Braves 3, Giants 2

San Francisco Giants vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – July 19, 2012 – ESPN.

The Giants thoroughly, utterly embarrassed and humiliated the Braves at home this week, outhitting them 31-16 and outscoring them 20-7. The victory today was a gift from heaven above. The Braves had just three hits against nine by the Giants, but those three hits included a Michael Bourn RBI triple and two solo homers by Freddie Freeman and David Ross.

Speaking of David Ross, you all know how good he is, but it’s easy to forget just how good. I tweeted this during the game, but:

This is the fourth year that David Ross has been a Brave. He has played 196 games and amassed 560 plate appearances, which is basically a full season’s worth for a catcher. In those 560 plate appearances, he has hit .277/.368/.476, with 20 homers and 83 RBI.

In those four years, there have been 11 catchers who have managed to hit 20 homers in a full season: Brian McCann, Bengie Molina, Carlos Santana, J.P. Arencibia, Mike Napoli, Miguel Olivo, Victor Martinez, Jorge Posada, John Buck, Matt Wieters, and Joe Mauer.

Bengie Molina’s pretty much out of baseball, but his brother Yadier is about to hit 20 for the first time this year, and Yadi just got $75 million in the offseason. Mauer got $184 million in 2010. Posada did it after signing a $52 million contract in 2007. Martinez signed a $50 million deal in 2010. Napoli, Wieters, Santana, and McCann haven’t hit free agency yet, but it’s fair to assume that when they do, they’ll get paid.

But our guy did that in parts of four seasons, and has gotten paid a grand total of $6.25 million, about 30% of what Joe Mauer’s making this year alone.

If you’re ever inclined to throw your remote control at the TV or curse Frank Wren, remember: sometimes he gets it right.

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  1. So Ross is a useful, comfortable idiot. Lord knows we need a few of those on this team.

  2. Ross is going to have a nice, and more lucrative, career after he is done playing. I’d take him as manager over Fredi right now.

  3. I’d take the jerky made out of that deer Ross shot last weekend over Fredi right now.

    Just kidding. A little.

  4. Even though the Giants embarassed us and Melky is complete jackass, we win two of those games if Fredi hits Ross instead of Janish last night.

  5. Ross apparently loves Atlanta and backing up Bmac. Wouldnt be surprised to see him stay in this role.

  6. I apologize if this has been linked to already, but here’s Robinson Cano’s reaction to Melky’s HR in the All-Star game.

  7. Nice recap, AAR.

    The Braves have some nice pieces. Prado, Andrelton, Freddie and Jason are a good, relatively inexpensive base upon which to build.

    Beachy and Vizcaino could morph into rotation leaders post-surgery, while Sheets and Huddy solidify the rotation until Minor, Teheran, and Delgado gain consistency.

    Venters may become Kimbrell-like in his performance. Medlen and O’Flarety (Sp.?) could even improve, and we might find a few fungible arms not named Durbin. Maybe, just maybe our young pitchers will grow from prospects into studs.

    Perhaps McCann and Bourn won’t price themselves out of Atlanta, and Gattis will turn out to be the real deal.

    Hope springs eternal, but 0ther than having these dreams fulfilled and getting more bench players as capable as Ross, I won’t ask for a single thing.

    Well, maybe a manager like Washington’s or Tampa Bay’s.

  8. I’ve been thinking about Carlos Tosca, who remains something of a cipher to me. I don’t want to appear unfair, but I’ll ask this question anyway:

    What good is a bench coach if he can’t keep his manager from making poor in-game decisions?

  9. @12

    Just another in the litany of ’70s-’80s Braves pitchers who didn’t look remotely like professional athletes.

  10. Everything points to Dempster getting dealt in the next day or two…if, as the (granted, anonymous internet) reports suggest, the Dodgers then Braves are his preferred destinations, and the Cubs are looking for pitching in return, we’ve got to have a good shot, if Wren really wants him, and if the Dodgers aren’t willing to give up Zach Lee. Other than maybe Tolleson most of those Dodgers pitching prospects are either failing to progress or have obvious hurdles to get over. I’d have to think Gilmartin is as valuable as any of them (other than Lee).

  11. Definitely not saying I would want to give up Gilmartin for Dempster…although, damn, it would be nice to go to the playoffs this year.

  12. I would think Delgado is the piece we are looking to move. Teheran is off limits according to Wren. I dont know what Gilmartin’s trade value is, but I dont think it would be a huge loss if he was moved for the right piece. Id like to see us add one of Greinke, Shields, Dempster, Liriano, or Garza. Probably in that order if $20mil per isnt Greinke’s resignable price.

  13. I would be hesitant to trade Minor or Delgado for Dempster, Liriano or even Greinke w/out an extension. We have so much of it that it is easy to undervalue cost-controlled starting pitching. For a two month rental, with no draft pick compensation–that is a steep price to pay. With Gilmartin I would be tempted, but would want to make sure I couldn’t get Shields or Garza instead, knowing it would require some different or additional pieces.

    I’d offer Delgado, Spruill and Cody Martin for James Shields (+ an MRI).

  14. Garza makes $9.5 million this year–what kind of arbitration raise will he get? This year he’s not much more than a $10 million pitcher.

  15. No draft pick compensation; the Braves probably want someone they can lock up beyond 2012, if they’re going to be giving up young pitchers. They probably won’t get Dempster, he has ‘Lowe’ written all over him.

  16. Just announced on ESPN that Dempster is officially scratched from tomorrow’s start and that Cubs and Dodgers are trading names. Probably baloney.

  17. @14 Before consigning Craig Skok to the bitbucket, recall his most impressive accomplishment: July 30, 1978. In 2 2/3 innings of relief, Craig gave up 5 home runs, taking a 5-0 game and turning it to 13-0 when he left. Think about that the next time you think Fredi has a slow hook.

    By the way, that game was one of only 13 19-0 games in major league history.

  18. Ross is one of those guys like blauser or bream who will always be remembered fondly despite his obvious limitations. A guy that true fans will be heartily cheering in veterans day in 20 years.

  19. Matt Diaz is hitting .222/280/333. Wren might want to get a 4th outfielder who can hit at the deadline too.

  20. If you had told me back in March that entering July 20 the Braves would be 1 game behind Pittsburgh in the standings, I would have said it must have been a disasterous season.

  21. I would rather have Greinke than Dempster but if we got Dempster then the autographed ball I got from him at the 2000 All-Star game will be a bit more meaningful to me… I guess.

  22. Minor League notes…

    Nick Ahmed is really turning it on at High A. He has a 1.094 OPS in his last 10 and is leading the league in stolen bases with 28 (stealing at about an 80% clip). If his glove can stick at SS and his bat continue to get better, he’d be a great 2b double play combo for Simmons when Uggla gets gone.

    Mejia hit his 20th HR last night.

    Constanza has a 22 game hitting streak

    Teheran turned in a “quality start” going 6 giving up 3 runs.

    Cory Gearrin has a 1.22 ERA at Gwinnett and striking out over 10 1/2 per 9.

    Moylan still struggling in rehab and gave up another run last night.

    Buchter at AA is cloning Gearrin’s numbers with a 1.25ERA and striking out almost 11 per 9.

    Bethancourt hit his first HR of the season.

  23. I bet Constanza and Mejia get called up when rosters expand. Cory Gearrin can go away.

  24. I think Greinke is the best option, since he’s immensely valuable to us this year and will solidify the rotation moving forward. I just don’t think we can get Bourn and Greinke.

  25. Here is a pretty poor comment on the Braves announcers:

    The other night on MLB Network, they cut to the Braves/Giants game as McCann was about to come up in the 9th inning. Greg Amsinger said that, instead of cutting to Chip Carey and Joe Simpson, we will keep it here because “Chip and Joe get pretty down when the Braves are losing and we want to have some energy.” Then, I suspect that Amsinger saw McCann hit the home run with the delay so they switched to them.

    But what does that say about the professionalism of an announcer that he cannot be counted on to provide an adequate account of the game because the team is losing?

  26. MLB Network often plays clips of Hawk Harrelson. That alone should place their judgment in question.

  27. Yes, but they are doing that for what they perceive as its entertainment value (like it or not). Here they are saying that Chip sucks too much to even be shown.

  28. Checking the box score it shows Kimbrel only threw 8 pitches, with one K. I know it’s mathematically impossible, but I believe, deep in my heart, that one day soon, Kimbrel will become the first pitcher to strike out the side on 8 pitches.

  29. @31
    That is an unfair observation on a ridiculously small sample size. When used right, Gearrin can be lethal, however he hasn’t been used right neither time he’s been called up. His splits at the Major League level:
    vs RHB: 20K in 56PA and a .533 OPS against
    vs LHP: 7K in 42PA and a 1.230 OPS against

    Cory gets called up when the pen needs a breather. Then he gets thrown into a game to go multiple innings or to face LHB, even though Gwinnett is treating him like a 1-inning setup man/ROOGY. Then he gets shelled and sent back down. His numbers against RH batters at Gwinnett are ridiculous:
    25 IP 36K .72ERA and .159BAA .84WHIP

    His stats are there and someone will find his value, whether it’s the Braves or not.

  30. @34

    Well, first, Chip is not good, but that’s the first time I’ve ever heard him being accused of “getting down”. He is the LEAST grumpy announcer we’ve had since Ernie.

    Second, who the hell is Greg Amsinger, and when do we get to judge the professionalism of someone who trashes his fellow announcers on air while they’re doing their jobs?

  31. Im not trynig to be fair. For his career, even in the minors, he cant pitch on back to back days. Thats hard to overcome.

  32. #31, 41,
    The continued mis-usage of Gearrin every time he’s been called up is, to me, one of the most damning signs that Fredi just doesn’t get it. He knew how to utilize Moylan. He’s put Gearrin in some terrible spots dating back to last year, doing no favors to the pitcher or to the team in games they are trying to stay in/win.

  33. I like Gearrin. He ia a local boy who I hope does well.

    He really needs to be able to get lefties out better. The way most teams set up their lineup, he might get in to face one batter. The other team may send out a left handed PH too.

    I agree he is miss used, but his strongest assest is limited and can be nutralized pretty easily.

    I also think the Gwinnett is the greatest pitcher’s park in America.

  34. Back when starting pitchers were routinely pitching 7 innings or more, maybe an OOGY was a luxury a team could afford. But carrying a pitcher who you have to immediately pull as soon as the other team trots out a LHB (because to this point he can’t get them out at all)…well, we haven’t carried a LOOGY in a couple of years either. Gearrin seems both over-specialized and easily fatigued, so what does it matter that he can do one such specific thing well?

  35. I don’t get the Jays on this trade. They’re in last place in the AL East, and they buy a Lyon rental? They must really like 29-year-old Happ to improve over the next couple of seasons.

    Of course, with the Jays, Lyon could be a piece of a larger deal. They love those funky trade gambits.

  36. #43,
    Agree completely. ROOGY’s are too easily neutralized to be very useful, and if Moylan’s not as dominant as he was at his peak I don’t see much use in reserving a roster spot for his mastery of the skillset either.

    But asking a young guy who does one thing well and two things badly to keep doing the two things he sucks at says more about the manager than it does about the player.

  37. Gearrin is a nice guy to have if you’ve got an otherwise-strong ‘pen and need someone to pitch situationally. In other words, he’d have been great with last years’ bullpen, where you had three shut-down guys at the back of it and good long men. With Gearrin, you can bring him in to pitch in the 7th or 8th when the other team’s got a bunch of RH hitters coming up. You force the other manager to either pinch hit (presumably removing one of hit better hitters) and allowing you to bring in a dominant lefty or let you get away with a great matchup.

    This year, when Kimbrel’s been the only thing that is truely consistent (even O’Flaherty’s had a few bumps and just isn’t as good as either he or Vetners were last year) you need a guy whose able to do more than get a tough righty out situationally.

    If the real Venters come back, maybe you can find a role for Gearrin. Until then, it’s just hard to make him useful in this bullpen.

  38. Not sure if the Braves can/will top that offer, but my guess is that Milwaukee trades him if he turns that down. (Maybe then he’ll be “available”?)

    I heard some quite interesting stuff about him from Buster Oleny on the Jonah Keri podcast the other day. The gist was that when teams spoke with him prior to his trade to the Brewers, there were more than a few that decided they wanted nothing to do with him based on the interaction. A lot of baseball folks characterize him as “weird”, which I assume is code for something. I figure its got to do with the anxiety issues or whatever he dealt with a few years back, but to me its fascinating. It really seems like this is a guy that could be had for less than market value (although that report on MLBTR sorta changes that view) but only if its in the right spot, and even then, it sounds like there’s a risk (real or percieved) that at some point he just decides he doesn’t want to play baseball anymore.

    Like I say, fascinating.

  39. Brewers can keep him. I dont think you trade top prospects for him and then try and pay him $20M per. Check in on Greinke in the offseason and keep your prospects.

  40. But we want to win now. We need him this season. And he’s worth the prospects plus the $20 mil it’ll take to keep him.

    mravery hit the nail on the head. How often is it that the best pitcher available is also someone who, for whatever reason, the Yankees don’t happen to want? How often is it that whatever inefficiency in the market plays right into our hands? His price is being driven down into our ballpark! He WANTS to play for us! Doesn’t that nullify any questions about his overall desire, etc?

  41. I really want Greinke, because I think he makes us the best team in the NL, but I think it should be at a rental price. We don’t do weird very well here, but I’m sure everyone could get along long enough to push for a flag this season.

  42. I’m not sure if he makes us the best team in the NL, but he would boost our rotation.

    If we also address our pen and bench, we might be the best team. I think the Giants are the best team in the NL, even we have Greinke.

  43. Saying that Zack Greinke is “weird” is not pejorative. It isn’t even code. It is descriptive. He doesn’t react in a “normal” way in social interactions. That doesn’t mean he’s debilitated or unable to function. It just means he’s unusual and can come off as off-putting.

    This Joe Posnanski piece is the best I’ve ever read at explaining that side of him:

  44. @54

    A lot of people don’t recognize this as a “win now” season, for reasons I’m having difficulty comprehending.

  45. Also, the Nationals have clearly been the best team in the NL so far. That was probably the best series the Giants played all year, and they lost one game and probably should’ve lost two. Their lineup has not been good, for the most part. It’s cornerstones are Melky Cabrera and a catcher. They should win the West, but I wouldn’t get too worked up over them just yet.

  46. I want Zack Greinke. I just want Dempster more. I want to pay for a rental, and if we extend that rental, that shouldn’t mean his old team should get more for it.

    If Greinke can be had for the cost of half a season of Greinke, I’ll take Greinke. But it seems like the Brewers want you to pay them for the right to pay him. With Dempster, that isn’t the case.

  47. We are definitely in a “win now” situation. Im just not sure how much more value Greinke adds for 1/2 a season over a different acquisition like Dempster.

    Either way, I want Greinke. Just dont want a $20m price tag to come along with him also.

  48. I wonder if we could pull off Dempster and Greinke

    Dempster, Greinke, Husdon, Hanson, Sheets

    Who beats us then?

  49. I definitely think Greinke is worth 5 years/ 100 million. He’s one of the 10 best SP in baseball. If the Braves were signing him long-term, I think Minor/Delgado, Pastornicky, and JR Graham would be fair.

  50. Let’s go all in and load up! Do it for Chipper! Send him out a winner!

    Get it done Wren!

  51. Sean Gilmartin, Cody Martin and Nick Ahmed for Greinke + 6years/118 million.

  52. In the Washington Post this morning, Tom Boswell said that the Braves and Nats will be fighting for the division title for years to come because they are both “farm oriented” teams that are set up to be competitive for years. I know that many on this site think this is a win now situation for the Braves. Boswell isn’t necessarily the most accurate prognosticator-to say the least, I always say, see what team Boswell thinks will win and bet the opposite-but it was an interesting take. What do people think? Are the Braves set up for an extended run?

  53. Any deal I think for Grienke involves Gilmartin + one of Minor/Delgado and probably a young bat or two. There’s no way the Braves deal Teheran, and I’m not sure what the alternatives are. I guess one option would be to get a bullpen guy as well and include Medlen in the deal. FWIW, I doubt Pastornicky’s involved, just because I don’t see why Milwaukee would want him. >_<

  54. On paper at least, the Braves will be in contention for the next three or four years. No team in the division has more cost-controlled ML-ready pitching, starting with Beachy, Vizcaino, Delgado, Teheran, Minor, Kimbrel and Gilmartin. Plus at least two or three more arms that are likely to be ML ready by the end of next year. Uggla, Simmons, Freeman and Heyward are half of a better than average lineup. We only need one or two lucky breaks to be really good for an extended period. I’ll hope for Prado signing a reasonable extension and Bethancourt turning into a league average hitting catcher.

  55. @67, I think we tried to build this team to have it both ways for as long as we possibly could, which is why it feels so tough to answer the question. And I think it’ll be a gametime decision if we really, genuinely try to sacrifice the future in order to make certain that we win now.

    I mean, we really could sell the whole farm and probably add on enough (that we couldn’t keep) to win this year. But nobody thinks that’ll happen.

    As things stand, there’s no question that the Nats are the better team, for now and the near future.

  56. Bill James has a great line about Rickey Henderson: if you took him and split him into two players, they’d each be a Hall of Famer. If you took Kimbrel and split him into two pitchers, they’d each be better than anyone else we’ve got.

  57. It was just brought to my attention that Lefties are 3-61 against Craig Kimbrel in 2012, good for a .049 average.

  58. Stark says we are not going hard after Dempster. We want a guy we control for a few years.

    I sure hope that’s not Garza

  59. Dempster makes no sense. Free agent draft compensation is gone; the Braves are going to be looking for someone with years left on their contract or they think they can sign long term (and want to.) No one wants Dempster long term.

  60. Loved Simpson telling that story about how the Braves were “fired up” and ready to make a statement.

    Nope, they’re still the Nationals’ b**ches. Were when they were a terrible team; even more so now that they’re good.

  61. Good thing we spotted Strasburg with 3 runs to work with. Pretty hard winning a 4 game series losing the first one. Its never too early to say ballgame

  62. The early 3 run shot at least ends what I hate most about Braves games, which watching Tommy Hanson pitch.

  63. This inning doesn’t look like it will ever end.

    I think I will go do something else with my Friday night, and maybe I’ll come back pleasantly surprised.

  64. If there’s still any room left in the “I hate Tommy Hanson” bandwagon, someone please save me a seat.

  65. I say it is time Tommy takes one for the team if need be. If (I mean when) he gets shelled, they should save the bullpen and let him take the beating

  66. How many “statement series” against the Nationals is this now that the Braves came up flat?

  67. That leadoff double was wasted the moment Janish and Hanson were coming up.

    Really miss Simmons.

  68. The Braves basically stopped messing their collective pants every time they played the Phillies and started doing it against the Nats.

    Seriously, how big a disappointment is Hanson turning out to be? Two years ago I thought he had ace stuff. Now I’m wondering if he’s worth the next round of arbitration.

  69. They’re all “statement series” if the statement includes the words ‘cap’ and ‘tip’.

  70. 94- I think we have to; it’s not like any of our dazzling prospects are ready to go yet.

  71. If the Nationals played the Braves 162 games a year, what would their season record be at the end? 125-37?

  72. Seems like Chipper gets a lot of “funny” hops. One ought not make excuses for a HOFer,

  73. At least Hanson got his bat on the ball. Oh, who am I kidding? The bottom end of this lineup is rubbish.

  74. Is Pastornicky really that bad? That’s three big spots in the past couple of days where Janish only needed to make contact, and didn’t even come close.

  75. Can’t pitch out of the stretch. Can’t hold runners. Can’t field his position. Can’t hit. Can’t bunt.

    I have a feeling that Hanson only plays baseball because he was told years ago he might have a Major League-caliber arm, and doesn’t truly love it, thus he was unwilling to put in much work at any other aspects of the sport.

  76. How thoughtful of Tommy to destroy whatever hope we had left with four innings to go.

  77. HR allowed, National League:

    1. Guthrie COL 21
    2. Minor ATL 20
    Blanton PHI 20
    4. Hanson ATL 19

  78. The pythagorean sure is taking a beating with all these lopsided losses. Such a stupid stat.

  79. I wish Hanson would get traded to the Mets. A fitting punishment for him and it would make it easier for me to hate them af thd same time

  80. Hanson with the Yankees. The media and fan reaction to his pitching would be deserved.

  81. Any chance the Brewers are, ahem, smart enough to know that Tommy’s FIP and xFIP say he doesn’t suck?

    Three years of Hanson for 3 months of Greinke?

  82. This series isn’t going to be pretty, I’m afraid. The Nats are just better by every measure.

  83. Ubbuba, if you make it down to Fort Collins while you’re in the area I’d be happy to have a beer or several with you at some of our many local microbreweries.

  84. Any chance the Brewers are, ahem, smart enough to know that Tommy’s FIP and xFIP say he doesn’t suck?

    Who are you going to believe about Hanson and Lowe last year: these newfangled stats or your lying eyes?

  85. I don’t want to sound like I am venting, but I think that the front office should consider firing Fredi.

    For the most part, this is a very young team that seems to prone to streaks. A few things go wrong, tehy fall a part and it takes 3-4 days to pull out of it. A good manager doesn’t let this happen.

    No way the Braves do it. And there is a chance that it could blow up in their face, but I don’t see this team getting any better. No matter who we trade for.

  86. Fredi goes ahead and lets Francisco hit against the lefty with Diaz on the bench … he is a genius I tell ya …

  87. There is a less than zero percent chance we score next inning.

    Yeah. Another rally coming up short. Kind of like those runners on third with less than two outs that don’t score, but on a larger scale.

  88. At least Clippard has lost those d-baggy white glasses. Here’s hoping for his failure.

  89. I’m not a pitching coach but his motion is all kinds of screwed up. Let’s hope they leave him in.

  90. With the tying run on second and nobody out, I’d actually prefer someone up to bunt…

  91. Janish runs the bases about as well as he hits. How in the world do you hold up on that?!

  92. I love Martin Prado. But he seems to fail in that ‘runner at 3rd less than 2 out’ spot a lot.

  93. A spoonful of Kimbrel should make the Nationals go down, in the most delightful way.

  94. Oh please don’t let Kimbrel make it interesting.

    I hope he was up warming in time. Probably didn’t expect to pitch in this game.

  95. I come back to check the score to see if the game was over yet and this has happened. I don’t effing believe this.

  96. F-off Prado….you piece of crap. Nice job scoring the run from 3rd with one out. You just knew that would cost them

  97. So this went from being a momentum building win to a most likely season blowing loss. I fully expect a four game sweep after this debacle

  98. O’Flaherty, so there’s at least one more competent inning. So we can lose in the 11th. Again.

  99. Good news, Dan! Now you get to stand there while Janish and our other hitters flail around!

  100. @249, Are you watching on MLB.TV or regular TV? Dan got on base WAY after I saw that comment, haha.

  101. @237 – Well, my walk-it-off comment was assuming Fredi would save O’Flaherty to get the “save” while Durbin blew the game.

  102. Gorzelanny looks like the buzzard from Bugs Bunny cartoon and Gary Busey had a buzzard baby hybrid child.

  103. Someone needs to look around Turner Field for Prado’s clutchness; it missed the flight to Washington.

  104. So now we’re supposed to hope Durbin can down the good part of their lineup?


  105. Just think, Nationals. It’s one thing to blow a nine-run lead, but you let Chad Durbin get a 1-2-3 save against you! You’ll never live THAT down!

    Oh, and great play, Dan!

  106. Great game! I think I’m still too in shock from that Kimbrel homerun to truly appreciate this win right now.

  107. Extra sweet, because we made the Nationals look like… the Braves in that last inning!

  108. You guys are too hard on the Braves sometimes. This is one of the biggest wins in team history. That took some spunk

  109. MLB says it ties comebacks in 1987 and 1977 for the best in Atlanta Braves history. (The June 7, 1987 game was at home against San Diego; Gene Garber blew the save but then got the win. The offense was led by 4 RBI from Ken Griffey Sr.)

  110. I know I was ragging on him earlier in the thread, but Fredi managed the pen very well. That won the game for us

  111. Typical Braves win where Chad Durbin is “bailing out” Craig Kimbrel. Just like any other game… :)

  112. I put this game up there with the 1991 game in Cinncy where Justice put the Braves up late.


  113. I seem to remember a game in the 70s when the Braves trailed the Cards 10-1 and won the game. I also seem to remember a game where the Braves led 9-0 with Smoltz on the mound and lost.

    The Nats bullpen has become an achilles heel, at least this week.

  114. 332- The first was that 1977 game. (This was on May 15, four days after Ted Turner tried to manage the team.) Rick Camp got the win over future Brave/ free agent disaster Al Hrabosky.

  115. I just logged on and read the game thread. Kind of funny that 90% of the comments spoke of Alanta’s impending doom. I guess it’s really best to give up hope with this team. For all of the supposed genius of Davey Johnson, his bullpen management was horrible. Apparently he was trying to save bullpen arms for tomorrow. He was leading 9-0, I think he could have used other relievers!

    A few notes from the radio. The reason Fredi let Francisco hit and not Diaz was that the lefty pitcher (whoever he was) was allowing lefties to hit .198 and Diaz was 1 for 8 with 3 Ks against him. Fredi still wants to keep a catcher in reserve. Since he pinch hit Ross, Diaz became the designated reserve catcher.

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