The Mets are a very generous organization. For example, they gave Tom Glavine a jet ski in an elaborate ceremony for his 300th win — a pitcher who earned 242 of them (up to that point) for another team.

They gave $46 million to a man who played 166 baseball games for them, Mo Vaughn. To be fair, though, he had a WAR of -1.5, so it might have been worth it.

They have paid, thus far, $52 million to a player, Jason Bay, who in 276 games actually has a positive 1.3 WAR. (Much to my surprise.)

But they aren’t only generous to players. They have employed doctors whose diagnostic credentials are slightly less lofty than Dr. Gregory House. Ask Jose Reyes, or JJ Putz, or Billy Wagner, or Ike Davis.

And of course, there’s Bernie Madoff, whom owners helped out to the tune of $162 million, depending on your accounting. The Mets’ generosity is legendary.

And of course there are the Phillies, whose string of NL East Championships would be fairly meager without the outstanding aid the Mets gave them in 2007 and 2008.

It’s true that their generosity is not unlimited – they broke a 13 year old’s heart in 1969, but that was a long time ago.

Tonight they will honor Chipper Jones, and why not? It’s of a piece with their outstanding record of generosity outlined above. But what should they give him? A few posts have mentioned some worthy candidates, but I have one more suggestion.

In my little town about 15 miles north of Citi Field, we have an annual event in which small children paint the windows of stores on the main street in honor of Halloween. Since the painting takes place a couple of weeks or so before the event, there are often baseball/Halloween-themed windows, usually featuring the Yankees, unfortunately.

But in 1999, just after the Braves disposed of the Mets in 6 games, some 8 year old painted a Braves player stuffing a Mets player into a box which was spurting blood out the other side with the legend, in a childish scrawl: Woodchipper Jones. I’ve thought of him as Woodchipper ever since.

If the Mets had a sense of humor to go with their generosity, a woodchipper to destroy the bats which have destroyed them would, IMHO, be appropriate.