Just checking in on some ex-Braves and ex-Braves prospects…

Chuck James has had a couple of bullpen stints with the Twins this year, his first major league action since 2008. His first one he didn’t give up a run; his second was fairly disastrous and his ERA stands at 6.10. They seem to have been using him as a long reliever, not a lefty specialist. His minor league ERA is 1.86.

Gorkys Hernandez has hit .285/.340/.394 in AAA this year, and increasingly his major league future looks like it would be as a fourth or fifth outfielder rather than a regular, even if he didn’t have Andrew McCutchen to deal with.

After being released by the Braves, Barbaro Canizares has hit .396/.499/.653 in the Mexican League, and he might do that until he’s 45. Jorge Campillo, unfortunately, is not doing so well in the ML, going 3-7 with a 5.58 ERA.