Braves 9, Cards 7 (12 innings)

Atlanta Braves vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Play By Play – May 11, 2012 – ESPN.

We’ve seen this before, haven’t we? Up and down games, lots of pitchers used, won with home run heroics well into extra play. Fortunately, it’s mostly been the Braves coming out of top, as it was last night.

The Braves set up Mike Minor with a bunch of runs last night, and it was 5-1 after three innings. In the first, Michael Bourn led off with a single, then Martin Prado hit a ground-rule double and Freddie Freeman walked to load the bases. They couldn’t get a hit but it didn’t matter so much as first Bourn and then Prado scored on passed balls. Chipper Jones actually walked to make it first-and-third, but there were no more passed balls to be found.

The Cardinals got a run back with a solo homer in the secon, then the Braves offense went back to work. Two more ground rule doubles, both with one out, one by Dan Uggla and one by Brian McCann, added one run. Chipper singled in McCann and then advanced on an error. With two out, Pastornicky hit — yes — a ground-rule double to make is 5-1.

Minor was cruising, until the fourth, when he allowed back-to-back solo homers, the first by Carlos Beltran, who was just getting started… I am basically Captain Hook, as I’ve mentioned. If you leave a starter in to get a win, he will usually blow the lead. As in this case. With two out in the fifth, Minor lost it. He gave up two singles (the first to Rafael Furcal), then a double to John Jay and finally a triple to Beltran to give the Cards a 6-5 lead. He finally went to the pen, in the person of Chad Durbin.

Cristhian Martinez took over from Durbin in the sixth and in the seventh Uggla hit a homer to tie it at six. Medlen pitched the seventh. In the eighth, the Braves loaded the bases in various ways but couldn’t get the scoring hit. (Eric Hinske, after striking out pinch-hitting argued with the umpire and was ejected, though he was leaving the game anyway.) Eventually, Heyward scored on a Freddie Freeman infield single.

The lead didn’t last long. With one out in the eighth, Beltran homered again, this time against Jonny Venters, to make it 7-7. It would stay that was for some time. Livan Hernandez came in to pitch starting the tenth, and was in trouble during both it and the eleventh. He got a double play to get out of bases-loaded in the tenth, and a popup with a two-out bases-loaded jam in the eleventh.

Chipper walked leading off the twelfth, and Jason Heyward followed with a home run. Craig Kimbrel allowed a leadoff single but followed by two strikeouts and a groundout for the save.

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  1. JC’ed…I welcome corrections, as this is basically just guessing. It is beyond unnerving to not see Chipper in here:

    McCann 12000
    Freeman ~700
    Uggla 13000
    Pastornicky (assuming he sticks) ~495
    Prado ~6850
    Francisco ~495
    Constanza ~485
    Heyward ~700
    Hudson 9000 (with a 1000 buyout)
    Beachy ~565
    Hanson ~3750
    Minor ~495
    Delgado ~495
    Teheran ~485
    Kimbrel ~700
    Venters ~700
    O’Flaherty ~3300
    Medlen ~565
    Vizcaino ~483
    Martinez ~533
    Varvaro ~485

    I left off Jurrjens because let’s be serious. Also left out are Ross, Hinske, and Diaz although they are probably strong candidates to be resigned.

    But still, that’s only 56 mil.

  2. I think they could afford Bourn for one or two years, but it’s the later years of his would-be contract (when Heyward and Freeman, among others, will be starting to get expensive) that make his staying in Atlanta so unlikely, IMO.

  3. One of the reasons I love this place and keep coming back (seriously) is because it’s May 12, we’re .5 games out of the division and playing well, and we’re already into rosterbation for next year.

  4. Carlos “Braveskiller” Beltran career vs ATL: 304/395/562 in 425 PAs w/ 19 HRs.

    That’s not including his 2004 NLDS performance.

    At Turner Field, he’s 325/423/608 in 229 PAs w/ 12 HRs.

    Off to The Bronx to see Yanks/Mariners. Looking at the Mariners (mostly no-name) lineup, I realize their SS & RF have the same name as Japanese motorcycles.

    FWIW, this could be Phil Hughes’ last stand. If he can’t get this lineup out…

  5. In Dallas (Arlington) today, taking in my first Rangers game. It’s throwback day, so their opponent was referred to as the California Angels, which was both weird and cool.

    I really like their stadium, especially all the design pieces they incorporated from old ballparks. CJ Wilson started for the Angels, and they really hate him here. Pujols was also booed at every chance, but not nearly as much as Wilson. They really don’t like him here.

    Also, Josh Hamilton is a beast.

  6. I think Huddy will bounce back fine; his last start against the Cubs was excellent. Delgado you can live with somewhat below average performance, and he hasn’t been awful. Minor is a real trouble spot, though. One of either him or Jurrjens needs to get it back on track.

  7. Yeah, and his 2.68 k/9. Before his last start, I noticed that his ERA and k/9 were exactly the same: 2.32.

  8. @11 But you fail to cite the most important stat of all, and Lowe leads the league in it: winKnowledge.

  9. Pie may cause Wren to eat “humble” pie, but I’d rather Pie cause us to eat crow.

  10. Felix Pie, 2011: .220/.264/.280 with 0 HR and 10 BB in 164 AB.
    Albert Pujols, 2012: .195/.236/.278 with 1 HR and 9 BB in 133 AB.

  11. Pie may cause Wren to eat “humble” pie, but I’d rather Pie cause us to eat crow.

    Does this mean if Pie gets called up, is hot for ten days and inevitably regresses to the mean, his nickname here will be ‘Pumpkin Pie’?

  12. 22- Hopefully, it’ll be a learning experience, not least about the laws of physics: swing a couple of pounds of lumber at a concrete wall and it will come back to you.

  13. BABIP be damned, you’ve gotta love grounders with eyes. Unless the other team’s hitting them.

  14. Wainwright’s going to need to hand out a bases-loaded walk to everyone in the lineup twice and then come join the Braves again before I’m satisfied.

  15. “…I’d rather Pie cause us to eat crow.”

    Or cause you to put su pie en su boca?

  16. Cardinals feed: “Scott Linebrink, the Cardinals hope to see him pitch sometime this week.”

    I guess they didn’t watch Atlanta much last season.

  17. I’m sure they have, but doing so and getting four runs anyway is a lot less common.

  18. Cardinals feed: “Scott Linebrink, the Cardinals hope to see him pitch sometime this week.” I guess they didn’t watch Atlanta much last season.

    Linebrink was the Cardinals’ team MVP last year.

  19. Andruw Jones hit a broken-bat home run to center field in Atlanta a few years back. Believe it was against the Marlins.

  20. Uggla going first to third would be a good illustration of the expression motoring.

  21. Good damage control. It’s ok to throw that one a little higher by the way, Dan.

  22. That hook is not really hooking right now with any consistency, but we’ll take the outs. Way to work out of a jam.

  23. If Danny were playing on my nephew’s little league field his throws would be perfect.

  24. I now ask the congregation to turn your fielding bibles to the “big inning”, because Pastor Nicky is about to preach on double play grounders!

  25. Been tired all day. Will stay up until the end, but no way I come up with a coherent recap until tomorrow. Can anyone remember a starting pitcher like Beachy, a young, undrafted free agent who become dominant on the big-league level?

  26. Kerry Ligtenberg and the bag-of-balls story was neat.

    Nothing I know of compares to this Beachy thing, though. He’s just incredible.

  27. Mike Adams was undrafted. He’s been a pretty dominant reliever. Ligtenberg was pretty dominant for a year or so.

  28. I’m so happy to see multiples of these kinds of victories. Wish Beachy could have gone an inning or two longer without an incident, but hey. We won 7-2.

  29. Well, that was nice. Go for the sweep.

    And in the NY metro area, it’s Rangers/Devils. The next week or so is gonna be a little NHL nutty.

  30. No joy from Cincy, where the Nationals won 2-1. But they’re just delaying the inevitable.

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