The Cardinals manager is the same age as I am game thread: May 11, Braves at Cards

Actually, he’s a few months older, but we’re both 41. Bring back Herzog.

254 thoughts on “The Cardinals manager is the same age as I am game thread: May 11, Braves at Cards”

  1. And I’ve only five years younger, and that’s just wrong. Managers should be, well, as old as Bobby Cox was when I first started rooting for the Braves. A hundred thousand or so.

  2. And I’ve only five years younger, and that’s just wrong. Managers should be, well, as old as Bobby Cox was when I first started rooting for the Braves. A hundred thousand or so.

  3. PTV is back on Dish and it’s a total glitchfest for me so far. I’ll take the run though.

  4. Been a while since I’ve seen two runs on passed balls in one inning- the 2000 NLCS game by Ankiel, maybe?

  5. What is wrong with Peachtree TV? I have pay cable, and it’s worse than having DirecTV during a downpour!

  6. Would have been nice to get just one hit with the bases loaded, but I’ll take the two passed balls.

  7. This umpire is kind of horrible, but it’s worked to Minor’s advantage, so far, so I’m not too upset…

  8. Good grief. Now that it’s only two of the eight that were in Coors, maybe it’s time to worry.

  9. So much for Minor throwing the ball well…unless we are talking about batting practice that is

  10. He spells it weirdly. “Mikie.”

    Although I don’t think he actually wants to be anything other than “Mike,” now. I’ve been trying to adjust.

  11. Miner, we’re not going to spell your name correctly until you stop sucking.

  12. 54—I dunno if it’s a problem with “fooling.” He just seems to be leaving everything up.

  13. I know there are no easy outs in this line-up, but why the heck were they even pitching to Beltran with a base empty?

  14. It’s all good, everyone. Durbin is in. Because, you know, the three long relievers in the bullpen are apparently dead.

  15. 75—Believe it or not, Carlos Beltran calls for slightly different strategic treatment than John McDonald.

  16. Obviously we need Medlen to pitch from the bullpen in these games, where the less qualified starters have given up 4 run leads. We couldn’t do that if he started!

  17. And for some reason, Fredi does not use Diaz against LHP even when he has a 1.158 OPS against them.

  18. Nearly every pitcher could have a bad stretch over three starts and probably will. It’s especially unsurprising that Minor got hit hard by the Rockies and Cardinals.

    So far, he’s not stranding many runners and has had bad luck on balls in play — but on the skills side, clearly he needs to work on limiting homers.

  19. 85—Twice. But it looked like he was running weirdly before either collision, I thought.

  20. Dan is dangerous when he swings at strikes. He is dangerous to the Braves when he up there fishing.

    Minor’s stuff is fine, but he cannot locate right now. He is also having a bit of tough luck schedule wise. It ain’t easy to follow up a start at Coors with a start at Busch.

    I just hope some of the misfortune doesn’t make him gun shy.

  21. I’ve been watching a couple innings, and honestly have no idea where the strike zone is. It’s possible that the camera angle in this stadium is funny, but it’s also possible that the home plate umpire is bad at his job.

  22. Hard to swing at a pitch that would be called a ball by any respectable umpire.

  23. Good thing we didn’t use Diaz against the lefty, earlier, so that we now have him against the righty.

  24. Fredi really knows his stuff. Diaz hits against a RH that he’s 0 for 6 against and Francisco hits against a LH.

  25. I was wondering earlier why Medlen and Martinez went only an inning each, now I know it’s because… actually, I still don’t really know why.

  26. Of course Livan can’t lose this one quickly. No, he must prolong the agony. Why the… did we sign this waste of protoplasm?

  27. I’m just glad the Braves didn’t go after Beltran. In hindsight, that was just a great move .

  28. No, you’d never want your best reliever pitching to their best hitter in a tie game.

  29. Is there anything more annoying than Joe Simpson laughing at something that’s not remotely funny?

  30. @165- Maybe Chip saying stuff like “And how fitting that on the night the Cardinals retire number 10 we head to the 10th inning”?

  31. 166- Chip Caray responding to Fredi doing anything. And here I’d been feeling more charitable toward Fredi in the last few days.

  32. Prediction: Furcal will be on third shortly, after he steals second and McCann throws it into center.

  33. Whereas the 1-1 pitch to Craig was, unlike the last three balls to Beltran, a foot from the zone.

  34. Yep. Strike 2 to Craig was much more off the plate than several of the balls to Beltran.

  35. And Craig swings at a pitch that was a strike to him and a ball to Beltran and pops it up to prolong our agony.

    And Muchlinski is nearing the coveted “Jerry Meals” level of incompetence.

  36. It’s so obvious, y’all. It’s the repentant ghost of Eric Gregg. Let’s not be surprised at anything.

  37. Craig Kimbrel’s the only relief pitcher still available. Y’see, a clever manager always saves his best pitcher for the 12th inning or later.

  38. “And he shall be Levon, and he shall be a good man”! Ok I know the spelling is wrong but maybe Elton John knew something!

  39. Took this much effort to overcome Beltran…my goodness…I hate him more than I hate Livan now.

  40. Sweet! Kimbrel gets a little retribution eight months later. I’ll certainly take it!

  41. I bet Livan’s reading the above comments about him with a Livan-sized smirk on his face. He laughs in our foolish faces.

  42. If you wanna see something discouraging, go look at MLBTR’s 2013 free agent SS. There is absolutely no one to pick up at the deadline.

  43. I actually agree with Stu: God help me, I’m actually developing a small affinity for Livan. I’m pretty sure I’d rather have him pitching in those situations than some AAA guy. Dare I say that might have been a good pickup?

  44. So the AJC is now linking directly to Bleccchh-er Report from its homepage. Today’s article — Jurrjens must be traded immediately. Or, as he writes at the very end after eulogizing JJ’s Braves tenure, put back in the rotation.

  45. Saw that. A whole lot of unsupported innuendo, retarded speculation and an almost sociopathic lack of empathy – then I looked at the author’s bio.

    “My name is Kevin and I am born and raised in New Jersey. I have loved sports ever since I was a kid and have not stopped watching since. I am a 21-year-old college student majoring in journalism.”

    friends don’t let friends read bleacherreport

  46. So has Minor gone from one of our top 2 to the last in the rotation? 7HR’s in his last 16 innings. Most of those arent cheap ones either. I like Minor and think he’ll get it figured out, but another rough start and he may find his way back in Gwinnett with JJ. Livan and Medlen would certainly be an upgrade.

  47. Josh Hamilton, last 5 games – 10 for 21 8HR 14RBI

    This guy is going to make a fortune this offseason. For the season – 17HR 40RBI .407/.463/.873

  48. The braves are starting to play Gattis in left field. I assume he will be our starting leftfielder next season with Prado being back at third.

  49. It’ll take a full season of performance from Gattis for that to happen – with the glove as well as the bat. Maybe they can trade for Pence if the Phillies become sellers after all.

  50. Getting Pence would be awesome. I think if Minor has two more starts, and if he struggles, then I’ll be really worried.

  51. Where would Pence play for us? He’s not replacing Heyward or Prado. Only way that happens is if Chipper is lost for the season. Only upgrade I could see would be at SS.

  52. We are officially in Hell when an established newspaper is citing Bleacher Report as a credible source. I’m pretty sure Emma writes for them.

    Idiot Wren – Beltran went for $12 million for two years and he couldn’t get it done.

    How good would Beltran look in LF so we could stop trying to convince ourselves that Prado is an All-Star instead of the serviceable utility guy that he is.

    Lucky Wren – Livan being Good Livan (at least for now).

    Smart Wren – bringing Livan on to induce heart failure in Fat Fredi as a way out of the Idiot Wren move of hiring him.

  53. @225, For the kid’s own good, the Nationals need to do something to take the pressure off him. They’ve all but said they need him in order to keep contending, but it’s up in the air as to whether he’s capable of helping the team at this point.

    Full disclosure: I’m rooting for him. The random softball league he played in in DC is my league too, and I know the people who got him to take some swings that day. This is basically something I heard from someone who knows someone who knows him, which means you might as well add “purple monkey dishwasher” at the end of it, but: He’s definitely very aware of both the positive and negative public perception of him. And while he’s consciously trying to carry himself professionally, he also feels a ton of pressure to succeed for the team right away.

    Perhaps it’s better sooner than later that he confronts failure for the first time. For him and for the Braves.

  54. @232

    This is what the internet has wrought — too many good writers sitting at home not writing about baseball, and too many bad writers sitting at home writing about baseball. All present and august company excluded.

  55. Prado and Heyward are both better than Pence. This isn’t 2011. You might as well continue salivating over Colby Rasmus.

  56. Jurrjens had bad peripherals when he was going well in MLB too. At this point, I’m perfectly fine letting the powers that be decide who from the Minor/Teheran/Jurrjens pick’ em lottery they want as their #5. Brandon Beachy has made that a much less painful decision.

  57. Prado – .280/.363/.424 (116 OPS+)
    Pence – .256/.297/.481 (108 OPS+)

    Not sure why we want to trade 65 points of OBP for 60 points of SLG. Adam is right. This is not 2011.

  58. Even if Pence is on the block, would the Phillies trade a guy who is team-controlled through 2013 within the division?

  59. @232, Beltran is getting paid $13 mil a year for two years. We could’ve dumped Prado and Jurrjens and still not have been able to afford Beltran. Where was the money supposed to come from, Wren’s own pockets?

    For what we pay Prado, I’m quite happy with what he’s done. He’s not an all-star, but he’s no utility guy either. He belongs.

    Again, this isn’t 2011. We seem like we need a little pitching help right now.

  60. @238, And would we want to pay the price? Teheran in a Phillies uniform, sign me up!

  61. Even if Pence is on the block, why would the Braves want to give the Phillies something useful? Especially when the Braves dont even have a spot to play him.

  62. Positions the Braves could conceivably upgrade in 2012 and improve this team:

    SS, middle relief, #5 starter

    Hunter Pence doesn’t make this a better team in 2012. (And no one’s picking up that Jimmy Rollins contract, especially not the Liberty Braves.)

    Positions the braves could conceivably upgrade in 2013 and beyond:

    SS, LF, CF

    I have more faith in Gattis than many – he looks like a real deal, top shelf prospect with a distorted timeline to me – so shifting Prado to 3B (or eventually Terdoslavich or Salcedo) and slotting him in LF makes sense to me. That leaves finding a replacement for Michael Bourne the primary question for next winter, so far.

  63. I think we either resign McCann or Bourne, but not both. I’d put 5-1 odds on McCann being extended and the team taking another spin around the wheel of marginal center-fielders.

  64. Braves game is the free one on tonight.
    Also, with Trout in the Majors, the Braves should go for Bourjos, both as a 4th Outfielder this season and future CF from 2013 going forward. Angels need relief help which the Braves can provide.

  65. I have a feeling the Angels aren’t going to be any of their young guys this year.

  66. @247, That’s not a bad idea.

    If I knew how to do an AAR-style spreadsheet on here, I’d make one for Braves 2013 salaries.

    I’m confused as to why we can’t afford, well, lots of things. I’m probably missing something.

    I advise that you try to trade for Minor today in fantasy leagues. Also, the more I go back and read Wren’s comments on Oswalt, the more intrigued I am.

  67. I welcome corrections, as I’m doing a lot of guessing. It is beyond unnerving to not see Chipper in here:
    McCann 12000
    Freeman ~700
    Uggla 13000
    Pastornicky (assuming he sticks) ~495
    Prado ~6850
    Francisco ~495
    Constanza ~485
    Heyward ~700
    Hudson 9000 (with a 1000 buyout)
    Beachy ~565
    Hanson ~3750
    Minor ~495
    Delgado ~495
    Teheran ~485
    Kimbrel ~700
    Venters ~700
    O’Flaherty ~3300
    Medlen ~565
    Vizcaino ~483
    Martinez ~533
    Varvaro ~485

    I left off Jurrjens because let’s be serious. I also left out Ross, Hinske, Diaz although they are probably strong candidates to be resigned.

    But still, that’s only 56 mil.

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