Braves 10, Yankees 5

Atlanta Braves vs. New York Yankees – Box Score – June 20, 2012 – ESPN.

Hard to see where that came from. This is just a streaky team is all.

Dan Uggla singled home Michael Bourn with two out in the first, then came home on a Freddie Freeman homer. There would be more to come. The Yankees got a solo homer from Derek Jeter to cut it to 3-1 in the bottom of the inning, then Martin Prado hit a solo homer in the third to make it 4-1. More solo homers followed, Jason Heyward in the fourth, David Ross in the fifth, Endy Chavez for the Yankees in the bottom of the inning to make it 6-2.

In the sixth, the Yankees cut it to 6-4 with back-to-back solo homers, and Jonny Venters replaced Tommy Hanson. After a walk, he got a GIDP to end the threat. The Yankees got a run off of Chad Durbin in the seventh to make it 6-5, and you’re getting really worried.

But Freeman drove in a run with a groundout in the eighth, and Heyward’s second homer, with a man aboard, made it 9-5. Prado singled in a run in the ninth for the final score. Nine homers is a record for pseudo-Yankee Stadium.

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  1. With Beachy going under the knife, I hope the Braves don’t make a panic move for a frontline starter as our Minor Leagues would be extremely thin after such a move. Plug Medlen into Beachy’s spot and shuffle Minor, Teheran, Jurrjens, or Redmond around in the 5th spot and see who finds it.

    I’d rather the Braves make a move for a RH bench bat and a middle relief option rather than sacrificing someone like Teheran or Minor for a starter.

  2. Oh, and how long will it be before the Braves sign Brooks to a Minor League deal? 2 days?

  3. Why is it seemingly always players like Beachy that need Tommy John surgery, and never someone like, say, Proctor?

  4. Well, there’s always Buddy Carlyle. He did strike out the side on nine pitches once.

  5. Just a quick correction – the home run by E. Chavez was actually Eric, not Endy.

    In related news, apparently Eric Chavez is still in the major leagues. Who knew? I sure didn’t, at least not before we started playing the Yankees.

  6. @3, A frontline starter who’s set to become a free agent at season’s end could be cheaper than you’d think. Think the Tex/Kotchman deal. (OK, don’t think about that deal for too long…)

    I know this sounds like a no-brainer kind of statement, but let’s just get the guy that would add the most wins at a position of need for the lowest cost. If that’s a pitcher, fine, and if not, also fine.

  7. Scott Proctor had Tommy John surgery in 2009.

    Yeah thanks, but I meant while with this team. When was the last time a bad pitcher on the Atlanta Braves needed Tommy John during the season, and that mercifully knocked said play off the roster?

  8. Favorite random stat of the day: coming in to today, Simmons had compiled a UZR of 4.9 and DRS of 8 (!) in a mere 16 games. I know the defensive stats don’t mean anything in that sample, but that’s pretty hilariously awesome regardless.

  9. Ooh, it was hot today, humid with little breeze. But the balls were flying. Even the outs offered some danger.

    Hardest-hit balls: Heyward’s first HR off the potato-chip sign, a laser. Cano, a tee-shot. Prado, a bomb. Those would’ve been HRs in the Grand Canyon.

    Fly-ball HRs That Carried a Mile: Ross & Chavez. Both got up in the air & just flew.

    Typical HR: Jeter. He has 247 career HRs & about 200 of them were exactly like this one, a pitch up & away that he stroked on a line over the RF fence.

    Cheapest HRs: A-Rod & Heyward’s 2nd. Didn’t think either was going out when they were hit. In fact, A-Rod looked disappointed after he hit the ball.

    But, hey, it’s always nice to leave The Bronx with a Braves series win in your pocket. Life feels a whole lot better than it did 2 nights ago.

  10. it is amazing/embarrassing how much better i feel about this team than i did 24 hours ago.
    i freaking love Jason Heyward.

  11. Probably still hurting.

    Doucheira didn’t start today—Chavez played 1B—but he pinch-hit a double off EOF later in the game.

  12. Jason is having a great June. Hope he is finally turning the corner. We really need him to be what we think he can be.

    Hope is very dangerous…especially with Fredi’s team. This team is killing me.

    If Jason and JJ return to their old forms….I hate hope.

  13. Guys and gals, Id like to introduce our newest member. The wife and I had our second child today. 7lbs 7oz and appears to be completely healthy. Its been an awesome day.

  14. WAR update:

    Bourn, Prado, and Heyward each rank as the best fielder at their position with Heyward and Bourn leading by a landslide in all advanced fielding stats.

  15. What in the heck are the Rockies doing? A 4-man rotation with a 75 pitch limit? Madness, and sounds like a recipe to create some pretty pissed starting pitchers. Has this been going on a while?

  16. After 17 games, Andrelton Simmons is 9th among NL SS in WAR and 2nd in +/- only trailing Castro. I think it’s fair to say that we have the best defensive SS in the NL, maybe the bigs. I can’t believe we’ll get to see this guy play SS for at least 5 more years!

  17. congrats, csg!


    They’re always going to have to experiment in Colorado. They’ve also used 13-man pitching staffs from time to time. Gotta try anything there, I suppose.

  18. csg, I can’t even blame the lack of an edit function. Maybe you could name the boy Carey Grant G to get me off the hook.

  19. The Red Sox won’t be taking pre-game batting practice on Friday.

    They don’t want to hold two batting practice sessions in one day.

  20. Yeah. And besides, they might get real tired running the bases early in the game, and that might hurt em in defense later!

  21. @52, Yeah, I guess you can contract horrific plate discipline like you can mono. Adrian went from May 15 to June 11 without walking once. Adrian Gonzalez. That is insane.

  22. Congrats csg!

    What a season thus far. Hot, cold, hot, cold. If we are lucky we’ll be hot when the timing is right and St. Louis our way into a World Series. Of course I would prefer some sutained goodness but I don’t see that with this team.

  23. Well, this is interesting. From Peanut: “To fit Dempster or another of these pitchers within the constraints of this year’s payroll, the Braves will need to be creative. With Chipper Jones and now Indians pitcher Derek Lowe both coming off of their payroll next year, the Braves will have some money to play with on the free-agent market this winter.

    “But still uncomfortable by [sic] the results of the 2009 offseason, when they acquired Lowe and Kenshin Kawakami on the free-agent market, the Braves might use some of the money budgeted for the future to address their needs on this year’s trade market.”

    Payroll constraints? What payroll constraints?

  24. I think it was quite considerate of young Jason Andrelton Nitram to plan his debut on an off day.

  25. Congrats csg. I hear the Braves may start drafting 2-day olds because of signability considerations.

  26. Thanks for the kind words everyone.

    This team is fun to watch when Heyward is swinging the bat well. I dont think anyone can argue with Law either.

  27. The play Simmons made the other day was one of the best I’ve ever seen. Now, watch him become a clubhouse distraction and get traded to Toronto in exchange for Yunel Escobar.

  28. Congrats on the new baby csg! I’d aim for a point guard or drummer, but that’s just me :-)

  29. This is pretty random. Chad Billingsley was a part of two no-hitters in two weeks in two different minor leagues in 2005. Now you know.

  30. congrats, csg.

    hopefully the Heat aren’t ruining your happiness like they are mine.

  31. Congrats, may he be all he can be, CSG!
    Did I read the Law comments correctly? When asked about Heyward becoming an Allstar he said yes, concerning being impressed with Simmons, he said “not at all”. Later he agrees, “based on tools”, the best SS is Simmons. I understand the nuance but how is the “best tools” comment commensurate with “not at all”?

  32. I saw that as well. The best I could come up with was that he misread “impressed” as “surprised.”

  33. I think it was quite considerate of young Jason Andrelton Nitram to plan his debut on an off day.

    The first name is not Chip?

  34. I remained convinced that our failures are inextricably linked to cutting ties with Chino Cadahia.

  35. I know I’m late to the party, but congratulations, csg. May Little Bobby be brought up right. (Greg? Tom? Johnny? Craig? lots of good names here.)

  36. Jeff Kent is scheduled to be on the next version of “Survivor”.
    Thought this odd, until I read he’d been on the 2009 “Superstars” show as well.
    Can’t speculate on his chances on the island. Many say he was a douche, which might help there, but he also won a leadership award.

  37. Congrats on young Odibe, csg!

    Anyone know how Buddy Carlisle’s doing? Always thought he was a tad under-appreciated. (Although the beating he took against Boston-in-their-prime kinda explains it. Still … )

  38. Buddy Carlisle was probably the best of the journeymen pitchers the Braves used back then. He would have been a serviceable fifth starter on a lot of better rotations, I think. But when he is a prime starter on the team, you are going into a gun fight with a pocket knife.

  39. Campillo was the man. I’ll never forgive Buddy for giving up 7 runs to Boston before I even got to my seat in June of 2007. As I recall, that was the first game I’d been to since 2002, and my attempt at rekindling Braves fandom was nearly snuffed out by Mr. Carlyle before it could get started.

  40. Two games in one week! Heading up to Fenway tomorrow. I have a chance to see a Braves win, since I’m avoiding Monday, which I failed to do this week.

  41. I don’t see that comparison, at all. Kawakami wasn’t really a junkballer, was he?

    Campillo was a lot like Livan Hernandez, I thought.

  42. Campillo was equal in mass to Livan’s left breast and appeared to occasionally give a shit. Pitching styles were similar though, which is what you meant I guess. Especially the slow, loopy curveball which is the main thing I remember about him.

  43. I’m looking at Kawakami’s stats and it looks like his fastball was a bit faster than I’d remembered — average velo of around 89-90. But I remembered him throwing a bunch of stuff that moved, just not a lot of power stuff that got swings and misses. He also threw a slider, cutter, slow curve (around 70 mph), changeup, and maybe more.

    But yeah, Livan’s definitely a classic junkballer.

  44. #82
    I’m envious, Jonathan.

    You get the Braves in Fenway; tomorrow, I’m getting the Rays in Citizens Bank—not quite the same.

    Onto the Turnpike—Molly Pitcher rest stop & Bob’s Big Boy, here I come!

  45. I am not nostalgic for Buddy Carlyle. I am nostalgic for Beachy and old Tommy. I’m really nostalgic for the days when we could swing a deal mid-season for the likes of McGriff.

    But I get that Carlyle might actually be more helpful to this team than Jurrjens at this point.

  46. From the betting markets, the Red Sox team total over/under tonight is 5.5. Seems about 5 runs short.

  47. Didn’t Bill Hohn go full douche the last time the Braves were in Boston? Bobby, O’Flaherty, and Chipper all got tossed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Chipper explode like he did.

  48. It really would be nice to have just a “decent” outing from Jurrjens. Ill take an over-rated quality start.

    6IP 3ER 2BB 4K

  49. @100

    Then I hope he sits all weekend. There is a Caminitian stench wafting from Youkilis’ general direction.

  50. He’d still be a very, very useful bat against LHP and spell chipper at third and the suddenly fragile freeman at first. I bet he’d average 2-3 starts a week and PH and get some innings almost every other game. I just don’t think he’d be happy about that kind of usage. But the money’s not too harsh for half a year, and there’s a 1M buyout for next. I’d certainly consider it were I Wren.

  51. If the Braves are in in Youkilis, that tells me he’s cheap. And if he’s cheap, I’ll take him. He keeps Prado in left, which keeps Georgie in Gwinnett, and he keeps Hinske on the bench where he can’t hurt anything.

  52. Youk could play 1b or 3b and maybe left. Im fine with him getting Fransisco or Hinske’s starts.

  53. @118, the radar gun isn’t working, but he’s been hitting his spots, for the most part.

  54. Fine. JJ’s hitting all of his spots and mixing his pitches very well tonight. Velocity seems to be ok. He might enjoy having Simmons play behind him every 5 days also.

    Just didnt want to jinx him before this one was over.

  55. Why is Jones playing if he’s this rusty? And to think people were complaining that he got sent down to the minors for rehab.

  56. Kevin Youkilis talks about reporters and the media….Id love to see his interaction with DOB.

  57. Don’t blame me. You could have waited for the HOF induction ceremony… although I think “hits his spots” wouldn’t be all that surprising.

    By the way, the jinx factor only lasts an inning… you’re off the hook, even though “hitting his spots” turned out to be that spot on Middlebrooks’ hip.

  58. Get him out of there. He’s pitched too well tonight to be victimized by a late hook.

  59. It was so great seeing JJ pitch like JJ again. He may be just what we need if he can keep it up.

  60. Good game, Jair. Welcome back.

    Even was less of a smoke and mirrors performance than what he did at times pre-allstar game last season. He kept the ball down and spotted his pitches well.

  61. Can only imagine the kind of comments being made on Red Sox fan blogs tonight, what with the Red Sox right around last place in the AL East and pretty much shut down by a pitcher with a 9.37 season ERA.

  62. Given the expectation level, it’s hard to imagine being happier with a start than I am tonight. Well done, JJ.

  63. I still feel that it’s appropriate. His batting average against on balls in play during this stretch is predictably absurd.

  64. Why are the Braves so much better on the road? Maybe they should all move into hotels in Atlanta or something.

  65. Decent news from the farm. Lynchburg’s Aaron Northcraft threw a no-hitter in the second game of a double header (also against the Red Sox). It was shortened to seven innings because of the twin-bill, but great effort from them. They took the first game on a walk-off squeeze bunt in the 11th inning.

  66. On MLB Network, I just heard Harold Reynolds say that “Derek Lowe just knows how to win.” I think homicide would be ruled justifiable.

  67. I don’t want to get too excited but what a game from JJ today. And so unexpected… JJ quote from DOB about the beginning of the season:

    “It was more strengthening stuff. I was not able to stay back and push off like I wanted to, which made the pitches stay up and the velocity was down.”

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