Braves 4, Yankees 3

Atlanta Braves vs. New York Yankees – Box Score – June 19, 2012 – ESPN.

Hey, the Braves beat the Yankees. At Yankee Stadium, no less. Weird things happen.

Tim Hudson had a weird night, as happens against the Yankees. He only went five innings, largely because he’d already thrown 109 pitches. He gave up just four walks and struck out five, but walked five, highly unusual for him. Three of the Yankees’ hits came with no out in the second inning, with a Nick Swisher double scoring two, but Hudson was able to contain the damage.

Jason Heyward tripled leading off the third, and scored on an Andrelton Simmons groundout. In the fourth, Chipper Jones hit a two-out double, scoring Martin Prado, to tie it, and Freddie Freeman came in to score on a Simmons single. Unfortunately, Heyward was thrown out at third base before Chipper touched home, costing the Braves a run. And in the bottom of the inning Chipper made an error allowing the tying run to score, 3-3.

Heyward made up for it in the sixth when with Brian McCann at third and two out he reached on an infield single to make it 4-3, and things were turned over to the bullpen, which did a great job this time. Chad Durbin got them 1-2-3 in the sixth. Jonny Venters allowed a single and a walk to start the seventh, but then got two groundouts and a strikeout. Eric O’Flaherty hit Andruw Jones with one out in the eighth (stop hitting Andruw, you guys!) but got a GIDP to end it, and Craig Kimbrel contributed his usual two strikeouts and a foul popup.

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  1. I’d like to point out to all of the people screaming about Venters usage in the A-Rod grand slam game that this was a pretty similar situation last night, Venters comes in and lets the first two hitters reach. My point is, more often than not Venters has gotten out of those kinds of jams in the past and he did again last night. I still think Fredi was right to leave him in for A-Rod the other night, it’s easy to look at the result and criticize the move and many did, but notice no one mentions anything when the move (or non-move) works out.

    Point is, you are going to have to rely on Venters to get big outs for this team to be successful, so unless he’s hurt, you just have to stick with him.

  2. I didn’t see last night’s game, but it was *just* that Venters let to guys reach before the A-rod slam, it was *how* he did it. It was clear at the time that he had *nothing*.

  3. man, i’d love to take this series. hopefully the good Tommy Hanson makes an appearance.

  4. They’re not really throwing at Andruw but the ball keeps bouncing off his unreached potential.

  5. #Braves lineup: Bourn cf, Prado lf, McCann dh, Uggla 2b, Freeman 1b, Heyward rf, Simmons ss, Francisco 3b, Ross, c (Hanson p)”

  6. Guess it was too much to expect Chipper to play two days in a row. what the heck, Juan Franciso brings so much more to the lineup.

  7. Right now, sadly, neither of them is bringing anything much to the table. And there’s nothing behind them on the bench or the high minors.

  8. Tommy Hanson is perfectly capable of losing this game on his own, thank you very much.

  9. Tommy has a clean inning: silence.

    Tommy allows baserunners or, god forbid, a run: It’s the Trail of Tears on Braves Journal.

  10. To quote Paul Scofield from “A Man for All Seasons”:

    Not so. Not so, Master Secretary. The maxim is “Qui tacet consentire”: the maxim of the law is “Silence gives consent”. If therefore you wish to construe what my silence betokened, you must construe that I consented, not that I denied.

  11. You take care of JJ and the Braves Friday, Bethany. We might be able to re-sign Livan to pitch on Sunday.

  12. The douchebag quotient is astronomically high in the first row of the Yankee Stadium right-field stands.

  13. @47: I hope we’ve got someone throwing in the pen and that Fredi’s ready with the hook.

  14. At least Tonmy’s “episode” was limited to the breaking ball and really just for 2 hitters. I guess I have to “tip my cap” to Fredi on this one

  15. Even in his dominant phase, Venters had issues pitching for a third day in succession.

  16. Note to the Braves offense: These Yankees don’t quit just because you have a 5, no a 4, I mean a 2-run lead.

  17. Braves’ pitchers have really walked the tightrope today – despite giving up 5 walks and 8 hits (including 4 HRs), they’ve only allowed 5 runs. Nice to see the other team struggling with RISP, for once!

  18. 95- I was going to say, “But at least he didn’t score. That would have been productive and so, so weird.”

    And then he did. We are through the looking glass, people.

  19. List of Braves player that have an OPS over .800:
    Bourn, Prado, Heyward, Uggla, Simmons

  20. Considering an 800 OPS is about a 115OPS+ for a Brave, and all 5 of those guys are starters, that’s pretty darn good. Toss in a catcher around 100, and a 3B at 111, and you’ve got a first rate offense.

  21. Beachy to have Tommy John surgery tomorrow they said on the radio.

    Hopefully he comes back as good as he’s been this season.


    Here’s something funny from the owner of the Red Sox from the Boston Globe archives, from this day in 1967:

    “… when asked if his club would still be playing in Fenway Park five years from now he answered:


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