredi is agreeing with us.

  19. If he is out for three weeks, it won’t be bad. One of those weeks is the All Star Break.

    I am with Mac, losing Hudson would be the worst. Followed by Borne, Prado, McCann, then Andrelton, Heyward and Freeman.

  20. @32 I would prefer we don’t need to discuss the order of that at all. We honestly can’t afford to lose anyone.

  21. The position players we can most afford to lose are Hinske, Wilson, Franciso, Diaz, Ross and Chipper.

  22. Mac, I loved the WFL. They played their TV game on Thursday nights, when there was absolutely NO GAMES on Thursdays except Thanksgiving. The action point was fantastic (no kicking) tds 7 points, I’d love to see the NFL do this with a 1 pointer from the 3 and a 2 point try from the 10. I hate kickers.

  23. I like that now that Bourn has made the AS team, Chip and Joe have moved on to whining that Prado got snubbed.

  24. I wonder if we’ll ever explore the option of moving Pastornicky to CF.

  25. If everything breaks right, Pastornicky could be a supersub type, like Brent Lillibridge or Joe McEwing, capable of fitting his hand into 6 or 7 gloves even if he can’t hit much.

    Of course, if he spits out the bit like he did the first couple months of this season, then there won’t be much use for that.

  26. I recall watching the WFL as a kid. What I most remember:

    It was the league that effectively ended the Miami Dolphins’ short-lived dynasty. Larry Csonka, Jim Kiick & Paul Warfield bolted, scoring paydays the NFL wasn’t giving out back then.

    It was the first league that I recall that had team nicknames that weren’t plural. (Eg. – Teams called the Shreveport Steamer & the Philadelphia Bell.) I always found that slightly annoying, so I still wince when the Heat & Thunder play. (And don’t get me started on the Utah Jazz.)

    No fair catches. This crazy idea soon had us neighborhood kids playing an adaptation—a front-lawn, Nerf-ball game called “punt returns.” It usually didn’t end so well for the “returner.”

  27. Any NY-area folk interested in seeing Albert Pujols later this week?

    I have 3 Yanks/Angels tickets in Sec. 422 for Friday the 13th, but I’m going to be away.

  28. Andrew McCutchen strikes me as one of the dudes in the black pornos with the eighteen inch willies.

  29. Prospectheads, need your input. Who has the higher ceiling, Danny Hultzen or Tyler Skaggs? Which one would you be more inclined to deal in a trade? Thanks.

  30. @44 – LOL!

    I remember the dicker rod (I think thats what it was called), the device the WFL used in lieu of chains to measure down and distance.

    I am glad to see that both Mac’s are back. A good second half would alleviate some fear I was having that BMac was starting the nose dive decline other Braves have experienced.

    Yeah Mac, Alex has been doing a great job here at Remington’s Journal. :)

  31. If AAR is going to run for office, the opposition will, of course, blame him for Simmons’ injury; after all, it happened on his watch. Also, they will show him knocking McCann just before McCann hits a grand slam, showing what poor judgement he has. AAR, the negative campaigning starts now. :)

    BTW, I don’t care what people say. If I ran an organization, I would ban head first sliding.

  32. AAR
    You are one helluva writer.
    Glad you’re back, Mac, and thank you for leaving this gem in such capable hands.

  33. #54
    Oh, poor Tex…

    Padilla even looks the part as a heavy. Maybe I watched too many Westerns as a kid, but I always thought he came right out of central casting (as the brooding bandito). Sam Peckinpah would’ve loved this guy.

  34. @56-

    Not from the Braves. It’s speculation by BP based on the injury (broken pinky finger) and typical recovery times for it. Obviously the specifics of it may have an effect one way or the other, but I think that’s a pretty good ballpark for what to expect.

  35. @59 It takes a while for swelling to go down and get good images of injury. Doctor knows better that BP writer.

  36. At least losing him this week doesnt hurt that much. Like someone else said, wright played with a broken finger. I dont remember if it was his throwing hand or not. Weve lost prado, heyward, and now simmons over the past few years due to head first slides. Prado multiple times. Not sure why these guys think they get their faster sliding head first.

  37. I mean, if you slide feet first, you can sprain your ankle, especially when someone is blocking the bag with their foot. It was an awkward position, and Utley wasn’t doing him any favors. I frankly would’ve prefered he went in spikes first to Utley’s leg, but as a rookie, that’s probably frowned upon.

  38. Hey everyone-

    I just chatted again with Mac this morning and he has perked up in a really big way with everyone’s continuing generosity with the donations – thank you guys. It says something about our Braves community a lot. I am sorry I am on here as much as I used to be, but happy to report back how happy you guys are making Mac. This is quite impressive!


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